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2010 Women With Bait

15th Annual Women's Steelhead Tournament

The first tournament boats are scheduled to go out Friday, the 5th!!

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Research & Development!

Hey everybody!  Even though our first boats don’t go out until tomorrow, we thought we’d give you a big heads up on what the river and fishing conditions are currently.  First of all, we’re VERY excited and feeling quite blessed with all of this wonderful mild weather.  It’s allowed the sections upriver at Spring Bar and Vinegar Creek to already be open so we’ll have full use of all fishing grounds right off the start!  PLUS, we’re hearing of excellent fishing reports EVERYWHERE…no matter where you fish, it’s looking great!  We just received word this a.m. from a guide who took a two day trip down in the lower gorge (below Hammer Creek area) and boated over 30+ fish in the two days they were there!  PLUS, Spring Bar fishing has been extremely hot with many catching lots of fish there too!!  Rich and Gary Miller (of Gary’s Smoke House–see below) went up yesterday to do some “research and development”…got all the way up almost to Polly Bemis…not even hard fishing all day and still came home with 10 keepers between them!  So ladies…it’s wide open and anyone anywhere can catch fish!  Now it’s up to you!!!!!! 

The "Shut Up and Fish" Flag! Betcha can't guess WHAT that flag is made of??

TODAY, Rich took a guys trip and you wouldn’t believe me if we told you–so all we’re going to say is the fishing is absolutely UNREAL!  This year’s tournament should really start out with a bang!

One more thing we want you to keep in mind for this year’s WWB…we have a really wonderful NEW SERVICE here in Riggins that we personally think you’ll all be very excited about!  It’s called “Gary’s Smoke House”.  It’s a pretty neat deal…you can either drop your fish off and pick it up on the way out of town (it takes approximately 6 hours from start to finish to properly process) or he can vacuum pack/ship it to you if you aren’t able to wait.  The cost per fish to smoke is $10.00 a fish plus any shipping charges (NOTE: Game fish are not for sale).  We just want to tell you that this is seriously some of the best smoked fish we’ve ever had…and in the business we’re in, we’ve tried it all!!  So keep that in mind when you bring your keepers home with you!!  A smoked fish is a nice way to enjoy your catch!

And ladies, don’t forget to use those coupons and specials you receive in your “goody bags”!  The nice folks from all the businesses who participate in putting that information in those bags really want to see your smiling faces in their establishments!!  Take advantage of all that good stuff and show these businesses that it IS worth their efforts in coming up with these deals for you!!  Most coupons are good through the entire tournament and beyond!!

Finally, one last thing to put on your calendar!!  This year, not only are we celebrating the end of the tournament on Saturday, March 6th, but this time we’re adding something special to that day!!  BRING EVERYONE back to Riggins on March 6th to join in on our 2nd Annual Crab Feed that will benefit the Salmon River Jet Boat Races later in April.  All proceeds of the crab feed go to the jet boat races we have here every year…it takes fundraisers like this crab feed in order to make these races happen–we’ve been hosting one of the best race events right here in Riggins for over 25 years!!  The Crab Feed will be going on all day long on Saturday and into the evening, so the ladies that will be fishing that day can plan on eating some yummy crab and fixin’s that night before the awards and of course, dancing all night long to the River Rock Band!  If any of you have any questions regarding this event or would like to donate toward the races, feel free to contact me at .  See you all later and happy fishing! :-)

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Fish Report for 2-5-10

All I can is WOW.  What a spectacular day and what an amazing start to our 15ht Annual tournament! Again, the fishing has really, really turned on up here and we’ve got alot to input today so let’s get to it!

Cyndi Troxel

First off, on Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber’s boat with the Melanie Higgins group!  This boat landed 30 fish for the day…that’s an amazing number and it’s day #1!  Peggy Johnson caught 3 fish: 24″H, 23 3/4″H, 25″H; Cyndi Troxel caught 3 fish: 23″H, 23″H, 24 1/2″W; Lori Emerson caught 4 fish: 25″H, 24″H, 24″H, 25″H; Cathy Gifford caught 4 fish: 22 1/2″H, 28″W, 25″W, 23″H–her 28″ fish has her with 3rd biggest fish caught so far! Keelee Harold caught 4 fish: 24 1/2″H, 29″W, 25″W, 24″H–her 29″ fish has her sitting in 2nd place for biggest fish so far! Cathy Cagle caught 5 fish: 23 1/2″H, 24″W, 23 1/2″H, 23 1/2″H, 23″H; and Melanie Higgins caught 7 fish that puts her in 3rd place overall for most fish caught so far (totalling 173 inches): 25 1/2″H; 25″H, 23 1/2″W, 24″H, 26″H, 27″H, 22″H.  And we’d like to give an honorable mention to Miss Sandy Hopkins–Mike said she worked very hard and had 5 rambunctious fish on, but they decided to jump off right as they were getting to the net!  Little rascals anyway!  Great effort Sandy!

Jeff Wieber with Cathy Gifford

Cathy Cagle

Now on to Rich Friend and Mike Estrada’s boat with the Luanne Ostrow group! Their boat only beat out the other boat by 3 fish overall, with a total of 33 fish boated!  Everyone on this boat caught fish and really had a great time! I talked to their group leader this a.m. and she said it truly was one of those “perfect days” to be on the river and she said she was so happy to have caught her very first Steelhead ever!!  Luanne Ostrow ended up with 2 fish for the day–a 23″H and a 25″H.  Whitney Croft caught 3 fish: 23″H, 25″H, 24 1/2″H; Jamie Coffey caught 3 fish: 23″H, 30″H, 24″H–Jamie’s 30″ fish puts her in 1st place for biggest fish caught so far! Holly Hattan caught 5 fish: 23″H, 24″W, 22″H, 27″H, 25″H; Stephanie Coffey also caught 5 fish: 24″H, 23″H, 28″W, 24″H, 25″W–Stephanie’s 28″ fish ties her for 3rd biggest fish caught so far; Jane Suggs caught 7 fish, which puts her in 2nd place overall for most fish caught (totalling 174 1/2″): 25″H, 25″H, 24″H, 25″H, 23 1/2″H, 25″H, 27″H. Our big winner of the day and in 1st place overall with 8 fish caught (totalling 189″) is Gina Crowley! She caught every fish on a single lure her husband tied up for her!!  Way to go team Crowley! Her fish are as follows: 25″H, 24″H, 24″H, 22 1/2″H, 24″H, 23″H, 24″W, 22 1/2″H.  Luanne said she’ll be sending pictures that we can put on the blog soon!

Luanne Ostrow and first Steelhead ever!

Great DAY!!

Well, that’s it for right now.  Anything can happen at this point!  Thanks in part to this El Nino weather, it’s made for a terrific run this year…one for the ages, they are saying!!  We’re looking forward to seeing what the boats do on Saturday!! Happy Fishing everyone :-)

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Fish Report for 02-06-10:

Another wonderful day on the river!  Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber had the lovely Maria Stone group at Spring Bar today!!  Miss Maria herself caught a 25 1/2″ keeper while Melanie Stone caught a 24″ keeper!  Anji Nett caught two fish for the day, a 25 1/2″W and a 25 1/2″H!  We’d like to give a shout out to Kate McGwire of MIX 106 Radio of Boise!  She was on Maria’s boat today and said she had a great time!  Thanks Kate for plugging us on your morning show and we hope this gave you some great stories for next week!  Thanks to all these ladies and we’ll see you next year!

Now we move on upriver to Rich Friend and Justin Whitten, a.k.a. “DUB”.  DUB is returning to the tournament after being away on hiatus for a few years!  Welcome back DUB!  They had the Mandee Kauffman group.  I was able to talk with this group after their trip and they said they really had alot of fun!  This was a first tme trip for these ladies…mostly made up of nurses and they were a treat to have on board!  They boated 11 fish for the day!  Ann Hall caught a 24 1/2″H, while Shelley DeVore caught a 26″H and a 22″H.  Brandy Bommersback also caught two fish: 25″H, 25 1/2″H; so did Joan DeVore: 23″H, 251/2″H.  Mandee Kauffman caught 3 fish for the day: 23 1/2″W, 23″H, 25″H.  Thanks ladies and see you next year!

Now on to Mike Wallace and Casey Green’s boat with the Stephanie Hailey group!  They boated 15 for the day!  Liza Clinger caught a 24″H, Liz Thompson got her by an inch with a 25″H.  Kelbie U’Ren, Lora Seabaugh and Stephanie Hailey all caught 3 fish! Kelbie’s: 23″H, 23 1/2″H, 22 1/2″H; Lora’s: 23 1/2″W, 23″H, 24″H; Stephanie’s: 25 1/2″H, 28″H, 22″H.  Stephanie’s 28″ puts her in a 3-way tie for 3rd biggest fish caught so far.  Way to go girls!

Lora Seabaugh and Casey Green

Stephanie Hailey

Casey Green and Amanda Watson...her first time fishing EVER! She caught 4 fish total!

Finally, we have Sam Whitten and Mike Estrada–who by the way is celebrating a birthday today! Happy Birthday Mike!  They had one of Mike’s classmates, fellow SRHS alum, Amy Wilson and her group of super girls!!  It’s always fun to have our home-town girl come back for a visit!  Amy’s girls did really well today with a total of 20 fish caught!  Ish Green had a 24″W while Jana Nearing caught a 24 1/2″H.  Angie Robinson caught 3 fish: 25″H, 25″H, 24″W; Amy Wilson herself also caught 3 fish: 25″H, 25″H, 24″H.  They had 3 ladies who caught 4 fish each! Keri Barbero: 23″H, 24 1/2″W, 23 1/2″H, 24 1/2″H; Danielle Keister: 25″H, 24″H, 23 1/2″H, 22 1/2″H; Drusilla Swopes: 23 1/2″, 23″H, 25″H, 25 1/2″H.  Dru is also one of our home-town girls!!  Nice to have you ladies with us again this year!  Hope to see you next year too!

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Fish Report for 2-7-10:

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everybody!  Today Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber took one of our wonderful sponsors, Mrs. Melissa Blimka and her crew from the Rodeo Club Bar & Steakhouse and also the Seven Devils Steakhouse & Saloon here in Riggins!  Don’t forget to look inside your “goody bags” everyone as these two establishments have awesome coupons for you in celebration of the tournament!  Anyway, they decided to leave all the boys to watch the big game without them while they took advantage of the boys NOT being on the river!  It was a great day for them too!  They boated a total of 32 fish!  Lots of numbers to input so here we go! Melissa Blimka, 2 fish: 25 1/2″H, 23″H; Vonnie Vaughn, 3 fish: 23″H, 24″H, 24″H; Lissa Colyar, 3 fish: 26 1/2″H, 24″H, 25″H; Camarie Thomas, 4 fish: 24″H, 26″W, 25″H, 24″H; Sabrina McClure, 4 fish: 25″W, 24 1/2″H, 23″H, 27″H; Marla Heckenlively, 4 fish: 24″H, 24″H, 25″H, 23″H; Shelby Schmadeka, 6 fish: 25″H, 25″W, 24″H, 26″H, 22″H, 24 1/2″H; Sheena Pullen,6 fish: 32 1/2″W, 23 3/4″H, 25″H, 25″H, 24 1/2″H, 22″H.  Thanks to Melissa and Mike Blimka for all their support of the tournament and this community!  They are not only wonderful people, they are wonderful friends!

Jeff Wieber and Melissa Blimka

Sheena’s 32 1/2″ fish moves her to 1st place with biggest fish caught so far, while moving Jamie Coffey to 2nd place with her 30″ fish and puts Keelee Harold in 3rd place with her 29″!  Gina Crowley still leads the tournament overall with the most fish caught so far at 8, totalling 189 inches; Jane Suggs is in 2nd with 7 fish, totally 174 1/2″ and 3rd place is still Melanie Higgins with 7 fish totalling 173 inches. 

Sheena Pullen and Jeff Wieber

We’ll see you all on Friday, February 12th, when we really start “the grind”!  That will take us into President’s Day Weekend, where we’ll be seeing lots of fisher-ladies up here to try and catch the big ones!  Hmmm…looks like we might have some open days coming up this week!  Please tell all your friends who haven’t signed up for the tournament yet that we definitely still have openings so give us a call at 1-800-524-9710 so we can get you on the schedule!! 

If any of you ladies have photos you want to share with us, feel free to email us at and we’ll get them out here on the blog!  This blog is a new format for us so we’re trying to figure out how it all works!  We’ll get those pics out here soon, we promise!!  Thanks to those of you who have already sent in photos…we will use them!  Take care everyone and see you soon! :-)

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Fish Report for 02-12-10:

Heidi Stutzman

We’re back after a few days off.  Now the grind really begins!!  I was lucky enough to go fishing myself with our family and friends on Thursday–we had a spectacular day, boating 28 fish!!  I got 7 fish myself and I wasn’t even fishing ultra-hard, plus a guy on our boat caught 12 fish himself, so it CAN be done ladies!

First off, we had Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber at Spring Bar.  We want to welcome back Lee Ann Jasper and crew!  These girls travelled a long way to have some fun and we want to say thank you ladies for coming back!!  They caught two fish today–Rhonda Bartholomew caught a 23″ keeper and Heidi Stutzman caught a 25 1/2″ keeper!!  Even though we’ve seen some slower fishing at Spring Bar, we know the next “wave” will be coming through soon, so we’re hoping to see some rockin’ good numbers in this stretch soon…it’s all up to Mother Nature and the fish right now…they are everywhere and anywhere!

Rhonda Bartholomew

  Next up, Sam Whitten and his son, DUB, took Kelli Martinez and crew up the river for some fishing and ended up boating 12 fish for the day.  Crystal Grigg (1)–26″H; Kimmi Johnson (1)–25″H; Paula Riggs (2)–24″H, 25″H; Kelli Martinez (2)–24″H, 23″H; JJ Martell (3)–24″W, 24″H, 26″H; Ami Packer (3)–32″W, 25″H, 23″H.  Ami’s 32″ fish puts her in 2nd place for biggest fish caught so far!  Nice going ladies!

The Kelly Martinez crew with their guide, Sam Whitten! Oh ya, and some fish too!

Now we move over to Mike Wallace’s boat, along with Casey Green and the Ashley Hiatt group.  They ended up with 17 fish overall! Ashley Hiatt (1)–23″H; Kathy Clark (1)–30 1/2″H; Shelly Williams (1)–25″H; Michelle Hardison (2)–25″H, 25″W; Heather Patterson (2)–25″H, 25″H; Beverly Williams (3)–26″W, 24″H, 23″H; Erin Ingersoll (3)–30″W, 25″H, 24″H; Kay Bengoechea (4)–23″H, 22″W, 24″W, 24″H.  Congratulations ladies…nice job!!  It’s always wonderful when everyone on the boat catches a fish!  By the way, Kathy Clarks 30 1/2″ keeper puts her now in 3rd place for biggest fish caught so far!

Ashley Hiatt CREW--takin' over the Salmon River!

Finally, Rich Friend and Mike Estrada caught 24 fish for the Becky Carter group!!  3 ladies even caught 5 fish each, still with everyone catching fish on board!!  Those are the best days!!  Angie Carter (2)–26 1/2″H, 24″H; Diane Newton (3)–23″H, 26″H, 24″H; Becky Carter (4)–23 1/2″H, 21″H, 25″H, 26″H; Barbara Aslect (5)–24 1/2″, 26″H, 25 1/2″H, 23″H, 23 1/2″H; Maureen Crowell (5)–25″H, 27″H, 26″H, 23″H, 23″H; Shawna Coopman (5)–23″H, 27 1/2″H, 23″H, 24″H, 23 1/2″H.


We want to let everyone know that we will be posting our prizes on the website–hopefully the site manager will have it updated by Monday!  We have switched a few things up this year and hopefully, with these hard economic times that we’ve been seeing, everyone will really appreciate the changes we have made!  Don’t worry, they are still really awesome and every bit worth what they have been in the past!!  Stay tuned!

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Fish Report for 2-13-10:

Up at Spring Bar, Tony Bradbury and DUB had only one fish caught, but it was enough to give this young lady a tie for 2nd place so far for biggest fish–Amber Smith and a 32″!!  Way to go Amber!

Next we have Mike Wallace and Mike Estrada with the Kelly Acree group above Vinegar Creek.  Everyone on this boat caught a fish today…that is AWESOME!  Kelly Acree (1)–24″H; Shari Averman (1)–26″W; Shelli Meckley (1)–26″H; Tami Irle (1)–24″H; Michelle Newlan (3)–23 1/2″H, 26″H, 24″W; Noreen Percifield (4)–23″H, 25 1/2″H, 24 1/2″H, 26 1/2″H.  We want to also thank this group of ladies…they’ve been coming back every year for several years now and we just appreciate our return gals soooo much!!!  Thanks ladies!!!!

