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Women With Bait - Tournament Rules

River Adventures

  1. Your full tournament entry fee of $200.00 will be due BEFORE the actual tournament day---this will eliminate any monetary transactions during sign-ups, which will get you on the river faster!!  For early booked boats: 50% is due by November 1st, 2011, with the remaining 50% due by January 15th, 2012.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!  Anyone else booking after these dates will need to pay in full upon booking.
    1. It is up to each boat's trip leader to be responsible for all money owed to the boat. There will not be contacts made to each individual participant, only the trip leader.
    2. IF your money is not sent in by the said due dates and there are groups who are waiting in line for your spot, you will forfeit your spot to that group who is next on the waiting list for that specific date.
    3. We strongly suggest that your trip leader sends in (or calls in) two bulk payments, eliminating the need for 6 or more multiple transactions.
  2. Singles, twos, threes, etc., or any less than a full boat will be available to go on Mondays through Thursdays. Due to high demand for full groups; Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays will be reserved only for full boats (full boats can go during the weekdays as well!). So, if you want a weekend, bring a boat-load (we consider a full boat to be at least 6-8 ladies or more)!
  3. We do our very best to accommodate your guide, bait boy and river section requests. However, this tournament is extremely labor intensive and with technical aspects such as scheduling, boat size, US Coast Guard regulations regarding load size, traffic on certain sections of river, etc., we CANNOT GUARANTEE your guide choice OR your choice of river section. We are confident in all of our guides and we want you to be also! We reserve the right to change your guide at any time in order to best accommodate the needs of guides, individuals and this company. Although this isn't a likely scenario, it can happen and the reasons will only be for logistic purposes and will be done in a fair manner--one group will not be more favored than another when making these choices. We still try to look at guide, etc. choices as 'first come, first serve'.
  4. For those fishing multiple days, you must decide on your official tournament day on the day you make your reservations. There is only one tournament day eligible per person. All other days fished will not count toward the tournament.
  5. CANCELLATION POLICY: Tournament fees are non-refundable after 1-1-12. It's up to you to find another participant to take your place or to take the place of a vacant spot on an already reserved boat.
  6. IF YOU RESERVE A FULL BOAT: If you cannot completely fill your boat (at least 6 ladies), it is up to YOU to fill those empty spots. We will charge you for 6 spots; otherwise, we will be obligated to open the boat up to adding singles, twos and threes or cancel the boat altogether to allow it open to other parties. You are welcome to fish with only a few girls as long as you've paid for the 6 spots!
  7. You must have a valid Idaho fishing license and Steelhead tag.  If you board the boat without a valid fishing license and tag, you will not be allowed to fish and will not be refunded your entry fee.  We uphold all Idaho State Fish and Game regulations as well as Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board regulations.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  If your guide and fellow participants on your boat are willing to wait for you to travel and retrieve a license and tag, you are welcome to do that; however, your fishing trip and that of the other guests on your boat will only be for the duration of that day.
  8. All tournament fishing will cease by 5 p.m. Mountain Time.
  9. River Adventures follows all rules set by the Idaho State Fish and Game Department, Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board, and the United States Coast Guard.  We will adhere to such laws in every way, shape and form.
  10. Steelhead will be the only legal species fished in this tournament that are at least 20" in length.  Any fish still having their adipose fin are considered to be "wild" or native, will be marked for their length while still in the net and returned into the wild as soon as physically possible, according to the Idaho State Fish and Game regulations.  Please take photos very quickly while the fish is being measured for maximum health and safety of the fish. We strongly suggest all physical handling of fish, especially native fish, be left to the guide or deckhand and any handling be kept to a minimum. As the angler, you are ultimately responsible for abiding by all laws set by the Idaho Fish and Game and we suggest you acquire a set of 2011-12 fishing regulations and familiarize yourself with them before participating in this tournament. These regulations can be acquired anywhere you get your license and tags.
  11. This tournament is won by the total number of fish caught, then inches, NOT total overall inches of fish. So, if there are 6 (hypothetical number) fish caught by more than one person, the winner will be the person who had the most total inches of all of their measured fish. If there was someone who caught 5 fish that may have equaled more total inches than that of someone who caught 6 fish, the winner would still be the person who caught 6 fish.
  12. In our efforts to protect the run, we ask that you consider only harvesting two fish per day. You can continue to catch fish that will be counted toward the tournament, but will have to cease fishing upon keeping a third fish. If you only keep two fish or no fish, you are allowed to fish for the remainder of your day. If you are fishing multiple days during the tournament, only the day you've designated upon making your reservation will be your actual tournament-counted day. Any other day of fishing during the tournament will be regarded as a regular fishing day and you will abide by regular Idaho Fish and Game bag limits that have been previously set for the season.
  13. DO NOT FORGET: There is a $4 use fee for those participants who travel above Vinegar Creek. This is a mandatory fee that YOU pay to the United States Forest Service at the drop box provided! This is and has always been mandatory. We cannot enforce this rule, however, please know the USFS will fine you $75.00 for not paying. Please pay this at the "end of the road" at Vinegar Creek, fill out the proper receipt provided and keep that ticket with you in case you are stopped. River Adventures, Inc. is not responsible for this fee, so please make sure you take care of it. If you have further questions about this, feel free to call the office or ask your guide the morning of the trip.
  14. Your safety is our number one priority, especially while fishing on the river out of our boats. If our guides or deckhands feel that you are impaired for any reason and are not deemed able to safely fish on or near the rail of our boats, you may be asked to sit down and fish or asked to stop fishing all together. We fully expect you to be cooperative and respectful with our staff while on this trip and any efforts not to will be grounds for dismissal from the tournament and from future participation. If you are asked to stop fishing altogether because of alcoholic impairment, you will not be refunded your entry fee.
  15. We hope you are here to CATCH LOTS OF FISH, have lots of fun, enjoy your peers and experience the wonders of our rivers and streams. We expect you to conduct yourselves as the wonderful ladies that you are, respect our staff and property, and to keep your own safety in mind. Please make good choices on the river and off the river while driving to and from the launch sites.
    1. Please designate a driver from your group. River Adventures is not responsible for your safety or transportation to and from the launch site. You release River Adventures from all liability for any accidents by signing a liability release upon registration.
    2. Please pack out all the items/refuse you take on your trip. This includes anything used in bathroom facilities not designated by the United States Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management or private backcountry ranches that allow use of their restrooms. Refuse containers will be provided by River Adventures to help in this process.
  16. Although it is not mandatory, it is customary to award a gratuity or "tip" to your guide and bait boy at the end of every trip. These guides and deckhands work very hard to see that you have a safe and enjoyable time on the river. Feel free to remember their efforts!