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17th Annual Women's Steelhead Tournament

February 1st, 2012 through March 3rd, 2012
Cost: $200.00 per contestant


2010 Overall Champion Kelli Martinez (3rd from left) with her winning fish and her winning crew!
2011 Overall Champion Kelli Martinez (3rd from left) with her winning fish and her winning crew!

2010 Biggest Fish Champion Carole Clemens with a 38 1/2" beauty!
2011 Biggest Fish Champion Carole Clemens with a 38 1/2" beauty!

2010 2nd Place Biggest Fish and local girl Makaila Hollon with her 38" hawg!
2011 2nd Place Biggest Fish and local girl Makaila Hollon with her 38" hawg!



Fishin' Chix

Check them out at to see how you can become a part of the O'Fishal Fishin' Chix FUN!

All you'll need is your valid Idaho Fishing license, steelhead permit, lunch and drinks!
River Adventures will furnish all the gear, tackle, bait, and of course... a "bait boy"!
We will also furnish a "goody bag" for each lady with this year's WWB shirt and all kinds of
Really Cool Stuff!


Saturday, March 3rd - place, time, band TBA!
Awards will be presented at the dance!

Ladies with their fish!

Smiling Girls

We are so happy and thrilled to have so many ladies returning to the canyon in 2012! Whether you are a new participant or one of our returning anglers, we welcome you to the beautiful Salmon River Canyon! Please feel free to shop at all of our stores, fuel up at our gas stations and stay in any of our lodging facilities!! The Salmon River people will make you feel right at home!

For reservations for future trips with River Adventures, Inc., please call us anytime at 1-800-524-9710 or email us at and we'll get you 'hooked up' with the adventure of a lifetime!

Thanks!! The CREW @ River Adventures, Inc.

Tournament Rules

Past Years' Winners

Welcome to the WWB Blog!

FISH REPORT for 3-4-11

Wow…one more day to go and this puppy is in the record books!

2 drift boats and 4 jet boats out today!!  First up we have Jeff Wieber who took the husband and wife team of Marylee and Doug Hale!  Doug was obviously there for moral support only as Marylee caught all the fish anyway!!  She caught 3 for the day–two 23″ fish and a 30″ fish!!  Congrats Marylee!!

Next up we have Roy Akins and his group of three ladies–the Kerry Holscher crew!!  Kerry has been coming to WWB for many, many years now and she is a great gal!!  Thanks for coming back Kerry!  Her friend Janet Frazier caught a 26″ fish while Kerry caught two fish–both 28″!!  See you girls next year!!

Meanwhile, Sammy was having a slow day today with Mariah DeLong’s girls!  Only one fish caught–a new one for Sammy.  Hey…everybody has to have a slow day sometime.  Anyway, Oralia Flores caught herself a nice fish–a 32″W!!  Congrats Oralia!!!

Tony’s girls didn’t do much better today…2 fish for the day.  Lia Kupers caught a 23″H and Cindy Gildroy caught a 35″W fish! 

And Mike Wallace…same story…only two fish for the day…WHAT IS GOING ON??  Melanie Higgins and crew come every year and we sure hope we see them next year too for redemption!  Cathy Gifford caught a 33″W and Cathy Cagle caught a 31″H!

Now…what’s really weird is in the same stretch of river that Sam and Mike are in…Rich and Brad Sawyer go up with Kate McGwire’s girls and have a big day with 15 fish in all.  Ladies…we never have an explanation for this…you are either in em’ or you’re not!  By the way, Kate is from MIX106 in BOISE!!  We love to have Kate here…this is her second year and she is a hoot to have with us!!  Kelli Riley caught a 30″W, while Tracy Kasper caught two fish–a 22 1/2″W and a 29 1/2″H!  Karen Pemberton caught two fish as well–a 23″H and a 27 1/2″H!  Kate McGwire did herself proud with two fish today–a 23″H and a 24 1/2″H!!  Megan Bronder caught three fish–22″W, 23 1/2″H, 31 1/2″W!!  But it was Anji Nett who was really going for it by catching 5 fish for the day!! 35″W, 28″W, 35″W, 28 1/2″W, 30″W!!  Congratulations ladies!!!!


MOST FISH–(1)Kelly Martinez, 10 fish=282 1/4″; (2)Kristie Osborn, 8 fish=193″; (3) Angie Howe, 7 fish=228″

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Carole Clements, 38 1/2″; (2):Linda Gould, Jenny Buckner, Billie Jean Eckhardt, 36 1/2″; (3)Kathy Reynolds,Lorie Forbus, 36″

SMALLEST FISH–Kristie Osborn, 20″

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