Then we have my hubby Rich Friend and Mr. Pim Hoogland on deck today with Pim’s daughter, Anna Mescher and crew!  Welcome back Pim!  Pim helps us out once and awhile with the tournament and he’s developing his own following!!!  Thanks Pim!  Anyway, his wife and daughter were on board today and they had a pretty nice day today, boating 12 fish overall with everybody on board at least catching one fish!  Anna Mescher (1)–24″H; Tiffany Echanis (1)–21″H; Pamela Hoogland (2)–23″W, 22 1/2″H; Jessie Lukehart (2)–24 1/2″H, 24 1/2″W; Tara Flume (2)–23 1/2″W, 31 1/2″W; Chelsea Bradley (4)–26″H, 25″H, 24″H, 24″H.  Way to go ladies!!

Okay everyone…I need to tell you all to sit down and grab something to hold on to…cuz this next report is pretty much going to blow your socks off!  Sam Whitten and Jeff Wieber took the Kathreen Steiner group upriver today as well…in the same section as Mike Wallace and Rich Friend.  And just for the record, these ladies have been going every year in this tournament and never really had much to write home about, but still always had a nice time.  Well, I think their luck just changed!  I think they had some magic going on because I think we’ve pretty much set some records here today!  Their boat caught 46 fish!!  And we definitely have a new leader…with 365 inches by herself!  But we’ll get to that!  Okay, Kathreen’s daughter Malia got a single fish, a 26″W!  Mary Dahlin caught 3–23″H, 23″H, 25 1/2″H; local lady Kathreen Steiner also caught 3 fish–22″H, 22 1/2″H, 23 1/2″H; another local lady Sandy DeVeny caught 4 fish–23 1/2″, 23 1/2″W, 23″H, 23″H; Kathy Brilz caught 5 fish–23″H, 24″H, 23″H, 24″H, 26″W; Linda Schweich caught 7 fish–23 1/2″H, 24″H, 22 1/4″H, 24 1/2″H, 22 1/2″H, 25″H, 24″H; Riggins Tackle Shop owner and one of my sweet ladies Rexanne Zimmerman caught 8 fish and is now our new 2nd place leader for most fish overall–23″H, 23″H, 24″H, 21″W, 23 1/2″H, 24 1/2″H, 24 1/2″H, 28″H!  That puts her at 191 1/2″, which will move Gina Crowley to 3rd place with 8 fish/189 inches overall.  Now we move to our new leader, Nikki Johnson!  Holy Smokes folks!  This is a big deal–really goes to show how great the fishing is! It is also a testament to what a great little fisherwoman this little gal is…and seriously, I think this little gal might be 5 ft. nothing and about 90 lbs. dripping wet!  She used to live in our fair little town but now hails from Orofino, Id–just down the road!!  She is now leading the tournament with 15 fish and 365 inches!!!  23″H, 24 1/2″H, 23 1/2″H, 23 1/2″H, 23″H, 22″H, 23″H, 25″H, 24 1/2″H, 23 1/2″H, 25 1/2″H, 28″H, 27″H, 24″H, 25″H.  I just talked to Sam and he’s still completely stunned!  He said in all his years fishing for Steelhead, he doesn’t recall ANYONE–man OR woman ever catching that many fish in one day!!  That is awesome and we’re so excited to see these numbers!!  Congratulations Nikki!! 

Well everyone, now the bar has been set yet again! We’re sure grateful for this wonderful run of fish!!  What a great year so far!!!  Happy Fishing! :-)



BIGGEST FISH–(1)SHEENA PULLEN, 32 1/2″; (2tie)AMBER SMITH, 32″, (2tie)AMI PACKER, 32″; (3)KATHY CLARK, 30 1/2″.

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Fishing Report for 2-14-10…Happy Valentine’s Day!

Another stellar day on the river!! WOW!!  It’s such great fishing right now and it doesn’t look to be letting up at all!!  We are now starting to see those “B” run fish…I’m sure that stands for BIG!  Anyway, let’s see how we did today!

Drift boat guide extraordinairre Norm Klobetanz is up to bat first with Tobi Rubelt and Susan Korte!!  They had a nice day, catching three fish in all.  Norm said there were lots of strikes and many fish on…he said, “we just couldn’t seem to get those little buggars in the net!”  He said the ladies had a wonderful day and we’re each able to take a fish home!!!  Tobi caught a 25 1/2″H and Susan caught two, a 25 1/2″W and a 25 1/2″H.  Norm jokingly said if it wasn’t exactly 25 1/2″ long then it must not be allowed in the boat!!!  Way to go Norm and ladies!!

Next we had Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber and the Deb Jenkins group!  They had a really nice day at Spring Bar, boating 7 fish total.  Kris Collins caught a 25 1/2″H and Lori Hale was able to keep a 22″!  Deb Jenkins caught a 31″H and a 25″H, while Jessi Lukehart used her tournament day today and landed 3 fish–a 22″H, 25 1/2″H and a 24″W.  Nice to see it picking up at Spring Bar!!  Thanks Deb and crew for coming to the tournament!  Hope we see you back next year!

As we move upriver, Mike Wallace and Casey Green had Holly Loomis and crew!  They boated 12 for the day!  Miss Anna Loomis, who by the way is 9 years old and just broke her arm last week, was determined to get herself a fish–even with a cast all the way up her arm down to her fingertips!  Guess what ya’ll, she did it and was able to take home a 24″ keeper!! Congrats Anna!!  Heather Tramp also caught a 24″ keeper.  Laurie Gurske, Stefani Jerman and Stacy Brainard all caught 2 fish each.  Laurie’s: 24″H, 25″H; Stefani’s: 25″H, 24″H; Stacy’s: 26 1/2″H, 22″H. Anita Jerman was the big catch of the day with 4 fish…26″W, 23 1/2″H, 24″H, 28″H.  It was nice to have you all ladies…hope to see you again soon!

Casey Green holding 9 yr. old Anna Loomis's very first Steelhead!

Also upriver, Rich Friend (my special valentine!) and Mike Estrada had the Mimi Beutter group today!!  What a great group of gals!!  They boated 19 fish for the day!  Maria Mahan caught a 22″H, while Mimi herself caught 2 fish–25″H and 24″H.  Karen Roberts also caught two, 25 1/2″H and 25″H; as well as Cindy Volk–22″W, 27 1/2″W.  Renee Miller and Renee Cataldo each caught 3 fish!  Miller–25″W, 26″H, 27 1/2″W; Cataldo–25″H, 26″H, 23″H.  Adri Hicks caught the most on her boat with 6 fish!!  Her fish were: 20 1/2″H, 25″H, 27″H, 22 1/2″W, 23″H, 28″W.  Adri’s 20 1/2″ fish, I believe, is the smallest fish we’ve recorded so far…which could mean a new rod and reel for her!!  We’ll just have to see if that gets beat!  Stay tuned! 

Adri Hicks and her "lil fish"! Anyone can win prizes at WWB...EVEN for the smallest fish!

Finally on our last boat upriver with Sam Whitten and DUB and the Debbie Dines crew!  They were able to land 21 fish for the day.  Kay Thompson caught a 25″W, while Sherrie Brooks caught 2 fish–26″H, 24″H. Theresa Dines caught 3 fish: 23″W, 25″H, 24″H. Debbie Dines also caught 3 fish: 29 1/2″H, 25″H, 26″H. Myrna Harris caught 5 fish–25″H, 23″H, 23″H, 26 1/2″H, 21″H.  And Karla Thompson was the most for the day with 7 fish!!  Her scores were: 23″H, 24″H, 27″W, 25″H, 21″H, 25″W, 24″H.  Nice job ladies!!  We love to see it when everyone on board gets fish!!!  YAHOO! :-)



BIGGEST FISH–(1)SHEENA PULLEN, 32 1/2″; (2tie)AMBER SMITH, 32″, (2tie)AMI PACKER, 32″; (3)TARA FLUME, 31 1/2″.


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Fish Report for 2-15-10:

Happy President’s Day everyone!  ANOTHER great day on the river today!!  First up, we have my favorite guide, Rich Friend and Mike Estrada, upriver with a lovely group of ladies from Klamath Falls, Oregon, who decided that they better bring their husbands too…just so they didn’t think they’d be having too much fun without them!  They boated 17 total, and the 4 ladies landed 8!  Katrina Kessler caught two fish–25″H and 26″H.  Lisa Kessler was the one with the lucky lure as she caught 6 fish!  Wow…remember the days when 6 fish would win a tournament?  Anyway, her scores are: 25 1/2″H, 24″H, 26″W, 26″H, 33″W, 25″H.  And yup, you guessed it!  That 33″ Wild fish just put Miss Lisa in the lead for biggest fish caught so far!  Congratulations Lisa!

Meanwhile, back downriver at Spring Bar, Tony Bradbury and Casey Green had a mixed group of doubles today (that sounds kind of like tennis, doesn’t it?).  They must have been doing something right because they boated 9 fish for the day!  Tami George took home a 24 1/2″H, while her friend Mariah Courtright caught a 25 1/2″ keeper!  Beth Blackwell caught two fish, a 23″H and a 26″W!  Cathy Jerrums, who by the way was merely “practicing” today (this wasn’t her official tournament day), caught 5 fish!!  24 1/2″H, 26″H, 26″W, 25 1/2″H, 24″H.  Way to go ladies!!!  GREAT DAY!

Next up, we have Shaun Mulberry’s group going with Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber!  They also had a nice day today, boating 15! Rosean Newman caught two: 23″H, 24″H.  Trina Pollman caught two as well: 24″H, 26″.  Sandy Frickey caught three fish: 22″H, 23″W, 23″H; but so did Shaun Mulberry: 22″H, 25″W, 23″W!  Stacey Francis took home the gold medal on this boat with 5 fish!  24″W, 23 1/2″H, 22″H, 33″W, 24″H–that 33″ fish just tied her for first place biggest fish!!  Way to go Stacey!

"Rookie" Sandy Frickey and her first Steelhead EVER! with bait boy Jeff!


Trina Pollman's fish she caught on the 1st CAST OF THE DAY!

And last but not least, we have Sammy Joe and DUB!!  They took Shaun Mulberry’s “sister” boat from Montana today–the Sheila Cather group…these girls always have a great time too!  They landed 28 fish today…NICE!  Everyone caught a fish today too!  Jennifer Crofts and Kelly David both caught three fish!  Jennifer’s: 26″H, 24″H, 26″H; Kelly’s: 26″H, 24″H, 23″H.  Sheila caught 4 fish–24″H, 24″H, 25″H, 24″H.  Shari Kappel caught 5 fish: 26 1/4″H, 24″H, 22″W, 25″H, 25″H.  Erin Knutson caught 6 fish: 23″H, 24 1/2″H, 23″H, 26″H, 26″H, 33″W.  Erin’s 33″ fish just put her in a 3-way tie for 1st place biggest fish caught so far!!  But the big catch of the day was Teri Schuster with 7 fish!! 23″H, 25″H, 23″H, 25″H, 22″W, 24″H, 25″H.  What a great day ladies!!!!

Erin Knutson and her 33" fish!


Sam, DUB and Sheila Cather's Montana bunch!






BIGGEST FISH–3 way TIE, all with a 33″ fish: Lisa Kessler, Stacey Francis, Erin Knutson; (2)SHEENA PULLEN, 32 1/2″; (3) 2 way TIE, both with a 32″ fish: Amber Smith, Ami Packer.


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Fish Report for 2-16-10:

I just can’t say enough about this fishing…IT’S SIMPLY AWESOME!!  If you know someone who might want to go fishing, call up here to Riggins!!  This town will “hook you up” with some fish!!!

Today was another amazing trip on the river!  Just one boat out today, with Rich and Mike Estrada.  But on this boat, we had folks from as far away as TENNESSEE and even AUSTRALIA!!  This boat landed 17 fish today (2 of those were caught by guest, Dwayne Burnett, who accompanied his friend Lisa Skelley, all the way from The Volunteer State!)  Lisa ended up catching two fish today–a 23 1/2″W and a 23″H!  We were also happy to say we had some “local gals” on the boat with us today….all from our excellent service industry here in town!  These ladies work in all areas from restaurants, pubs, motels, and even City Hall!  Dawn McGowan, who owns the River View Motel here in Riggins, caught her first Steelhead–a 24 1/2″ keeper!!  Way to go Dawn!  Then we have my good friend Melissa Blimka, who owns both the Rodeo Club and the Seven Devils Steakhouse and Saloon–which keep in mind is where the FISH DANCE will be held this year!  Melissa just went for fun today as she already had her tournament day on the 7th…but she had so much fun she just wanted to go one more time for the heck of it!!  She caught two fish: 24″H, 23″H.  Then we have my life-long friend, Jill Marolf and her good friend who came to visit her from a cattle station in Australia–her name is Annabelle Coppin!  This chick does it all!  Lives and works on a cattle station, FLIES A HELICOPTER, has that really cool Australian accent, and now is a fisher-gal!  What an interesting lady!!  Thanks for coming to check out the Salmon River country Annabelle!  We hope we see you again!  She ended up taking home 2 fish as well: 24″H, 23 1/2″H!!  Meanwhile, Jill caught 4 fish and today she told me “she squealed like a little girl”–that’s what you are supposed to do!!  Her scores are: 23″H, 23″H, 24″H, 25″H!!  By the way, Jill is interesting in her own right–she used to train champion race horses in Florida and now raises Welsh ponies in McCall with her husband and two boys!  Finally, we have one of my favorite local ladies…Mrs. Eddi Joyce!  She’s a waitress at the Seven Devils Steakhouse and when she isn’t doing that, she’s raising her 4 children and going to Mexico and helping to build houses for poor folks down there!   WOW, all of you women who come and visit us sure have some amazing lives you lead!!!  I love it!  Anyway, she not only caught her very first Steelhead ever, Rich said she hunkered down and got busy catching three more!!  Way to go Eddi!  Her scores: 24″H, 25″H, 31 1/2″W, 24″H.  And I’d like to give an ‘honorable mention” to my great friend, Susan Hollenbeak!  She DID have a “fish on”, but was unable to get that stubborn fella into the darn net!  Susan has lived here virtually her whole life but has never had the opportunity to go above Vinegar Creek into the Frank Church Wilderness on a jet boat!!  We are so happy that she was able to join us today!!  Anytime you ever need help with anything city related, just give her a call at Riggins City Hall!!  Happy Fishing Everyone!  We have a day off tomorrow, so we’ll see you Thursday! :-)   WE NEED PICS TO POST ON THE BLOG! SO LADIES, AFTER YOUR TRIP, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL US SOME PHOTOS SO WE CAN GET YOU ON HERE!! THANKS!

Australian Annabelle Coppin with her first Steelhead EVER, along with Bait Boy Mike Estrada!


Jill Marolf with a nice fish and an even better smile!





BIGGEST FISH–3 way TIE, all with a 33″ fish: Lisa Kessler, Stacey Francis, Erin Knutson; (2)SHEENA PULLEN, 32 1/2″; (3) 2 way TIE, both with a 32″ fish: Amber Smith, Ami Packer.


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 There will an ALL YOU CAN EAT Crab Feed held on the same day as the Women with Bait FISH DANCE on March 6th!!!  This will benefit the Salmon River Jet Boat Races, which will be held April 16-18, 2010!  The cost per person is $25.00 and is soooooo worth every penny!  There will be so much food and you’ll really be helping out a great cause!!  Ladies, you can fish all day and come back to eat some amazing crab and all the fixin’s!!!!  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office…Rich and I wear many hats…we are also the directors of the Jet Boat Races, so you’d be doing us a big favor!!!!  TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! Thanks! ;-)

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Fishing Report 2-18-10:

Hi again everyone!  We had two drift boats and two jet boats out today and just about everyone caught a fish!!

We’ll start out with our drift boat boys in the Spring Bar section!  First off, we had Jake Finley and a little lady by the name of “Levi” Sittser!  Her real name is Carolyn, but she likes to go by Levi!!  She outfished her husband today, who happened to go along, and took home a nice 24 1/2″ hatchery keeper!!  Great job Levi and great name!

Then, Mr. Mike Hicks fished with some ladies from Washington State University.  Marcia Saneholtz, the former WSU Senior Associate Athletic Director (who I just found out has the Washington State University’s home volleyball court named in her honor!), caught a 26 1/2″ keeper while her friend, Toni Ursich, who is the Senior Assistant Attorney General and Chief of the WSU Division of the Office of the Attorney General…(boy is that a mouthful!) caught a 23 1/2″ keeper as well!!  I love to know where our ladies come from and what they do!  It’s so exciting to see all the “walks of life” that come through our doors!

Upriver with the Mike and Mike duo of Wallace and Estrada, they took the Stephanie Johnson crew!  There were 9 ladies strong on this boat and they sure had a lot of fun!  They boated 14 fish for the day!  Andrea Stenquist caught a 24″H; Anna Wallace-25 1/2″H; LeAnn King-24″H; Melissa Karabinus-22″W; Teresa Colebrook-23″H, 23″H; Morgan Rounds-25 1/2″H, 26″H; Stephanie Johnson-24 1/2″H, 28″H,25″H; Amy Johnson-23 1/2″H, 24″W, 25″W.  Way to go girls!

Finally, Sam Whitten and Jeff Wieber took the Micalah Kimball group today and caught 34 fish!!  We DO have a lead change, so let’s get to it! Micalah Kimball caught 2 fish–25″H, 25 1/2″H; Kari Harp, 3 fish–24″H, 24″H, 22″H; Aundi Fabbi caught 4 fish–24 1/2″H, 32″W, 24 1/2″W, 23″H; Angie Kelley caught 6 fish–27″H, 24 1/2″H, 24″H, 26″W, 35 1/4″W, 24″H.  Angie’s 35 1/4″ fish now puts her in the lead for biggest fish caught so far!  Dani Nelson caught 7 fish–24″H, 22″H, 24″H, 24″H, 32″W, 23 1/2″H, 24 1/2″H; and finally, last but certainly not least, is Joan Stanley, who caught 8 fish! 22″H, 23″H, 24″H, 24″H, 24 1/2″W, 22″H, 22″H, 24″H (totalling 185 1/2″).  Unfortunately, that did not give her enough inches to take the 2nd or 3rd place spots, however, way to give it your best try Joan!

Current Biggest Fish Leader Angie Kelly...don't worry, Jeff didn't drop it!



BIGGEST FISH–(1)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (2)3 way TIE, all with a 33″ fish: Lisa Kessler, Stacey Francis, Erin Knutson; (3)SHEENA PULLEN, 32 1/2″.


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Fish Report for 2-19-10:

Fishing is still going steady with four boats out today and all with good numbers!

Rich and Mike E. took the Linda Williams crew out today and everyone on this boat caught a fish today–7 in all!  Linda herself caught a 23″H; Deanna Weaver cuaght a 23″H; Katherine James caught a 22″H; and Helen Goerke caught two fish–a 31″W and a 24″H.  The mother and daughter duo of Kelly and Katelynn Bowden really NEEDED this fishing day together…Daddy is deployed in Iraq right now, so they took this day to spend together and have some fun!  And fun they had with Kelly catching a 23″W fish and 9 year old Katelynn catching her very first Steelhead, a 24″keeper!!  We just want to take this opportunity to say thanks to our US troops who fight for our rights every day to live in this great country and be able to do amazing things like FISH!!!!

Bait Boy Mike Estrada, Katelynn Bowden and her very first Steelhead! Katelynn says hello to her Father serving in Iraq!

Down at Spring Bar, Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber had the Nicole Shanley group.  They boated 9 in all today! Sherri Krzesnik caught a 26″H and Diane Pegram caught a 26″W.  Nicole Shanley caught two fish, a 28″W and a 31″H. Rachel Bollinger also caught two fish, a 22 1/2″H and a 26″H.  Finally, Jan Julian cuaght three fish today with a 25 1/2″H, 29″W, 23″H.  Great day ladies!

Back upriver with Sam and DUB and the Bonnie McGraw group, they ended up with 10 for the day.  Asia Cilley caught a 24″H. Bonnie McGraw, Tracy Horton and Pam Tilley all caught two fish each! Bonnie’s: 27″H, 24″H; Tracy’s: 24″H, 24 1/4″H; Pam’s: 24″H, 27 1/2″W.  And Shanda McGraw was the lucky girl today to catch three total: 27″W, 23″H, 32″W.  See you next year Bonnie and company!

And finally we have Mike Wallace and Casey Green with the Tera Seabaugh group!  They had a great day, boating 12 fish!  Carrie Sullivan took home a 22″H, while Karen Graham caught two–23 1/2″H, 26 1/2″H! Karen Peterson caught three fish–25 1/2″H, 22″H, 25″H!  And Phaedra MacNeil made a run for it with 6 fish in all! 24″H, 25 1/2″W, 25″H, 23″H, 21″H, 24″H.  Mike said if she would have landed all that she actually hooked, she would have easily been in 2nd place overall!!  Those fish are there girls so don’t give up!!!

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Fish Report for 2-20-10:

Happy Mardis Gras everyone!!!  Colorful beads were everywhere today as we had another 4 boats out!!

Returning favorite, Annette Gilmore and company drove all the way from Pocatello, ID, to partake in the fun today with Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber!!  5 fish in all for these ladies!  They are already to book for next year…by the way, we know we said we weren’t going to take bookings until after the tournament is over…but go ahead and call them in if you are ready!  Anyway, back to fishing!  Ashleigh Sayer caught a 24 1/2″H and Annette herself landed 4 fish in all; 23 1/2″W, 23″H, 22″H, 22 1/2″H.  Way to go ladies and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Annette Gilmore Group with their guide, Tony Bradbury

Another one of our returning favorites, the Ruth Gibson clan, went upriver today with Rich and Mike E.  They did quite well, boating 15 fish!!  Carla Armentrout took home a 24″keeper, while Lydia Aguirre caught a nice 32″W fish!  Ruth, Laura Draper and Rebecca Hebert all caught 3 fish each! Ruth–26 1/2″W, 23″H, 22″H; Laura–25″H, 28″W, 24″H; Rebecca–24 1/2″H, 25″H, 25″H.  Marilyn Johnson was high count today with a total of 4 fish! 24″H, 29 1/2″H, 26″H, 23″H.  It’s always nice to see these girls…they’ve been coming for years and really are a group of truly classy ladies!!!

Mike Estrada and Lydia Aguirre with a SWEET FISH!

Mike Wallace and Casey Green had another group of our favorite returnees…lead by the mother and daughter duo of Roxanne Marshall and Jenny Buckner!  Congrats to Jenny who is now the proud mama of a baby boy named Beau!

Baby Boy Beau Buckner--newest member of the RA/WWB family!!

Jenny said we could let ya’ll see him so we thought you might get a kick out of how darn cute he is!  He came with his Mama Jenny last year during the tournament…as he was still “in the oven“!  Anyway, these ladies had a wonderful time today with Mike and Casey, ending up with 17 for the day!  Kathie Zehr caught a 23 1/2″W; Marie Endecott caught a 24″W; Liz Rehn caught a 23″H; Lauren Bruett caught a 25″H.  Kendra Tietz caught two fish–24″H, 27 1/2″W as well as Jenny Buckner–24 1/2″H and 24 1/2″W.  Kathy Fournier caught 4 fish–25″H, 23 1/2″H, 21″H, 24″H.  But Grandma Roxanne showed ‘em all how it’s done by catching 5 fish today! 25 1/2″W, 24″H, 25″H, 23 1/2″H and a 33″H–which now puts her in a 4-way tie for 3rd place biggest fish so far!  Holy Cow…what are we going to do for a tie-breaker if that holds???

"Gills Gone Wild"!...can't wait for the video!

Roxanne may now be a Grandma, but she still can catch a fish!

Finally, on Sam and DUB’s boat, we had our very own River Adventures sweetheart extraordiannaire…and my left hand…Mrs. JJ Hopkins and her local gal pal crew!  They had a great time today and ended up with 18 fish for the day!  Tawnia Russell came up from the valley to join this bunch and she landed a 26″W fish!! First time WWB’r (and my neighbor!), Mrs. Summer Swopes took home a nice 28″keeper!!  JJ herself was able to land a 27″W and a real nice 30″keeper!  Another local girl, Marcena Bjork (you can see her down at the Mountain River Outfitters coffee shop–check out their awesome coupon in our goody bags!), landed three fish–24″H, 26″H, 25″W! Mrs. Marsha Mead, another local sweetie, caught 4 fish–24″H, 34″W, 23″H, 25″H! Marsha’s 34″ fish just put her in 2nd place biggest fish!  Congrats Marsha!  And finally, my wonderful friend Joyce Pottenger (she and her husband have Idaho’s Big River Outfitters here in Riggins as well!) really got busy to catch fish today–landing 7 in all!  Way to go girl! Her scores: 22 1/2″H, 25″H, 25″H, 24″H, 24″H, 26″H, 24″H!!  These ladies always have a great time and I can’t wait to get some of their pictures on here too!!!!



BIGGEST FISH–(1)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (2)Marsha Mead, 34″; (3)4 way TIE, all with a 33″ fish: Lisa Kessler, Stacey Francis, Erin Knutson, Roxanne Marshall.


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Fish Report for 2-21-10:

A misty morning on the Salmon River!! Breathtaking!

5 boats out today…4 jet boats and 1 drift boat!  Norm Klobetanz took Melanie Jacobs out today and she said “it was the best day ever!”  She hooked 5 fish but was only able to land one–a 24 1/2″keeper!  By the way, she was a last minute booking for the tournament…literally, she booked LAST NIGHT!  So there is still room here and there if anyone is interested in going on WWB this year!  Just give us a call!

Also in the Spring Bar section, Tony and Jeff took the Dawn Scarrow group!  They had a terrific day and boated 5 fish in all!  Dawn and Kathy McKinney both caught a 23″H each!  Kelly Moyle caught 3 fish–23 1/2″H, 23″W, 22 1/2″H!  These girls are already booked for next year!!

Dawn Scarrow and friends...and just a couple of fish they caught!

The Mike Wallace and Casey Green duo took the Sherri Potter crew upriver today, where they ended up with 13 fish for the day!  Barbara Boyles caught a 26″H and Monica Cortez caught a 22 1/2″W fish!  Nichole Parker caught two fish–a 24″H and a 23 1/2″H.  Jeannie Sila also caught two fish–31 1/2″W, 25″H.  Cindy Johnson caught 3 fish–25″H, 27 1/2″W, 23″H.  Sherri Potter caught 4 fish–27″H, 24″H, 24″H, 25″W.  Nice job ladies!!  Hope we see you all again next year!

The Sherri Potter crew...enjoying the day and some Mardis Gras Fun!

Next up we have some old family and RA friends of the Nadine Burak group!  Nadine and I go back a ways and it’s always so nice to have her come up and go fishing with us!!!  Their boat had a terrific day, boating 17 fish!  Carol Lungren caught a 23″H and Lisa Greer caught a 26″H!  Prudy Young caught two fish–a 30″H and a 23″H!  Nadine and Sue Ryder both caught 4 fish today! Nadine’s: 30″W, 27″W, 27″H, 24″H; Sue’s: 23″H, 27″H, 20 1/4″H, 22″H!  Sue’s 20 1/4″ fish just put her with the smallest fish caught so far in the tournament!  By the way, if that measurement holds, Sue will receive a new rod and reel, courtesy of River Adventures, Inc.!  See–even the little fish can win you something!  And last but certainly not least, we have Theresa Hughes, who caught the most on this boat today with 5 fish in all! Her scores are: 26″H, 23″H, 25″H, 24″W, 23″H!!  Way to go Theresa!!!

The beautiful smiles of Nadine Burak and Justin Whitten...and we think that fish might be smiling too!

Finally, we have Rich and Mike E. upriver with the Judy Bauer group!  What a great bunch these gals are!  Judy just happens to be our 2008 WWB Champion and she came ready to try and get that title back!!  Elaine Derry caught a 28″W while Kerrigan Kalange caught a 23 1/2″ keeper!  Tracy Malay caught 3 fish–22 1/2″H, 21″H, 25″W.  Linda MacLeod and Judy Bauer both caught 4 fish today!  Linda’s: 23″H, 26″H, 23″H, 25″H; Judy’s: 27″H, 28″H, 25″H, 28 1/2″W.  Kalisa Karnes tried to go for it today and landed 6 fish!  6 fish is what Judy caught to win the 2008 tournament!  Kalisa’s: 26″H, 30″w, 23″H, 26″H, 32 1/2″W, 24″H.  We just wanted to add an honorable mention for Terri Simpson who didn’t catch a Steelhead, but she did catch a really nice Bull Trout that could have easily been recorded ‘cuz they said it was kind of a fatty!

Mike E. and Kalisa Karnes with a proud fish!



BIGGEST FISH–(1)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (2)Marsha Mead, 34″; (3)4 way TIE, all with a 33″ fish: Lisa Kessler, Stacey Francis, Erin Knutson, Roxanne Marshall.


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Fish Report for 2-22-10:

We had three jet boats and one drift boat out today!!  Another beautiful, sunny day here in the canyon…but definitely still winter time as it was a bit chilly!  All the better for the fish!

First, we have Rich and Mike E. and Mike Wallace and Pim Hoogland who took 2 boats upriver with the Paula Brown/Theo Lowe tribe!  These are 12 great women who love to come up here and fish!!  First with Rich and Mike E. and Theo Lowe’s girls…5 fish for today in all!  Sonya Christianson caught a 25 1/2″H while Anita Christianson took home a 26″H!  Jean Humphries caught a 31 1/2″ keeper while Rebecca Frank took two fish home…a 26″H and a 25″H.  Then over on Mike and Pim’s boat with Paula Brown and her crew, we saw 8 fish boated for the day!  Lindsey Schram caught two fish–a 26″W and a 25″H.  Lynda O’Neil caught three fish–a 23″H, a 24″H and a 24″H.  Paula Brown also caught three fish–25″H, 28″H, 29″W!!  We love to see these ladies every year!!  Come back and see us soon ya’ll! :-)

The unsinkable Paula Brown with a great fish!!

Finally, Sam and DUB took the Cheri Collins group upriver and ended up with 12 for the day.  Mary Lorcher caught a 25″W fish while Bailey Collins caught a 26″H!  Chelsie Massengale caught two fish–both 23″!  But the BIG NEWS HERE is that Terie Ryals caught 8 fish and folks…this moves her officially into 2ND PLACE MOST FISH with 201 3/4″.  Her scores were: 24″H, 28″W, 24″H, 25″H, 26″W, 23 1/2″H,  23 1/4″H, 28″W!  Congratulations Terie!!!



BIGGEST FISH–(1)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (2)Marsha Mead, 34″; (3)4 way TIE, all with a 33″ fish: Lisa Kessler, Stacey Francis, Erin Knutson, Roxanne Marshall.


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Fish Report for 2-23-10:

Rich and Mike E. took our very own Best Western Salmon Rapids Lodge ladies today!!  Make sure you tell those folks at the Best Western what a great job they are doing down there!  WE sure appreciate all their hospitality!

Gotta love the shirt!

Maggie Bowman’s first time on WWB today and she caught a 23″H!!  Then returning angler, Taffy Kettenburg, caught three fish–23″W, 23″W, 25″W!  And finally, Barb Galli, another returning fisher-gal, caught four fish for the day!! 23 1/2″H, 23″H, 22 1/2″H, 22″H!!  We had some other folks joining us that day that were not in the tournament so in the end, the boat ended up landing 16 total!  Rich said the water is very low and very clear…we’re hoping we see some rain to make the water just a little more off-color for even better fishing!  Fishing is still fabulous with those infamous “B” run fish still coming!!!



BIGGEST FISH–(1)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (2)Marsha Mead, 34″; (3)4 way TIE, all with a 33″ fish: Lisa Kessler, Stacey Francis, Erin Knutson, Roxanne Marshall.


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Fish Report for 2-24-10:

Hey everybody!  Today, we had two boats out with one being a “mixed” boat! 

First boat was the Sarah Allen group going with Sam and DUB!  They had a good day, boating 6 fish!  Cristi Webb caught a 22″H, Abbie Nickel caught a 27″H, and Kandi Ward caught a 26″H!  Lisa Greer was enjoying her 2nd day of fishing this week with us and caught a 33″W fish!  Finally, Sarah was the lucky girl with the great bait as she caught two fish today…a 24″H and a 25″H!!  Congratulations ladies and we sure hope we see you next year!

Lisa Greer, DUB and a nice 33" fish!

Our next boat was a “mixed boat” that included singles and couples that we were able to join together to complete a full boat.  I have already received one email that said it was alot of fun to meet all the new people and they really enjoyed the day together!  Sandy Mills caught a 27″W and Debbie Fidler caught a 27″H!!  Melanie Barrett caught a 25 1/2″W fish!!  Glenda Rentsch caught two fish–a 24″H and a 23″H!  Finally, Donna Fox, who has been coming for years, caught three fish today!  24″H, 25″W, 20 1/2″H!!  Thanks for coming everyone!!  And thanks to those husbands today who decided to tag along with their ladies!!!



BIGGEST FISH–(1)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (2)Marsha Mead, 34″; (3)4 way TIE, all with a 33″ fish: Lisa Kessler, Stacey Francis, Erin Knutson, Roxanne Marshall.


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Fish Report for 2-25-10:

Hi everyone!  Today, Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber teamed up to take the Kathy Chase group out!!  These are a bunch of Saint Alphonsus employees from the Boise area!!  They’ve been coming for years as well and we always enjoy seeing them!  Sheila Beeman caught a 25 1/4″ keeper, while Mary Lou Coppinger and Misty Neubauer caught two fish each!  Mary Lou’s: 23 1/2″W, 22 1/4″H; Misty’s: 24″H, 26″H.  Thanks ladies!!

And also going out today with Rich and Mike E. is the Animal Kingdom Taxidermy team lead by Annette Derrick!!  Annette’s husband Craig does our first place biggest fish mounts for us!  They are AMAZING!!!  These gals boated 12 fish for the day!  Natalie Harvey caught a 23 1/2″H while Mandy Salas caught a 24 1/2″H!  Amanda Rimmer caught a 23 1/2″H while Annette Derrick caught a 25 1/2″H!  Dee Dee Gossi caught two fish– 21 1/2″H and a 27″W as well as Stephanie Bennett caught two fish–24″H and a 23 1/2″H!!  Finally, Angie Rimmer is the big catch of the day with 4 fish! 27″W, 25 1/2″H, 27″W, 25 1/2″W!!  Way to go ladies!



BIGGEST FISH–(1)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (2)Marsha Mead, 34″; (3)4 way TIE, all with a 33″ fish: Lisa Kessler, Stacey Francis, Erin Knutson, Roxanne Marshall.


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Fishing Report for 2-26-10:

We’re noticing a tiny bit of slowdown on the Salmon, but not for long.  The rain will raise the level a bit and color the water too, which will likely produce more of that hott fishing that we started out with! 

Rich and Mike E. were upriver today with the Kresta Davis-Butts group!  These ladies have been coming for years…all mothers, daughters, sisters and sisters-in-law…it’s truly a family affair!  They always know how to have fun together to create some great memories with us here on the Salmon River!  Darci Moore caught a 22″H; and both Charlotte and Jacque Wasia caught a 27″H!!  See you next year ladies!!

Mike Wallace and Casey Green had the Lisa Stevens group today!!  Teresa Garvey caught a 20 1/2″ keeper, while Sheryl Putnam caught a 25″ keeper!  Jamie Simpson caught two fish–25″W and 33″W!  Katie Kilgrow caught three fish for the day–a 26″H, a 25 1/2″H, and a 25 1/2″W!!  Thanks ladies and we sure hope you had a lot of fun!

Finally, Sam and DUB took some of our old favorites…the Diane Ford group!  Gosh, I just adore Diane!  She’s been coming for many years during and outside of the tournament!!  She’s a die hard fisher-gal for sure!!  Lorie Forbus caught a 24″H while Andrea Creek caught a 23″H!  Shannon Meads just put herself into 2nd Place Biggest Fish so far with a 35″W fish!!  Stacey Creek caught three fish–26 1/2″W, 33″W, 27″W!  Billie Butler also caught three fish–26″W, 26″H, 27″H!!  Can’t wait to see you again Diane and company!!!



BIGGEST FISH–(1)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (2)Shannon Meads, 35″; (3)Marsha Mead, 34″


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Fishing Report for 2-27-10:

Whew!  Things are heatin’ up on the Salmon River and the Women with Bait Steelhead tournament!  Lots to cover…even a couple of lead changes so hold on tight cuz here we go!

First off, Norm Klobetanz took a couple of ladies from Bend, Oregon, out today for their very first WWB!  They had a terrific time, going 4 for 6!!  Julie Spindler (who by the way is a competition shooter!  She may also go by Annie Oakley!) caught a 23″H while her friend Mikelle Willis outdid herself with three fish–a 24″W, a 23 1/2″H and a 25″H!!  These ladies had a BLAST and have already booked and requested Norm for next year!!  It was awesome to have you with us ladies!!  THANKS!

Upriver on the jet boats, Mike W. and Casey Green took Mariah DeLong and friends!  Mariah herself caught a 24″H; Mary Daughtery caught a 23 1/2″H and Kerri Ellis caught a 25″H!!  Jacquelle Stewart caught two fish–a 26 1/2″H and a 27″W fish!!  Way to go girls!!

Meanwhile, my hubby Rich and Jeff Wieber took the Jackson Oil team with Brandee Robbins and company!  11 fish boated for them today!  Sarah Murray caught a 25″W while Brandee herself caught 2 fish–23″W, 23 1/4H!!  Leslie Robinson and Danni Dew both caught four fish today!!  Leslie’s: 23″H, 24″H, 25 1/2″H, 24 1/2″H; Danni’s: 22 1/2″W, 23 1/2″H, 23″H, 36″W!!  That 36″ fish just put Danni Dew in the lead for BIGGEST FISH CAUGHT SO FAR!!!  Congratulations Danni!

Danni Dew with Rich Friend and her 36″ fish! Danni is our new big fish leader!

Finally, on Sam and DUB’s boat, we have the HOTT SHOT fisher-gals of the Terri Hogmire group!  Folks, it just doesn’t get any better in skill and finesse than this group of ladies (and they are probably the nicest group of ladies I’ve ever met too!!)  Delores Spaulding is the Grandmother, Terri Hogmire is her daughter and Megan Jones is Terri’s daughter and Delore’s granddaughter.  THESE LADIES KNOW HOW TO GET IT DONE!  They’ve all three taken home HUGE prizes from WWB in the past.  Megan won the whole thing in 2006 with her grandmother taking 2nd place biggest fish that same year!  In 2008, Megan and Terri won 2nd and 3rd overall!!  So these ladies are no strangers to success here and one of them has done it again!  But first, let’s get to everyone on their boat and we’ll save the big news for last!  Jacqueline Correnci took her very first trip of WWB and caught a 23″H while Megan Jones caught a 21″H and Grandmother Delores Spaulding caught a 23″W!!  Diana Heintz and Erin Lane both caught three fish each!  Diana’s fish were ALL 25″ keepers…all three!  Erin’s were 23″H, 24 1/4″H, and 24″H!!  But Mama Terri Hogmire LIT IT UP with 9 fish equalling 226 1/2″ to now put her in 2nd place overall for most fish! 26″H, 26″H, 25″H, 23 1/2″H,  24″H, 23″H, 23″H, 30″H, 26″H!!  Congratulations Terri!!!  Sam said “at first I just thought they were lucky…but now I know they are darn good fisher-ladies!”


MOST FISH–(1)NIKKI JOHNSON, 15 FISH/365″; (2)TERRI HOGMIRE, 9 FISH/226 1/2″; (3)TERIE RYALS, 8 FISH/201 3/4″;

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Daniella Dew, 36″; (2)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (3)Shannon Meads, 35″


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Fish Report for 2-28-10:

Fishing was slow today, but we’re hoping now that the rain has stopped it will settle the water down and the catching will pick back up!

First boat out today was Norm Klobetanz in his drift boat.  He took Leah Provencio and her daddy, Judge Brad Ford!  Leah won 2nd Biggest Fish prize back in 2007!!  And her father Brad tries to sneak up here as often as he can, when he isn’t doing his judicial duties down in the Treasure Valley!  Brad and Leah went on a drift boat today per her doctor’s orders…the Doc said she’s too pregnant now to be in a jet boat this time!!  So, she still had to get her WWB day in and we’re sure glad she did!  She even took a fish home today–a 23 1/2″H!  Brad will be a guest celebrity bait boy on Rich’s boat tomorrow as Leah’s Mom Margene, will be going upriver in the jet boat!! 

In the same Spring Bar area, Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber took the famous “PINK FLAMINGO’S” today!!  What a great group these ladies are!!  They come every year in full decked out regalia, complete with pink Flamingo sunglasses, sweatshirts and hats!!  These ladies are a treat and we sure are happy to see them again!  The group is Linda McDonald,Terrie Jones, Kris Hunt, Julie Traska, Gwen Hunt and Hazel Thompson!!  Kris was the only one on board to catch a fish today, a 23″ keeper!!  See you next year ladies!

Mike Wallace and Casey Green took some Meadows Valley gals today with the Tracy Peterson group!  5 fish were boated in all!!  Tracy herself caught a 25 1/2″H while Mike’s daughter Jessi…who was our 2009 2nd Biggest Fish Winner, caught a 24 1/2″ keeper!  By the way, Jessi rides BULLS in the rodeo…look for her this Spring/Summer as I’m sure her bull-riding days are far from over yet…she says she loves it!  Heidi Wash caught a 25 1/2″H, Heather Yelton caught a 27″H and Nikki Sauerland caught a 26″H!  Thanks Ladies!! ;-)

Rich and Mike E. took boat one of two of the Shelley Rambo crew out today!!  We want to thank Shelley and her husband Steve down at Steve Rambo Fine Jewelers in Boise, for donating our 3rd Prize for Biggest Fish…a STUNNING Cyma Watch!!  It’s gorgeous and I only wish I could be eligible to win it because I could really use a new watch!  Jane Baxter was just out for fun today (her tournament day is tomorrow) and she caught a 25″ keeper!  Meanwhile, over on Sam and DUB’s #2 Rambo boat, the ladies caught 6 overall!  Shelley caught a 25″keeper (non-tournament day), while Carole Clements (also non-tournament day) caught a 22″ keeper!  Back in 2004, Carole won for 3rd Biggest Fish of the tournament!!  Karen Crosby had her tournament day today, catching a 23″W fish while Angie Davis also had her tournament day today catching a 29 3/4″ keeper!  Mel Carlson’s tournament day was today as well and she caught two fish–a 25″H and a 23″H! 


MOST FISH–(1)NIKKI JOHNSON, 15 FISH/365″; (2)TERRI HOGMIRE, 9 FISH/226 1/2″; (3)TERIE RYALS, 8 FISH/201 3/4″;

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Daniella Dew, 36″; (2)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (3)Shannon Meads, 35″


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Fish Report for 3-1-10:

Happy March everyone!  This month is definitely coming in like a lamb…weird weather still, but no one is complaining!  Everyone around here is opening up the doors and windows and enjoying this very mild weather for this time of year!  The daffodils are up and it’s really starting to look like winter is truly over.  Meanwhile, it’s been pretty nice on the boats as no one has to get as bundled up as usual!

Sam and DUB took day #2/boat #1 of the Shelley Rambo boats again today.  Today was official tournament day for everyone on this boat, but only two ladies were able to get a fish in the net.  Jane Baxter caught a 23″W fish and Shelley Rambo herself caught a 30″W!  We’ll see all of these ladies again next year as they are already booked up for 2011!! 

Meanwhile, over on Mike Wallace and Mike Estrada’s boat #2/day #2 of the Rambo group, they had a little better luck boating 6 for the day!  Debi Wagner caught a 24″W and Nikki Hope caught two fish–a 29 1/2″H and a 31″W!  These two ladies chose today as their official tournament day!  Angie Davis caught a 27″W and Karen Crosby caught two fish–a 22″H and a 29″H!  These two ladies were fishing today just for fun as their tournament day was yesterday.

Mike Estrada and Nikki Hope

Mike E. and Karen Crosby...notice she's in short sleeves and sunglasses! Gotta love that Idaho sun!

Over on Rich’s boat with the Margene Ford group, Rich was joined by Margene’s husband, District Court Judge Brad Ford!  The ladies had a great time and caught 5 fish in all today!  Margene herself caught a 23″H, while Marnie Couch caught a 24 1/2″H!  Francis Nagashima caught three fish in all today–30″W, 23″H and a 26 1/2″H!!  Thanks ladies and Brad!  We always appreciate you coming to see us!!

Finally, Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber were the big dogs today with the Staci Jayo crew!!  Staci is actually a Salmon River native…graduated in ‘87!!  I played sports with her and have great memories of growing up around her!  Today, she brought her daughter Emily to join in the fun and see what this whole WWB is all about!  The ladies on this boat did well with 6 total fish for the day!  Karla Zacher caught a 29″W and Karen Johnson caught a whopper 32″H!  Cynthia Jesser did her one better with a 32 1/4″W and a 26″H!  Kelli Gerard also caught two fish–a 25 1/2″W and a 25 1/2″H!  It was great to see Staci, her beautiful daughter and the rest of the great ladies that came with them!!  We hope to see them again for the tournament next year!


MOST FISH–(1)NIKKI JOHNSON, 15 FISH/365″; (2)TERRI HOGMIRE, 9 FISH/226 1/2″; (3)TERIE RYALS, 8 FISH/201 3/4″;

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Daniella Dew, 36″; (2)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (3)Shannon Meads, 35″


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Fish Report for 3-2-10:

A great day on the river, especially for me because I actually got to go on the river!  I’ll of course, have to save my story for last!!

Tony and Jeff had the Rachelle Hubler crew down at Spring Bar today!  I loved their pink G-Loomis skeleton fish hats!  Ladies…those rocked!  These ladies and I had a great conversation at the River Rock cafe last night and I got to know them a little better!  There are three sisters in this group and they have all been coming for quite a few years!!  Another lady in their crew said this was the best time for the 6 of them to get together as they are so busy any other time of year!  What a fun group of gals!  I was glad to talk to them and hope to see them again next year!  Caralea Hinkle-Daniel landed a 22″W fish while Karlan Richards and Caprice Watson both caught a 23″H!!

Upriver, Sam and DUB had day #1 of the Wendy Hafer/Sam Logan tribe!!  Amy Cardenas had her tournament day and caught a 23″H while Kristi Cox was just fishing for the fun of it and caught a 31 1/2″W!  Wendy Hafer was also fishing just for fun today and caught a 30″W!!  But Sam Logan was going for broke as it was her tournament day and caught 4 fish! 24″H, 27″H, 25″H, 27″H!!  Way to go ladies!!  It was fun to have these ladies today and we look forward to seeing what their boat does tomorrow!

Also upriver, Mike Wallace and Mike Estrada had the Pat Wilder crew!  Pat and Cathy Jerrems already came up for “practice” earlier in the tournament, and today they made it their official tournament day to see if they could make perfect!!  Both ladies certainly gave it their best shot with Cathy catching two fish–both 26″ keepers and Pat catching three fish–23″H, 24″H and 23 1/2″H!  Linda McGraw caught a 23″H while Judy Troyer caught a 28 1/2″H and Marilyn Roan caught a nice 30″H!  Our boat saw quite a bit of these ladies today and it was alot of fun bantering back and forth with them!!  But ladies, don’t forget to remind your guide and bait boy…never bring peanuts to a meatball fight!!  ;-)

And last but certainly not least, I was able to take some of my friends on their WWB day today!!  It was so nice to get out of the office and into the open air!!  I love my husband’s “office” and wish there were more “take your wife to work” days…this was definitely one I’ll remember for a long time!!  First off, everyone on board caught fish–which to me is the best!  But then, we really got in ‘em and even had 3 double-hook ups!  I only fished for maybe 2 hours tops, but still caught a 23 1/2″ keeper!  Meanwhile, my goal was just relaxing and visiting with all my friends while rooting them on as they kept reeling them in!!  My childhood friend’s wonderful mom, Caroline Pottenger, has been going with us for two years and today she caught two fish–a 27″ and a 27 1/2″–both keepers!!  Meanwhile, her daughter-in-law and my great friend Tracie Pottenger caught 4 fish!! 23″H, 28″H, 23 1/2″H, 24″H!!  Tracie and I did our very first WWB together 10 years ago and we both agreed, this was definitely the very best day we ever had on WWB!!

Tracie Pottenger with one of four!

Caroline Pottenger with a nice fish and a great smile!

Then, another wonderful friend, Kyla Sawyer, who writes great articles for the Star News in McCall, went on her first WWB today and also caught 4 fish (24″H, 26″H, 26″H, 23 1/2″H)!! Her husband Brad served as our “bait boy” today and he definitely had his work cut out for him on this boat!!  He did a great job and we’ve got him down as requested for next year!  My sweet and dear friend, Wendy Hook, who is a totally talented artist (ladies, check out your ‘goody bags’ for a coupon from Unique Antler Design Gallery here in Riggins…so you can see/buy Wendy and her sister Shari’s beautiful work!) caught 3 fish (24 1/2″H, 28 1/2″W, 25″H)!  I’m just so glad Wendy got a day off of work!!  She’s one busy lady!

Kyla Sawyer and Wendy Hook after a double hook up!

And finally, my good friend, and also Salmon River Native, Laurie Swift-Anglen came to town to join up in WWB for the first time!  It’s funny how many locals I know are finally trying out Steelhead fishing for the first time!  Laurie and her family live in the Boise Valley but are often coming through their hometown of Riggins and love to see “home”!  So Laurie not only caught her very first steelhead ever, but then proceeded to turn right around and catch 4 more in a row (24″H, 24 1/2″W, 26 1/2″H, 24″W, 24 1/2″H)!!!  It was so great!  We truly had a sensational day and are still on a high after boating 19 fish!  That is the best day for me…to see not only my friends getting a well-deserved day off, but to see another dear friend reconnect with home and catch her very first Steelie!  What an adventure!!

Myself and Laurie Anglen with OUR double hook up!


MOST FISH–(1)NIKKI JOHNSON, 15 FISH/365″; (2)TERRI HOGMIRE, 9 FISH/226 1/2″; (3)TERIE RYALS, 8 FISH/201 3/4″;

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Daniella Dew, 36″; (2)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (3)Shannon Meads, 35″


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 There will an ALL YOU CAN EAT Crab Feed held on the same day as the Women with Bait FISH DANCE on March 6th–it’s going on in the Summerville’s/Rodeo Club parking lot!!!  This will benefit the Salmon River Jet Boat Races, which will be held April 16-18, 2010!  The cost per person is $25.00 and is soooooo worth every penny!  There will be so much food and you’ll really be helping out a great cause!!  Ladies, you can fish all day and come back to eat some amazing crab and all the fixin’s!!!!  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office…Rich and I wear many hats…we are also the directors of the Jet Boat Races, so you’d be doing us a big favor!!!!  TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! Thanks! ;-)

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Fish Report for 3-3-10:

Wow, can’t believe we’ve only got a few more days and we’re wrapping this tournament up for the year!!  CRAZY how time flies!!  And don’t forget to visit Riggins this weekend to enjoy not only the FISH DANCE but especially the CRAB FEED!! 

Today, Jake Finley took the mother and daughter team of Cherie Crandall and Jennifer Smith out for their first WWB in Jake’s drift boat!  Jake said these ladies had tons of fun and both were able to each take home a fish!  Cherie caught a 24″ keeper and Jennifer caught a 23 1/2″H!!

Next up we have Rich and Mike Estrada with day #2 of the Wendy Hafer/Sam Logan crew!  Today was tournament day for Wendy, Kristi Cox and Jeannie Amen!  Sam, Amy Cardenas and Deb Charlton were just fishin’ for fun today!  Kristi caught a 25″H; Deb caught a 23 1/2″W; Wendy caught a 24″H and a 25″H; Sam caught a 24″ and a 26″H; and Jeannie caught a 26″H and a 29″H!  These girls have been coming to the tournament for years, with Wendy being our champion from 2007!

Next we have out of retirement for only one day–ROMINE!! and Mike Wallace on board as bait boy!!  I know, I know, you all want to know how in the heck can we get Romine back…well, the only reason he came out of retirement today is because his wife asked him to!  We so miss Romine and believe me, I’ve tried bribing him, begging and pleading with him to come back to us….but it’s still a no.  We are so glad we get to see him at least once during the tournament!  (I’m lucky…he’s my father-in-law so I get to see him almost daily!)  Anyway, Mama Carolyn Friend had a boat load of fun gals today and they ended up boating 9 fish for the day!  Shelley Frisbie caught a 26″H and Vicky Stimpson caught a 24″H!  Angie Fritzler caught two fish–a 24″H and a 30″H!  Native Riggin-ite and still-a-local-to-us/Salmon River GAL Debbie Swift caught two fish as well–a 25″H and a 29 1/2″H!!  Carolyn showed them all with three fish for the day–31″H, 23″W, 22″H!! 

Finally, Sam and DUB had Michelle Kemner’s gang of Fish and Game girls on board today!! Michelle has been coming for a very long time and we’re always so glad to have her back!!!  Their boat ended up with 12 today!!  Cherie Barton caught a 22″H, while Kathy Reynolds got a whopper 34 1/2″W fish!  Keely Duke caught two fish–a 24″H and a 25″H, and so did Susan Werner–24″H and a 25″H!  But Connie Breckenridge and Gail Richardson both caught three fish for the day!  Connie’s: 31″W, 25″H, 23″H; Gail’s: 23″H, 22″H, 23″W!  See you next year ladies!

Christa Braun, DUB and her "catch"...a good ole Salmon River Rock! Now that takes some skill!

The Michelle Kemner gang! What a great shot and what a great day!


MOST FISH–(1)NIKKI JOHNSON, 15 FISH/365″; (2)TERRI HOGMIRE, 9 FISH/226 1/2″; (3)TERIE RYALS, 8 FISH/201 3/4″;

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Daniella Dew, 36″; (2)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (3)Shannon Meads, 35″


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Fish Report for 3-4-10:

“Catching” slowed down again today and we’ve only got two days left!

Norm Klobetanz took out some WWB alums–Paula Prescott and Diana King!!  These ladies had a nice day, bringing home one fish for Paula–a 27″H!  Diana had one to the boat but the little rascal found its way off the hook and back in the river!

Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber took the Cindi Lou Baker crew today and had a great time!!  She had a gal on board today, Dawn Coolbaugh,  who is one of my old friends from the Albertson’s Corporate office days!  She and I started coming to WWB 10 years ago!  Who would have thought this is where we’d be now!!  Crazy!  Anyway, this group of ladies boated 4 fish for the day!  Dawn caught a 22″H; Lori Ruman caught a 25″H and Kallie Forsburg caught two fish–a 22″H and a 23″W!!  As always Cindi and crew–it’s great to see you!!!

Meanwhile, Rich and Mike E. had local gal Candy Dobson with her “Sister-Ship” crew today!!  They also boated four for the day!  Candy won our 2nd place biggest fish a couple of years ago and that same year, won the Riggins Chamber of Commerce derby with the same fish!!  What fun!  Susan Birge caught a 23 1/2″H; Janel Denton caught a 23″H.  Laure Collins caught two fish–23″H and a 31 1/2″W!

Sam and DUB took the Debbie Livesay group up the river today!  Again, another group of great ladies returning to try and win this thing!!  They ended up with 9 fish for the day and one lady getting 4 fish herself!  Debbie caught a 29″H, while last year’s BIG FISH winner Pat Papiez caught a 26″W.  Teresa Prow caught a 23″H!  Alita Svaty caught two fish–23″H and a 22 1/2″H!  Zoe Ann Greenfield caught 4 fish–24″H, 25″H, 33 1/2″H, 23″H!  Way to go ladies!!  We will see you next year!!


MOST FISH–(1)NIKKI JOHNSON, 15 FISH/365″; (2)TERRI HOGMIRE, 9 FISH/226 1/2″; (3)TERIE RYALS, 8 FISH/201 3/4″;

BIGGEST FISH–(1) Daniella Dew, 36″; (2)Angie Kelly, 35 1/4″; (3)Shannon Meads, 35″



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Fish Report for 3-5-10:

We had a very busy last Friday of the tournament today!  4 Jet boats and 3 drift boats out in all today!!  Lots of ladies fishing on the Salmon!!

We had six ladies, two each in a group, going out on the three drift boats today.  They had so much fun today that they already booked the exact same set up for next year!  They are all together but really liked doing the drift boats this way and had a lot of fun!  Norm Klobetanz took Grangeville native Kim Gini and her friend Janet Frazier out today!  Kim was able to land a 25″W fish!!  Meanwhile, Jake Finley took Marty Kelly and Jenny Sorenson and had a little bit better luck, boating three for the day!  Jenny caught a 24″ keeper while Marty scored with two–23 3/4″ H and a 24″H!!  Finally, the third couple of gals for this group…our returning favorite Kerry Holscher and her friend LeAnn Johnson went with Roy Akins!  Kerry really had a great day catching 4 fish for the day!  Remember, last year, 4 fish won the tournament!  Kerry’s scores: 23″H, 25″H, 26″H, 28″W!!  Way to go Kerry and ladies!

Next up we had the Samantha Maret group with Tony Bradbury and Jeff Wieber today!!  This group of ladies comes from the Boise area, then California and Texas!  They are already booked again for next year because they had such a blast!  Elaine Banbury caught a 24 3/4″H while Samantha Maret caught a 26 1/2″W fish!!  See you next year ladies!

Meanwhile, my best friend Michelle Hollon had her rowdy group of girls dressed up in their football gear with face paint and all, over on Rich and Mike Estrada’s boat.  Last year, this boat was the big winning boat bringing home the champion and the third biggest fish for the tournament on the very last day!!  Today they certainly had a wonderful day but just caught 4 for the day.  2009 Champion Shari Medley caught a 25″H while Michelle’s daughter Makaila Hollon caught her VERY FIRST STEELHEAD EVER with a 24″W!  Congratulations Makaila!  Then Miss Marcie Fox caught two fish…the first one also being her VERY FIRST STEELHEAD EVER as well!!  26″H and 26″H!  Thanks for coming again this year and these ladies are again already booked for next year!

Sam and DUB had the Chris Coy group today!!  These ladies have been coming back again and again to WWB!!  They boated 7 fish in all!  Mindy Pratt caught a 22″H while Neva McGregor caught two fish–a 23″W and a 23″H!  Chris Coy caught 4 fish for the day–25″H, 30″H, 24″H, 23″H!  Way to go girls!!

Finally, Mike W. and Casey Green had the Veronica Giustino group who came all the way from the Laramie/Cheyenne, Wyoming area!! They saw our special on the Outdoor Channel and decided this is definitely something they wanted to be a part of!  And we are so glad they did!  Every single lady on this boat caught a fish today with a total number of 12!!  That is the BEST!  Tracy Fletcher caught a 24 1/2″H; Tory Fletcher caught a 26″W; Beverly Sanchez caught a 22 1/2″H; Rebecca Jansen caught a 26″H; Marilyn Johnson caught a 24″H!!  Veronica Giustino caught two fish–24 1/2″H, 26″H; Jackie Peterson caught two fish–26″H, 22″W; and Laura Williams caught 3 fish–24″H, 27″H, 23 1/2″H!  Thanks Ladies for coming from so far away!  We sure hope we see you again next year!!!

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FINAL DAY OF WWB ‘10-Fish Report for 3-6-10:

Can you even believe we’re finally on the last day of this tournament?  Holy Cow…time flies when you are catching fish!

Okay, so last day…4 jet boats, 1 drift boat out today!  Mike Hicks took 3 ladies out on his drifter today and they sure had fun!  They were 1 for 4 today with Tina Murrell catching a 23 1/2″H!  Thanks ladies!

Rich and Jeff had the Kelly Porter group today and they ended up with only two fish for the day!  Kelly caught a 26″H and Dani caught a 28″W fish!  This group is already on the 2011 schedule!!  See you next year ladies!

Mike W. and Casey G. had the Kristine Cole group who travelled from the Seattle, Washington, area!  Kristine caught a 24″H, Sasha Owen caught a 25 1/2″H and Brenda Cole caught two fish–24″H and a 23 1/2″H!!  This time next year Kristine will be a new mommy, so congrats Kristine and hubby back in Washington!!  And welcome new little Cole Baby!

And finally, Sammy J. and DUB-A-Licious, had the Angie Howe group today!  These ladies boated 7 fish for the day!  Kristie Osborn caught a 28″W, while Lara Rashke caught a 33″W!  Dotti Logsdon caught a 25″H, Tina Watson caught a 27″W and Wendy Secl caught a 26″H!  Angie Howe caught two fish–a 25″H and a 24″H!  Thanks ladies!!!

We’ll see you all out tonight at the CRAB FEED and then at the FISH DANCE!!!! :-)

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RESULTS of the 2010 Women With Bait Steelhead Tournament!

HUGE thank you’s go out to everyone who participated in this year’s tournament, along with the entire Salmon River Community!  Here is a list of all who supported this tournament and of course, this year’s winners!!  THANK YOU so much everyone!!


Gem Designs-Grangeville

Best Western Salmon Rapids Lodge-Riggins

River Rock Café-Riggins

Crump’s Chevron-Riggins

Rodeo Club-Riggins

Seven Devils Steakhouse & Saloon-Riggins

Summerville’s Café & Bar-Riggins

Bert & Kate’s Cattleman’s Restaurant-Riggins

Steve Rambo Fine Jewelry-Boise

Idaho ATV Rentals-Meridian

Animal Kingdom Taxidermy-Cascade

Unique Antler Design & Gallery-Riggins

Mountain River Outfitters & Coffee Shop-Riggins

McCall Jewelry Company-McCall

Wild Mountain Berries-Riggins

Eva Marosvari & Terri Laughlin w/Scentsy-Riggins

Gary’s Smoke House-Riggins

Pioneer Enterprises-Riggins

Current News-Riggins

River Rock Band


Rich Friend, Sam Whitten, Mike Wallace, Tony Bradbury, Mike Estrada, Jeff Wieber, Justin Whitten, Casey Green, Jake Finley, Norm Klobetanz, Mike Hicks, Roy Akins, Brad Sawyer, Brad Ford, Pim Hoogland!  And what in the world would I ever do without JJ Hopkins! thanks everyone!




SUE RYDER (Sam Whitten), 20 1/4″.—free Rod and Reel by River Adventures


 (1) Daniella Dew (Rich Friend), 36″ –fish mount by Animal Kingdom Taxidermy (Cascade)

 (2)Angie Kelly (Sam Whitten), 35 1/4″ –Adventure package by Idaho ATV Rentals (Meridian)

(3)Shannon Meads (Sam Whitten), 35″–Watch by Steve Rambo Jewelers (Boise)


(1)NIKKI JOHNSON (Sam Whitten), 15 FISH/365″ –Grand Prize–$3500.00 Cash!

(2)TERRI HOGMIRE (Sam Whitten), 9 FISH/226 1/2″ –“Riggins Recession Package”—2011 WWB Boat, Rooms at Best Western for Boat, Dinner at River Rock for Boat, $100 Gas at Chevron!  

(3)TERIE RYALS (Sam Whitten), 8 FISH/201 3/4″ –“Sturgeon Excursion” with River Adventures…Snake River Jet Boat Sturgeon trip!


2009 Women With Bait

14th Annual Women's Steelhead Tournament

2-6-09: Yahoo…Day 1 of Women with Bait is here!! Today we had four boats out, with three boats downriver at Hammer Creek and one boat working its way up at Spring Bar. Sam and Waylon took the Susan Harris group down to Hammer Creek and Ms. Linda Walker was the lucky gal on their boat with two fish, both keepers! 24" and 20"! Way to go Linda! Then, Mike W. and Casey and their ladies, Heather Schreiner and company, sure tried hard but only caught some trout…wish we could count those…they said they were big ones…just nothing that would stretch to that magic 20 inch mark! The big winner for the day down at Hammer Creek was Tony and Mike E., a.k.a., the birthday boy, with (almost) four fish for the day. Trip leader Maria Stone caught a nice 32" wild fish, and then a 19" hatchery…they tried to stretch it into 20", but unfortunately, it just didn't grow. Maria already has booked for next year, stating that fish was her first Steelhead ever and now she's definitely "hooked"! Look forward to seeing you next year Maria! Meanwhile, upriver at Spring Bar, Rich and Jeff were working in a smaller area due to ice, but his group, Kelly Porter and crew, managed to do quite well with four fish of their own! Ms. Kelly herself is leading the tourney so far with biggest fish…a 33 1/2" keeper! Shawna Sonner is our current most fish leader with two; a 30" hatchery, and a 30 ½" hatchery respectively. Krisann Brown was very happy with her 29" wild fish! So far, we're seeing some nice big fish ladies!! Keep it up!

Kelly Porter and her 33 1/2" keeper!
Kelly Porter and her 33 1/2" keeper!

Lenore Whitney and Wendy Nelson with their treasures!
Lenore Whitney and Wendy Nelson with their treasures!

2-7-09: Well, today was Rich and Mike E.'s turn to be skunked up at Spring Bar! Bummer too…but I was able to personally talk to these ladies…these girls came from all over! We had several from Alaska, Washington and even Arizona!!! They had so much fun, they just didn't care that the catchin' wasn't the greatest because the weather was absolutely spectacular! They said it was a great trip and are comin' back! Cool Cool! Downriver was a little slow today…but I guess the general Trout population is doing well as many were catching trout…they just weren't 20"….yet! Mike W. and Casey had boat #2 of the Afton Coles two-boat clan…Laurie Denning and gang. Wendy Nelson was able to bring home a 33" hatchery, which would put her second for biggest fish! However, on the Sam and Eric team boat…the other half of Afton's group, Lenore Whitney beat out her friend Wendy with a big, fat 34" keeper—which now puts her in the lead for biggest fish! Ooooooo, the competition is heatin' up! Sammy also said the trout fishing has been great so a good day was had by all…again…just can't count those little guys!

Nadra Angermen and crew, along with guides Rich and Mike... so happy after a beautiful day on the Salmon River
Nadra Angermen and crew, along with guides Rich and Mike...
so happy after a beautiful day on the Salmon River

2-8-09: Rich and Mike E. were upriver at Spring Bar again today…their fishing area is starting to open up as the river has been slightly on the rise, which definitely helps break out that ice. For those of you who wonder, where there is ice, there are usually fish…so it's kind of a double-edged sword to be there as you'll never know how it's going to turn out! Ask Judy Bauer (last year's champion) how that ice worked for her….AWESOME—she took home that ATV!! So ladies, don't ever be bummed if you see ice chunks floatin' by…that's usually a good thing! Anyway, they had a nice day with Sheila Cather's crew…two fish for the day! Shari Kappel caught a 25 ½" wild fish, while Heather Smith tied for the lead for biggest fish with a 34" keeper! Downriver, Tony and Casey had their turn at being skunked with Angie Howe and girls. I'm pretty sure these guys are done with that…and I think we are done with it as I have a feeling with these next reports we're going to start seeing some good numbers! Sammy Joe and Eric Pardue took Kelli Martinez and company to some good spots at Hammer with four fish for the day! Kelli Martinez herself took home a 21 ½" hatchery, while Jamie Owsley took home a 28 ½" keeper! Jessica Crane finally took over the lead for biggest fish with a 34 ¼" keeper, but then took second to her friend J.J. Martell, who caught a 34 ½" keeper, which is now big fish leader! I always loved a close race! Meanwhile, Mike W. and Jeff Wieber decided to keep on going down into the lower gorge today and really got into the fish! They caught 5 fish in one hole! Yahoo! Trip leader, Shaun Mulberry, caught a 26" hatchery, and Stacey Francis caught the biggest fish on their boat with a 33 ½" keeper. Trina Pollman caught two fish—a 23" and a 24"—both keepers, while Mandy Mulberry also caught two hatchery fish…a 24" and a 31"!

Jamie Owsley with a BIG FISH!
Jamie Owsley on the lower Salmon River with a beautiful Idaho Steelhead!
Guide Eric Pardue, Jessica Crane, J.J. Martell, Guide Sam Whitten
Guide Eric Pardue, Jessica Crane, J.J. Martell, Guide Sam Whitten and "the twins"!! They are only ¼" different!!

Outlook: You won't hear from us until after Tuesday, the 10th, as that's when we'll have our next boat out…a drift boat, so it will be nice to see how they do. Drift boats have won this derby in the past, and the gal coming up is a real good angler going with one of the best, Norm Klobetanz. I can't wait to see how her day goes! And then we'll be back after Thursday with more jet boat AND drift boat reports!

Shaun Mulberry and company with their fish…and a couple of girls who apparently caught each other
Shaun Mulberry and company with their fish…and a couple of girls who apparently caught each other!

Everyone, unfortunately, the Idaho Statesman mistakenly thought our tournament was somehow closed to new registrants…NOT TRUE!!! All of you veterans know, we don't ever close this tourney, so if you hear of that news, please tell folks we are still happily taking reservations for drift boats AND jet boats! We actually have lots of spots left and full boat availability! Please pass that good news around as that article has many people guessing and they might miss out on some great prizes by not entering!

We did get some good news…we have been working with Idaho County and we think we might be able to get our last seven miles of Salmon River Road open earlier than we did last year, which is a plus. We want to get up there and work some of that ice out so we can fish more territory!!! So ya'll keep your fingers crossed that we are able to do that! And for those of you who prefer those upriver waters, feel free to contact our Idaho County Commissioners with your thoughts on how much we use and need that last seven miles open! The issue is, it's always been classified as a "seasonal road". We need everyone's support so they'll realize we use it all year round and they need to include it in the previous 19 miles of routine road maintenance! It's definitely important to our community that we keep the access to the upriver corridor open, available and safe! Thanks!

**WE'RE BACK!! Sorry for the delay…I can't believe how many emails I've received about this blog…I didn't realize that many folks read it! Cool! Anyway, I've been in the depths of road maintenance hell…but good news—the road looks like we're gonna get it open! AND…the best part is, we think we might be on the track of getting a February 1st opening from now on. Still lots of details to go over, but I think we now have a very responsive county commission and the USFS also seems to want to help us achieve this goal! Ladies….PLEASE send a thank you to Lonnie Simpson with Debco construction. He is the contractor in charge of the current Salmon River Road project at the bottom end…and he is the biggest help to us! He understands small business and how much fishing means to this community! He has done a fabulous job of opening the road for us when it seemed it couldn't be done! He is also the reason why you ladies get an extra half hour in the mornings to get through the construction to go fishing upriver during the tournament! You can send that thank you to:

Debco Construction
Attn: Lonnie Simpson
217 College Ave Ste 5 Orofino, ID 83544


The problem above French Creek

The problem above French Creek
the road currently... scary and not accessible!

The road currently... scary and not accessible!

The Solution!
The solution! Lonnie Simpson, owner of Debco Construction, (left) and Idaho County Commissioner Skip Brandt, (right). We took these guys on a road trip to show them what we're talking about! After a meeting with the Commission, a USFS representative and some interested public parties...we hope we'll be "on the road" to getting this section open every year on February 1st! That will help us tremendously in gaining access upriver so we can give you more fishing areas!

And now I better get caught up on this blog! So here goes since we left off on the 8th...

2-10-09: Well folks, I told you that we'd see a big performance from the teaming up of Norm Klobetanz and Teri Jacobsen in the drift boat…and they didn't disappoint! Teri caught three this day: a 29 ½" keeper, a 28" native and a 33 ½" keeper…this puts Teri in the lead for most fish with a total of 91 inches. Now you all know what you have to beat!!!

2-12-09: Just one boat out today with Michelle Kemner's crew! Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber said a fun time was had by all!! The temps are cold enough to keep the fish from not being very active. Mike said his "fish finder" is indicating the fish are laying in there…stacked up all over…they just seem to be not too interested yet. However, these girls still got three WILD fish today! Susan Werner's was 22 1/2", Connie Breckenridge's was 23 ½" and Katherine Powell was the bigger winner for the day with 27"!!

Michelle Kemner and super fishing crew!
Michelle Kemner and super fishing crew! Thanks Michelle for coming all these years!

2-13-09: Tony B. and Jeff W. took the Lorri Nally group down to Hammer Creek where Melissa Hubbard caught a 26" wild fish! Meanwhile, Sam and Casey had Diane Ford and company also at Hammer Creek, where they were able to pick up five fish. Diana King caught a 23" wild fish, Kathy Haman caught a 25" keeper and Stacy Creek got a nice 33" hatchery! Billie Butler was lucky enough to get two fish…a 22" hatchery and a 34" hatchery—which puts Billie in a three way tie for third biggest fish!

Melissa Hubbard loving life with her bait boy Jeff and nice fish!
Melissa Hubbard loving life with her bait boy Jeff and nice fish!

Guides Jeff Wieber and Tony Bradbury having some fun in the Salmon River Sun with the Lorri Nally group!

Meanwhile, moving up to Spring Bar area…Mike W. and Rusty had Ashley Hiatt and crew! They were also able to pick up five fish. Heather Patterson and Kay Bengochia were both able to pull in a 24" hatchery fish, while Ronda Walpole caught a 29" keeper and Ashley Hiatt herself didn't disappoint anyone with a 32" keeper!! Meanwhile, Shelly Williams just made that three way tie a four way tie with her 34" hatchery Steelhead!!! Holy Cow folks.....!

Also at Spring Bar, my husband Rich and Mike E. took Lydia Aguirre and ladies out for some good fishing! They also were part of the five fish club today with Carla Armentrout picking up a 23" native while Becky Hebert caught a 29" native. Laurie Draper caught a 31 ½" keeper but Lydia Aguirre was lucky enough to catch two today…by the way, Lydia's first fish in 8 YEARS!!! We're so glad we helped to break that spell! Lydia's first fish was a 27" hatchery while her second….you guessed it…put her now in a FIVE-WAY TIE for third biggest fish with a 34" wild fish! This is just crazy!

2-14-09: Unfortunately a slow, cold day today…but it was the day for love!! Hey, my husband Rich didn't forget me as I got a beautiful dozen red ones! Thanks baby! We did have a soon to be married couple on the river today in a drift boat with Jeff Wieber. Eric Van Zandt brought his lady all the way from Benton City, Washington, and entered her into the WWB contest! Her name is Heather Smith and she was happy to catch herself a 23 ½" keeper!! Now, I did have the pleasure of talking to this couple after the trip was over and I'm happy to report that there are absolutely NO hard feelings after Eric caught the biggest fish of the day….a 37 ½" keeper! Now I know, I know…ya'll are thinking…ugh…he took that fish from his girl! You all know that's not how it goes and I just wanted to report this catch because I want all of you ladies to know that THERE ARE REALLY BIG FISH IN OUR RIVER!!!!! We've had several folks up and down the river catching 40" + and have had big ones reported in this tournament! It's time to see some more!!! C'mon ladies….just keep fishin'!

Rich and Mike E. had Pam Hoogland and lots of family on their boat today at Spring Bar! Pam got a 22 ½" keeper, while daughter Anna Mescher caught two fish…a 23" keeper and a 31" keeper! Way to go Hoogland family! Mike W. and Casey were also up at Spring Bar today with the Montana girls, Nevada girls and Southern Idaho girls…Kelly Acree and crew! Thanks Kelly and ladies, for traveling all this way! Shelly Mackley caught a 29" keeper while Noreen Percifield caught a 31" keeper!

Sam and Rusty took another group of family and friends down to Hammer Creek…daughter Megan Jones, mother Terri Hogmire and grandmother Delores Spaulding!! These ladies have been participating in this tournament for quite a few years now…Megan WON the tournament a few years back and last year, mother and daughter got 2nd and 3rd most fish respectively!! This year wasn't a big catching year for them, but Megan just told me she hasn't laughed that hard in years….so I'm very glad they still had a lot of fun! What a great group of ladies! Their friend Cheryl Beeson caught a 25" keeper for the day!

Rusty Peterson
Rusty Peterson... they love him so much they made him a shirt!

2-15-09: Still slow today with four boats and a drift boat out. We're hoping for some warmer temps to get these fish to biting! Sam and Jeff took some Oregon ladies out today down at Hammer Creek. No fish but Sammy said they had fun anyway!

Tony and Mike E. took the "Pink Flamingos" down to Hammer Creek today…these ladies have been tournament regulars for years now and are lots of fun! Flora Silvers caught herself a 27 ½" wild fish!

Meanwhile, up at Spring Bar, Romine finally decided to take a trip with the Shelley Rambo girls! Yes, our sweet Romine seems to think he's retiring after this year. I really don't think it's very nice of him to devastate all of his ladies who love him…but he thinks it's time. We will surely miss him and all of the wonderful years of service to River Adventures he has given and to the people of the Salmon River Community. I'm so lucky that he's my father-in-law so I'll still get to see him all the time and I can let all of you know how he's doing in his retirement!! He's only doing a select few trips this year, so you'll still hear from him during this tournament. Anyway, back to the fishing! Shelley's girls had a lot of fun with Cindy Clancy catching a 22 ½" keeper for the day!

Also at Spring Bar was Rich and the Mike and Deanna Lee group. Deanna caught a 25" native while Julie Crank caught a 21 ½" keeper.

This is another problem…ICE! We are hoping with warmer temps and some really awesome ice-breaking jet boats, we can finally get up there! This picture taken looking upriver from Bull Creek Ridge.

Lesson 1 - How to Break Ice

Lesson 2 - Pray you get out of the mess!

2-16-09: Three boats out today and all up at Spring Bar. Lots of ice bridges have been broken out so we're making progress up the river! The temps seem to be warming up also! YAHOO! Mike W. and Mike E. teamed up today with the girls from Animal Taxidermy. Thanks to Craig and Annette Derrick who donate the top prize for the biggest fish…a fish mounted replica of the winning Steelhead! They do an absolute marvelous job and we are so happy with their beautiful fish mounts!!! Angie Rimmer was our lucky girl today with a 22 ½" keeper!

Over on Tony and Rusty's boat, we had some of our local girls aboard for a day of fun! Our very own Glenna McClure from Seven Devils Steakhouse and Saloon caught a whopper 33 1/2" keeper!! Don't forget ladies, in every goody bag are three coupons from Seven Devils! Make sure to go and visit Glenna and crew for a great meal, cold toddies and fun dancing!

On Sam's boat, I'm happy to report that Jonny Hinton is finally back! We've missed him so much…but he's been working away from home so we only get him a few times this year! We'll take what we can get!!! We love you Jonny! Anyway, Sam and Jonny took Shelley Rambo's second day boat out at Spring Bar as well. Some of her ladies had their tournament day yesterday and some are having their tournament day today. They caught six fish for the day! Shelley caught a 26" keeper and Katrina Lynch caught a 22 ¼" keeper. Carole Clemens and Cindy Clancy both caught two fish for the day….Carole a 24" and a 25" keeper, while Cindy caught a 22 ¼" and a nice 31" keeper!!! Nice to have you ladies with us…and Shelley…thanks for always donating the third prize of the tournament for biggest fish….this year it is an exquisite set of pearls from her jewelry store, Steve Rambo Fine Jewelers.

2-17-09: Only one boat out today with Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber! We had a mixed group of ladies today who all reported a fun day with each other! It's nice to meet new friends! Annette Gilmore caught a 22 ½" wild fish, while both Ashleigh Sayer and Gail Garwick both caught a 23" keeper! Amy Turner caught two fish…a 23 ½" keeper and a 25" keeper!

2-18-09: Okay folks, I think we're finally seeing some fish wake up in the Salmon! With the rising temps (it's like Spring in Riggins with temps approaching the 60's!) and ice coming out, we're starting to see some numbers. We had two boats at Spring Bar today. Mike W. and Casey had a mixed boat today with six fish caught. Misty Neubauer caught a 23 ½" keeper, Mary Lou Coppinger caught a 24" native, Joyce Niederklein caught a 24 ½" native and Kathy Chase caught a 32" keeper. There was a husband of one of today's participants, Donna Fox, who caught two fish as well (non-tournament).

Sam's boat caught 8 fish with two ladies catching three each. Anne Slayton caught a 24 ½" keeper and Jessie Black caught a 27" keeper! Tanya Lampman caught a 22" keeper and two 26" keepers, putting her in third place most fish so far with a total of 74". Erin Timinsky is currently in 2nd place most fish with her three keepers…a 24 ½", a 26" and a 33 ¼" for a total of 83 ¾"!!

Well everyone…there it is up to now. We'll aiming to update this blog much more often now that we're hopefully past the road blues! Thanks for being patient with us and we'll talk again tomorrow! Happy fishing! :)

2-19-09: Sam and Jeff had Tami George and crew upriver at Spring Bar today. Not a bad day overall with 4 fish and lots of fun had by all! Mariah Courtright took home a 23" keeper, while Micalah Kimbal caught a 25 ½" keeper herself. Dani Nelson took home two hatchery fish…a 22" and a 31 ½"!!

Today was a special day for us here at River Adventures!! We had the privilege of taking the ladies from the Best Western Salmon Rapids Lodge!! The SRL is not only where we sign you ladies in every morning, but many of you are staying there when you come up and fish. Please remember to thank Cathy and staff for making you feel welcome and comfortable as they work very hard to do their very best!!! Rich and Mike E. took these ladies fishing today and came home with five fish! Cathy Tumelson, general manager, was lucky enough to take home a 24 ½" fish, while Teri Laughlin got a real nice 33" keeper too!! Candy Dobson and Taffy Kettenburg, who chose to have their official tournament days count on a later date during the tournament, went along today "just for fun" so their fish didn't count toward their tournament run. However, they both caught two each… Rich said they were just practicing! NICE! Taffy caught two hatchery fish…a 24 ½" and a 27" while Candy, who incidentally finished 2nd in our 2008 Big Fish contest and won the '08 Salmon River Chamber of Commerce Derby overall (winning $1100.00 by the way…make sure you all get a $5 derby ticket at check in!) caught a 23" hatchery and a 31" wild fish! Way to go Candy! Those two girls will be back with a boat load of sisters on the 25th for their tournament bid!

Our very own Cathy Tumelson…finally gets to experience WWB!
Our very own Cathy Tumelson…finally gets to experience WWB!
Teri Laughlin's first time out on WWB...not bad girl!
Teri Laughlin's first time out on WWB...not bad girl!

2-20-09: Fishing slowed down today. Three boats out and everyone had to work hard to get a bite! Tony and Rusty had Lanett Palmer's girls downstream at Hammer Creek, but all they got was a suntan! Tony said the weather was beautiful…they did lots of sun worshipping and even went into Whitebird for a burger at the Silver Dollar! Now that is a guide for ya! Yes, they did get some fishing in, but they really, really just enjoyed the scenic Lower Salmon River in the Spring Sun!!

Meanwhile, Rich and Mike E. had Kresta Butts and family on board for their day out. Darcie Moore was the only one to bring home a fish…a 27 ½" keeper!! Whew…thank goodness somebody got something today!

It was a little better for Sammy and Casey, who were also at Spring Bar today. Debbie Dines and company brought six girls and Theresa Dopf was the big winner of the day with three fish…26" wild, 33 ½" hatchery and a 23" hatchery. Unfortunately, not enough to take the lead but enough to get her into third for most fish with 82 ½"!! Well done Theresa!

2-21-09: Downriver at Hammer Creek today we had Sammy, Jonny Hinton and the Roxanne Marshall group! These ladies come back year after year and really know how to have fun! Roxanne recently emailed me and said they had a fabulous and sunshiny day…even though the fish weren't cooperating, although they did catch quite a few trout (Steelhead wannabes)!! The one thing that she really wanted to say as well was that their coupon in this year's goody bag from McCall Jewelry Company was outstanding! She said, "We stopped on our way home to pick up our FREE earrings and all of us walked out with much more than that! The store features a lot of unique jewelry and much of it is made here in Idaho." Thanks Roxanne! Now all the ladies know they better make sure and check out those goody bags as they literally are filled with GOODIES!!!

Roxanne Marshall and the Playboy Bunnies!
Roxanne Marshall and the Playboy Bunnies! Bet ya'll didn't know the bunnies come every year!
Hugh Hefner is definitely NOT the bait boy!

Also downriver today was Mike W. and Casey with Tera Seabaugh, the two Karen's…Graham and Peterson, Carrie Sullivan and two of the Wallace girls (Mike's own daughter and his sweetheart Sissy!). Karen Peterson was doing well with a 25" wild fish. But Mike was sure a proud papa when his baby girl Jessica reeled in the current big fish leader….a whopper at 35 ½"!!!

Jess Wallace with the big one so far
Jess Wallace with the big one so far

Up at Spring Bar, Romine and Pim Hoogland had Kerry Holsher and crew! Kerry said the first time she ever went on WWB was with Romine and she wanted him to go out with her for his last year….we love that Romine! Jenny Sorenson caught a 27 ½" keeper while Sandy Boyington got two fish…a 21" and a 22"!!!!

Also at Spring Bar, Rich and Jeff W. took Melissa Blimka and ladies out for a day of fun! Melissa is one of our biggest supporters in our community! We've known her and her husband Mike for years and are so happy to have them as friends!!! They own the Rodeo Club Bar and Steakhouse and don't forget…the FISH DANCE is the last day of the tournament--March 7th with the River Rock Band playing for all of you!! And also remember that Sammy…one of our wonderful jet boat guides is part of this band—he wears many hats….jet boat guide, mountain lion hunter, rock star…just to name a few! Melissa and her friend, Marla Heckenlively both caught 25" wild fish…we're pretty sure they weren't the same one!

Melissa and Jeff with her beauty!
Melissa and Jeff with her beauty!

2-22-09: Down at Hammer Creek today, Tony and Pim were battling boats against Sam, celebrity guest guide Eric Pardue and guest bait boy George Wolfe! On Tony's boat, Neva McGregor got lucky with a 32" keeper while over on over on Sammy's boat, Sharon Dowen caught a 24 ½" hatchery. Both boats were tied with having way too much fun today! Is there such a thing as TOO much fun?

Meanwhile, upriver in ice-land, Mike W. and Mike E. teamed up to take out our very own J.J. Hopkins and crew!!! Gosh I just love that girl! You all know her and love her…she's the one who I beg to do all the calling and collecting of money! Bless her heart! It's a tough job but she is the bomb! JJ got herself a 24" keeper, while good friend Marcena Bjork caught a 22 ½" wild fish! But for the very first time, Mrs. Jodi Petross FINALLY caught her very first Steelhead ever….a nice fish at 24"!!!! We're so proud of you Jodi!

Jodi Petross and proof that yes, Mike Estrada actually DOES smile!!!
Jodi Petross and proof that yes, Mike Estrada actually DOES smile!!!

Finally, to our last boat of the day…Rich upriver at Spring Bar stretch with Jeff Wieber and the Judy Bauer crew! Judy is our returning champion from last year where she reports that she is still in deep love with her new ATV and would love to get another one! Watch out girls…she's a tough one to beat! Jenny Marson caught a 20" keeper!!! But it was all Judy today, who really gave the leader a run for her money by catching three fish!!! A 22" hatchery, a 29 ½" keeper and a 32" keeper!!! That gives her a total of 83 ½" to hold on for third place! Great effort Judy!

Judy Bauer and a beautiful keeper
Judy Bauer and a beautiful keeper

2-23-09: Tony and Jeff W. had Rachelle Hubler's ladies downstream at Hammer Creek today. This will probably be our last time heading to Hammer Creek unless we get blown out up above. Caprice Watson caught a 23" hatchery while Glenda Carter caught a 24" keeper and a 32 ½" wild fish! Congrats ladies! A nice way to say "see ya next year" to good old Hammer Creek…home of the biggest fish so far!

Sam and Rusty were upriver at Spring Bar with Stacey Budell and crew. Unfortunately, they just caught some fun!! Fishing is tough right now with ice still above, but with the nice, warm weather we've been having, we are hopeful that soon we'll be able to bust through up above to see if there are any fish roaming around up there. These cold temps have the fish awful sleepy.

Also at Spring Bar, Rich and Jonny Hinton had the Sisters on the Fly. Trip leader Becky Clarke landed a 22 ¼" hatchery fish for the only fish of the day. These ladies always have a good time wherever they are!

2-24-09: Back up at Spring Bar, the second day for the Sisters on the Fly with Mike Wallace and Rusty Peterson as bait boy. Arlene Tribble was our lucky girl today with two fish…a 24" hatchery and a 33" hatchery as well! Nice job ladies…these ladies don't ever give up when it comes to fishing! Their oldest member, Ms. Mazie Morrison, will be 90 years young this May! Now that's a fisher-woman for sure! Happy early birthday Mazie!

Sam Whitten and Mike Estrada had "the wedding party" on board today! These girls traveled all the way from eastern and central Washington to fish with us today and one of them is getting married soon!! So their strategy is to win whatever they can so it can go to her "dowry"!! They sure did give it a good try with 9 fish for the day! That definitely makes it look good for the fishing…finally! Kathy Powell caught a 22" hatchery, while Angela Mayberry caught a 23" keeper. Theresa McKibben caught two fish…a 25" hatchery and a 31 ½" hatchery!! Nancy Saffle also caught two fish…a 24" wild fish and a 33" wild fish! But Shelly Able was the one who was here to win….she caught three fish today! A 21 ½", a 23", and a 34"—all hatchery fish! Not enough to place in the top three but definitely a very nice effort!

2-25-09: Two jetboats and one drift boat out today. Unfortunately the water is definitely coming up and the fish seem to be restless, but not interested quite yet. The good news is…I think by tomorrow…we'll be able to get above Vinegar which will spread out the pressure!

Sponsor Wendy Hafer and crew went out today with Sam and Jeff. These girls are professionals…fisher-women that is! They come up in the off—WWB—season that is and they definitely have "the knack". They worked very hard today and not one fish! They did have three on…bonified hooked and on their way to the boat, according to Sam, but no landings! They are out again tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, Mike Wallace and Mike Estrada took Candy Dobson and the "Sister Ship" trip today! This is a boat load of all sisters from around the country!! Candy won our 2nd place big fish prize last year! Her sister was the only one to catch a fish this year…a 23 ½" keeper! We sure did enjoy these ladies coming to visit Salmon River Country!!!! Hope to see you all again next year!

Susan Birge with her first Steelhead!
Susan Birge with her first Steelhead!
The Sister-Ship havin' fun on the Salmon River!
The Sister-Ship havin' fun on the Salmon River!

Rusty had a couple of ladies visiting from Washington State University in his drift boat today! Anne McCoy and Toni Ursich usually come every year and enjoy a power boat, but this year they decided to take a trip with their favorite rafting guide…who just happens to be a great drift boat guide! They unfortunately were faced with the same fate as the jet boats, but still had lots of fun anyway!!!

2-26-09... River Update! First of all, Mike Wallace and my husband Rich decided to "go for it" after talking with their ladies…they are going to attempt to go above Vinegar today. The thing is, no one knows the ice situation until they get there. The river has risen 1,000 cfs in about 24 hours so we're hopeful it's taken a lot of ice out. Other fellow outfitters will be up there busting ice today, so we should be through soon. Last word from Lynn at Shepp Ranch is that Mike Demerse and Chuck Gardner were on opposite ends of the (hopefully) last ice bridge…and the toughest…obviously it's name fits…Bull Creek! She said from the talk on the radio, it sounded like they were about 10 feet from each other so we just might have an open river by this evening!!! It's clear now above Shepp Ranch all the way to Mackay Bar….of course, the part we need open is the hardest! Murphy's Law, right??? Now, I don't want anyone to think that there will ONLY be fish above Vinegar and not below it. Not at all! We just want the fishing pressure to be spread out….there are lots more folks out there besides us who want to fish and Spring Bar was getting pretty worked over. Now that won't be such a problem!!! There should be lots of room for us all!!! Talk to you all soon!

2-26-09: We finally got above Vinegar today! High hopes were in everyone's heart as we finally broke through the ice barrier into "virgin waters" for this year. However, it wasn't what we thought as the fish were just teasing us. Rich and Mike Estrada took Wendy Hafer's group for their second day. A couple of their ladies had already used their tournament day yesterday, so today was just for fun for those few while the tournament was on for the rest of their group. They did have some fun and did manage to catch a few fish. Rich said it was three fish right off the bat, but then nothing for the rest of the day. Discouraging but we're still at it! Sam Logan caught two hatchery fish today…a 24" and a 27"!! Amy Cardenas caught a real nice 33" keeper!

Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber took a mixed group of ladies today also above Vinegar. Tina Beltman caught their only fish today with a 29" wild fish! We want to thank Richelle Barger and Karma Fitzgerald for fishing on this boat today! Both of these ladies are roving reporters and always have something nice to say about WWB!! Thanks ladies for writing some amazing words about the Salmon River and its famous fish!

2-27-09: Four jet boats out today and not a fish caught. I don't even know what to say. Our guides are all in a really bad mood (I live with one of them…believe me, this really sucks!) because they all take this personally—they really truly care about all of you catching a fish! We aren't sure what to attribute this to other than the temps have been pretty radical and the fish seem to be not quite awake yet. We've had lots of folks in the different sections with all kinds of "fish finders" and they all report the same thing…the fish are just laying in there stacked up…they just don't seem to be too interested yet. We are of course, very hopeful that things will improve soon. We've said before, there is never any rhyme or reason to catching these finicky Salmon River Steelhead!

Nancy Petross and Crew…just happy to be here!
Nancy Petross and Crew…just happy to be here!

2-28-09: Sam, Rich and Romine all took their ladies above Vinegar today. Mike Wallace took his jet boat to Spring Bar, while Norm Klobetanz and Mike Hicks took their drift boats to the same area as well. The waters are a little off color from some mud coming down from ice-out above them around the Corn Creek area, according to local reports. Just talked to Romine and he said on his trip, he went up to Mackay Bar and it looked like it was starting to clear up some so it should be looking better by tomorrow.

Sammy and Jeff Wieber had some local ladies on board today with Nicola Johnson visiting from the Orofino area! She's still a local to us though! Thanks for coming up for "the party", as she called it! On their boat today, Malia Steiner caught a 22" hatchery while Rexanne Zimmerman of the Riggins Tackle Shop caught a 25 ½" keeper! Thanks so much ladies!

Over on Romine and Pim's boat, Nicole Shanley and company came back again to fish in the contest! Nicole told me she's been doing this for about 7 years or so! Thanks Nicole! That's awesome! And Riggins thanks you for always coming up to visit! Her friend Jan Julian caught a 24" keeper!!

Rich and Mike Estrada had a fun group of ladies!! One of the ladies on board has a husband who was upriver fishing today with Shepp Ranch. Apparently they were lucky enough to run into each other up there on the river. See girls…the boys just can't stand it when we're away from them! Well, a good time was all they had as no fish were caught today. Unfortunately, Mike W., Mike H. and Norm K. all had the same luck. High hopes for tomorrow!

3-1-09: Upriver today above Vinegar Creek, things look like they might be picking up some! Mike Wallace and Pim Hoogland had boat #1 of the Paula Brown group. Paula herself was not being shy about catching some fish today…she was the only one who did and she didn't mess around! She caught three fish, totaling 80 inches! All hatchery fish at 24", 25" and a nice 31"!! Not enough to place but certainly a darn good effort! Way to go Paula!

Over on Rich and Mike Estrada's boat, we had Paula's sister ship, headed up by Theo Lowe! They caught three fish for the day with Jean Humphries catching a 26" wild fish. Theo caught two fish…a 24" keeper and a 33 ½" native!! Keep ‘em comin' ladies!

Meanwhile, Sammy Joe and bait boy Jeff had Nadine Burak and crew! After being harassed by the "use fee police" (which we weren't even sure existed), they decided to go and catch some fish! Lisa Greer and Kandis Ward got lucky with two fish a piece! Lisa caught a 23" wild fish and a 30" keeper! Kandis caught a 21 ½" and a 24" keeper!

Ladies: don't forget there is a $4/person use fee IF you fish above the end of the road at Vinegar Creek! Please make sure you put your money in that drop box so you don't get a fine! Call us at the office if you have questions, but remember, this is your obligation to pay. We do not take care of these fees for you—we are only obligated to remind you!! Thanks!

3-2-09: A much better day today on the river, as far as "catching" goes! We'll start with Sam and Jeff's crew…the Chris Coy gang! EVERYBODY on this boat caught a fish…is that awesome or what?! That makes the perfect day, if you ask me! Chris herself caught a 23" wild fish, while Carla Hare caught a 27" keeper!! Patty Winder caught a 25" keeper and a 33" keeper! Anita Jesser also caught two fish…a 23" hatchery and a 26" hatchery! Denise Martin caught two fish as well, but Sam said she had 5 MORE ON!! Unfortunately they were so big, they out swam the guides and the angler! Denise ended up with a 22" keeper and a 23" keeper! They are definitely in the water just waiting for us!! Way to put up a fight Denise!

The big news today is over on Mike Wallace and Mike Estrada's boat! This was a mixed group of ladies that ended up mixing very well! I do believe these girls will probably go again together as they've all said they really enjoyed each other's company! That is great! First of all, Karen Sanders caught a 22" keeper, while Cammy Benedict and Becki Petterson both caught a 26" fish…one a hatchery and the other a native! Ms. Betty Wilsey, a first timer to WWB, had a spectacular day with two fish…a 25" hatchery and a 34" wild!!! Way to go Betty! But finally, the biggest news of all today is about Cathy Jerrums! She is now our new MOST FISH leader. She caught four fish, for a total of 96 ½ inches! Her fish are: a 23" keeper, a 23 ½" keeper, a 24" wild and a 26" keeper! YAHOO! Way to go Cathy!!!

Betty Wilsey and guide Mike Estrada with Betty's 2nd fish for the day…and first time on WWB ever!
Betty Wilsey and guide Mike Estrada with Betty's 2nd fish for the day...and first time on WWB ever!

3-3-09: Hey girls!! I finally got to go on WWB today…been waitin' all year long! I have to say, it was definitely one I'll remember for a long time! First of all, anytime I can spend some time with my hubby on the river and NOT answering the phone is an excellent day! I love all of our customers and talking to them daily, but it's really nice to go and visit his office sometimes!

Can you find the fish in this picture? Mother Nature is pretty darn cool sometimes!
Can you find the fish in this picture? Mother Nature is pretty darn cool sometimes!

I've been going on Women with Bait since I think about 1999. Before we bought this company, I would go with some friends I worked with from Albertson's Corporate office. My friend Dawn Coolbaugh found out where I was from (Riggins IS my hometown) and she had just caught her first Salmon River Steelhead—she was hooked! She talked me into going on this trip. I told her I figured I would do it…as long as Romine was our guide (Rich wasn't working for Sam at the time). Romine is my father-in-law and he had helped me catch my own very first Steelhead years before up at Basin Creek. I'll never forget it…he told me "you are going to cast it there (pointed upriver at the beginning of the drift) and then you are going to catch it there (pointing to about the middle of the drift). And that is what I did, first cast! I was hooked for sure. That was probably one of the reasons Rich married me…because that's one of the few things I will actually get out of bed extra early for. I've never been late to fish!

It was weird for me at first, because my husband was already a guide and we already had our own jet boat. I thought, "why would I want to spend money on something like that when I already have a guide and a boat?" What I didn't know was how important it was to get away from my daily routine with my girlfriends. It was also important that I actually did something for myself! Sure I could talk to my girlfriends on the phone or have coffee or whatever. But WWB was different. It was all a new experience every year and I was leaving "it" all behind. I truly just let go of all the regular worries of daily wifehood, worker-bee-life, and the rut we all seem to get into when we don't get enough recreating! I realized that this experience was mine. Nobody wants anything from me today except for me to catch a fish. And if I don't catch a fish, I at least had a ball trying!

To this day, I'm still simply awestruck by the beauty of our Salmon River Canyon. When we decided to move back to Riggins (which by the way, I swore I'd never do), we couldn't get back here fast enough. I am so completely grateful that we live in such an amazing place. I'm so happy to share it all with you ladies…because I feel I know your stories as I've been there myself. I'm so glad that we can give you this mini-vacation that you probably desperately needed and you didn't even realize it! We as women are so completely spectacular all by ourselves! This is a great celebration of being women and having fun in the outdoors! Thank you all for sending me all the pictures and the really nice notes and emails regarding how much fun you are all having this year! It means a lot to Rich and me as we take every single one of your experiences to heart. It means the world to us that you remember this trip you take here with fondness!

Click for enlarged Picture

Okay, enough of that story. Let's get right down to business! We had a blast today! The morning was a little slow with a light drizzle for the most of it. Around noon, the sun decided to peak out and say hello! Then as soon as we pulled out our amazing buffet we had planned, the fish seemed to get a little hungry too! I didn't break any records today, but I was so happy to catch a Bull Trout! My friend Kim Olsen caught one too and she was just as happy as I was! My other friend, Wendy Hook, caught herself a real nice 24 ½" keeper—just perfect for taking home to the smoker! But the best I have to save for last! My dear friend Tracie Pottenger…who joined me on that first Women with Bait so many years ago, hadn't caught a fish since that first year. Well, this year, she definitely turned that record around! She started out by catching a cutthroat trout that was a nice size, but obviously NOT big enough. Then she caught a 24 ½" keeper as well. Finally, she caught a very big fish. At first, she thought she was snagged on something but Rich knew right away it was a big fish. It took her honestly about 15-20 minutes to land that thing—a 32" wild fish! We were all so happy for her! And then, and I can say this happened because I witnessed it, she had just cast out again and the line hadn't even hit the bottom before she had her third fish on! She landed that big boy too…a 34" native!! Now we knew this was a big deal as she at least had 3rd place! I've never been on a boat with a girl who was actually in contention to win it! That was so exciting! I couldn't have wanted anything more than for her to catch that fourth fish…and fifth! She had another one on before we quit, but he kicked off before she get a good hook! Now I know what some of you must experience when your friends are catching multiple fish…that is the best ever! Tracie never did get that fourth fish, but she does officially have 3rd place with a total of 90 ½"…only a ½" behind the 2nd place leader, Teri Jacobsen. Tracie told me today that she's just so excited that she actually caught some fish!!!

Wendy Hook 'hooked' this one!
Wendy Hook
'hooked' this one!
Kim Olsen enjoying the ride!
Kim Olsen
enjoying the ride!
Tracie, Rich and fish #3!
Tracie, Rich and fish #3!

3-4-09: With some warmer, wet weather, the river went up again today. The runoff is beginning. Today, my super awesome mother-in-law Carolyn Friend went out with her girls, along with her husband, Romine!! They said the day was wonderful with many fish on, but only one being caught! Vicki Stimpson caught a 27" keeper today! Vicki is an extraordinary woman who has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for about 30+ years! She can only get around with the assistance of a mobile chair these days and special crutches to get her up and down. She's such a trooper and does not miss a fishing day EVER! You are an inspiration to us all Vicki! Keep at it!! What a beautiful lady!

Vicki Stimpson with guide Romine and her catch of the day! Nothing is going to keep this fisher-gal down!
Vicki Stimpson with guide Romine and her catch of the day! Nothing is going to keep this fisher-gal down!

3-5-09: Two boats out today…both above Vinegar Creek. First off, we have Mike Wallace, Jeff Wieber and the Cindi Baker crew! They had a pretty decent day with three fish altogether, one of them being a monster 24" Bull Trout caught by Cindi herself! I bet that was a blast to pull that bad boy in! We are reminded that Bull Trout are currently on the endangered species list. However, I can honestly say that we probably average at least 1 bull trout being caught a day on the Salmon River in our company. I'm going to guess they are doing better than everyone might think! We still have to throw them back but they ARE fun to catch! Denise Matthiesen caught a 26" hatchery Steelhead while Karen Smith caught a big 31" keeper!

Rich and Mike Estrada had a good day with 6 fish in the boat (plus another Bull Trout…now that I'm reporting about them, I might as well include them—maybe next year we'll see about a prize for the biggest bull trout!) and a lead change!! Susan Pheifer caught a 23" hatchery while trip leader Debbie Livesay caught a 25 ½" native! ZoeAnn Greenfield caught the Bull Trout and a nice, fat 32 ½" wild fish! Alita Svaty caught two fish…a 23 ½" wild fish and a 31" keeper! But the big news here is that Patricia Papiez is now the big fish leader with a whopper of a Steelhead! She caught a 37" wild fish! Rich took the camera this morning before I could download the picture, so I'll have it tomorrow—but what a pretty fish!!! Way to go Patricia!

Sorry for the delay folks…had an operation right after the tournament was over so I've been slow to get back to work. Everything is fine, so thanks for your patience. Here is the final chapter of this year's tournament and thanks to all who participated!

3-6-09: Fishing slowed down again today. Four boats out with only two bringing anything home. Rich and Mike Estrada, and Mike Wallace and Pim Hoogland had the Cheryl Gray group upriver with two boats—good times, but no fish to bring home.

Sammy and Jonny Hinton, along with guest bait boy Cody Wilson, were also upriver with the Sportsman's Warehouse girls!! They did better with three fish boated for the day. Cindy Pratt was able to reel in a 22 ½" hatchery while Shannon Currier caught two fish today—a 25" keeper and a 32" wild fish! The SW girls never let us down in fishing and with their generosity! Remember to thank Sportsman's Warehouse the next time you visit their store in Meridian! Clayton and the crew really know how to help us out up here so we can always put on a great tournament! Thanks so much everyone at Sportsman's Warehouse!!!!

Tony B. and Rusty P. were at Spring Bar and were able to bring home one fish for Michelle Wells…a 24 ½" keeper!!

3-7-09: Final Day of the Tournament! We had five jet boats and 2 drift boats out today…holy smokes! It was definitely a memorable day! We'll start with our drift boats…Jeff Wieber and Mike Hicks both took ladies out today with no luck. They fished hard though and had fun!

Mike Wallace and Casey Green had one boat of Lacie Swope's group, while Tony Bradbury and Jonny Hinton had the other boat—all at Spring Bar. Mike and Casey weren't able to get any fish but Tony's boat got one fish on his boat for Amy Nutsch with a 25" wild fish!

Up at Vinegar Creek stretch, we had Romine and Pim Hoogland with his last Women with Bait trip ever. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. I just can't believe he's going to retire. It's not even fair! He had a really nice day with Mimi Beutter and crew. Mimi has been going with Romine since the beginning and thought it would only be right to end his WWB run with them! Marie Mortensen caught a 27" wild fish! No skunking for you Papa!

Sam and Mike Estrada took home town girl Amy Wilson and company upriver today!! Amy herself caught a 25" keeper, while her friend Angela Robinson also caught a 25" keeper! The big one for the day on this boat was caught by Danielle Keister with a 31” wild fish!! Way to go girls! Lots of local girls who grew up in the Riggins area were on board today with Amy—it was great to see them all come home and enjoy the river!!

Finally, Rich and guest bait boy Mark Hollon took Michelle Hollon and ladies upriver for their chance at fish! Rich decided right off the bat to get as far upriver as he could to get out of all the traffic. They only fished two holes all day long and did pretty decent. He said "it was just one of those days where I just knew something good was going to happen”. Daini Carlson caught a 24 ½” hatchery, while Jeanette Klobetanz caught two fish—a 23” hatchery and a 24” hatchery! Michelle Hollon came home with the third biggest fish of the tournament with a 35” keeper!

Michelle Hollon and her favorite bait boy…her husband Mark with her nice 3rd prize fish
Michelle Hollon and her favorite bait boy...her husband Mark with her nice 3rd prize fish—a 35" hatchery Steelhead!

The best part of this day was all about Mrs. Shari Medley! Shari is a native of Alaska, but moved down to the Riggins area years ago—she wouldn't want me to tell you how many as it would age her, I'm sure! Anyway, she's been around fishing (catches a lot of Salmon in her backyard—literally, the Little Salmon, so she really knows how to hook a fish!), but this was her very first WWB! So she goes out today with the girls and does pretty well for the day. She catches three fish the first half of the day….a 23” keeper, a 24” wild and a 31” wild fish. Not enough to place right now, but if she could only catch that fourth fish, she might be in the running for something! For the last three hours of the tournament, no fish. So, it's the last part of the trip, the last part of the day, the last drift. Rich said, "Shari…you better pull a rabbit out of somewhere because this is the last drift of the day!” So, all the girls throw em' in and Shari waits to pull her line out. She says "well, shoot. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.” Michelle Hollon says, "hey, you still haven't pulled that line in so you're still in it.” So with one last jerk on the line…thinking that she was going to reel it in for good….THERE WAS A FISH ON THE END OF THE LINE!!” The entire boat was silent while she reeled this fish in….it seemed like forever. Not until the fish (a 25” keeper) was safely in the net, did the boat erupt with cheers and shouting! What an amazing day and what a perfect ending! Shari is the big tournament first place winner with a total of 103” inches!!!! It just goes to show you... anything can happen even at the very last minute (4:57 p.m. to be exact!)!!!!

Here are the final results of the 2009 Women with Bait Steelhead Tournament!

1ST PLACE: Shari Medley 103”
2009 Pretty Blue Yamaha ATV from Hinson Power Sports

2ND PLACE: Cathy Jerrums 96 ½”
Overnight Rendezvous for Cathy and 20 of her closest pals at the Lodge at Riggins Hot Springs (with catering of course)

3rd PLACE: Teri Jacobsen 91"
Jet Boat Sturgeon Fishing Trip on the Snake River in Hells Canyon with River Adventures!!

1ST PLACE: Patricia Papiez 37" wild
Fish Mount by Animal Taxidermy

2nd PLACE: Jess Wallace 35 ½" hatchery
Camping Weekend with ATV's by Idaho ATV Rentals

3rd PLACE: Michelle Hollon 35” hatchery
Strand of Pearls by Steve Rambo Jewelry

Other prizes: Random prize bags were given to ladies who attended the fish dance! Prizes were given to:
Jodi Petross, Becky Benson, Gina Stewart, Elaine Banbury, and Cindi Baker—thanks for showing up to dance with us ladies!!!

Smallest fish: Linda Walker and Jenny Marson—they'll receive a rod and reel for their lil' 20inchers!!!

A special presentation was made to Jim "Romine” Scott for all his 30+ years of service in the guiding industry and his commitment to River Adventures! He received a watch from Steve Rambo Jewelry!! Thanks Romine for everything!

THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS & SUPPORTERS: Sportsman's Warehouse-Meridian, Hinson Power Sports-McCall, Tony Bradbury & the Lodge at Riggins Hot Springs, Shelley Rambo & Steve Rambo Fine Jewelry, Animal Kingdom Taxidermy-Cascade, Salmon Rapids Lodge-Riggins, River Rock Café-Riggins, Salmon River Motel-Riggins, Little Salmon House & Pim & Pam Hoogland-Riggins, Unique Antler Designs & Douglass Creek Sculptures-Riggins, Rodeo Club Bar & Steakhouse-Riggins, Glenna McClure & Seven Devils Steakhouse & Saloon-Riggins, McCall Jewelry Company, Idaho ATV Rentals-Boise, Eva Marosvari & Scentsy-Boise, Lonnie Simpson & Debco Construction-Orofino, Mountain Reflections-Riggins, Bert & Kate's Cattleman's Restaurant-Riggins, and to Granny Carolyn & Papa Romine for keeping watch over our little Fischer!

2009 Overall Women with Bait Winner Shari Medley on her brand new shiny blue ride!
2009 Overall Women with Bait Winner Shari Medley on her brand new shiny blue ride! Way to go Shari!!!!

SEE YA'LL NEXT YEAR! :) By the way, if you are going to go next year, now would be a really good time to book for 2010!!! It'll be our 15th Anniversary!

2008 Women With Bait

13th Annual Women’s Steelhead Tournament

February 1st through March 8th, 2008
Cost: $175.00 per contestant
Grand Prize (most fish/inches):
2008 Bombardier CanAm Outlander 4-wheeler ATV,
Sponsored by:

Hinson Power Sports
Largest Fish:
Fish Mount sponsored by:
Animal Kingdom Taxidermy

Big Fish!
2nd place (most fish/inches):
1-night stay for up to 20 at the Lodge at
Riggins Hot Springs, sponsored by: 

The Lodge
2nd Largest Fish:
$300 Gift Certificate from:

Riggins One Stop

 Women With Bait 08

3rd place (most fish/inches):
Hell’s Canyon “Sturgeon Excursion” sponsored by:

River Adventures, Inc

River Adventures
3rd Largest Fish:
A BEAUTIFUL strand of Pearls from:

Steve Rambo LogoSteve Rambo Jewelry
Everyone Wins!

We would like to thank ALL of our sponsors who we absolutely could not do any of this without:

Sportsman's Warehouse

Angela, Clayton & the CREW: for the annual Women with Bait T-shirts, hats, gift certificates and tons of really great prizes in every bag!

 Hinson Power Sports

Shane, Jim and crew for the AWESOME machines you provide us…and don’t forget the “sleds”, the service and most of all—your friendship!!


Greg & Co: for Shirts, hats, and TONS of yummy drinks and way cool Coca-Cola “stuff”! Thanks for joining our family! 

Okuma high performance 

Jeff: for Rods, reels and lots of other cool fishin’ stuff!

River Rock Cafe 

Kim, Janeen & Crew: for all the “stuff” to stuff into the goody bags and boat prizes!!! 

Best Western 

Kristen, Cathy & crew: for letting us invade your beautiful facility for a month and make this a wonderful success! 

Summerville’s Café & American Bar
Glenna & Crew: for the goody bag coupons, the “FISH DANCE”, and all the support!!
Riggins One Stop!
Kim, Eddie & gang: for all your support since the beginning!

Also, much thanks to: Shane and Jim Hinson at Hinson Power Sports; Greg Blank at Coca-Cola Bottling in Lewiston; Tony Bradbury and family; Craig at Animal Kingdom Taxidermy; Angela Mikesell (local girl!) and Clayton Upshaw (Wishes he was a local) from Sportsman’s Warehouse; Patty Gordon with McCall Ladies Golf; The Hackler Family at Pinehurst Trading Post; Kim and Janeen at the River Rock Café; Kim, Eddie and crew at the Riggins One Stop; Cathy at Canyon Lites Candle Company; Glenna at Summerville’s; Michelle at the Rodeo Club Bar & Steakhouse; Casey at the Pautzke Bait Company; Richelle at the Current Newspaper; Tonya at Mountain Reflections; Shelley and Steve Rambo at Steve Rambo Fine Jewelry; and Jeanette at Salmon River Photography/Suncloud Productions/Idaho Arts & Gifts and my dearest J.J. for helping us with EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY!; and Hurricane Bob—just because! And our hats are always off to the entire community of Riggins, for showing these ladies what hospitality is all about!

Last but not least…our most important message is:

Give to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation! Remember—1 in 8 women WILL get breast cancer! 

Komen for the Cure 

Daily Fishing Results for 2008 Women With Bait Derby

Ship's Ahoy with Chris Coy and Crew!2/1/08: The tournament has finally started!!! Luckily, no snow today but a little windy down at Hammer Creek to start! Chris Coy and her pirate crew came out in style with some serious buccaneer attire...their guide Romine and bait boy Mike joined in on the fun too!! All the girls fished hard with Chris herself catching two! One was a 23” hatchery and a nice 34” native…so that’s the one to beat so far ladies!! J.J. and I met one of tomorrow’s groups as they were pulling into Salmon Rapids Lodge this afternoon. They were looking hungry for fish, so we’re looking forward to a great report tomorrow! Rich said he was going up to Spring Bar while Sam and Tony head back down to Hammer. Sam is searching to repeat Wendy Hafer’s big win last year over the first weekend. Wendy said just last week she sure does love her new 4-wheeler! Thanks Hinson Power Sports! Until tomorrow…

2/2/08: Yahoo, it’s Saturday and we had three boats out today. Tony and Sam headed for Hammer and Rich tried out Spring Bar. There was a little ice to contend with at Spring Bar, but nothing too crazy. The girls still managed to have a “raging good time”, I believe the quote for the day was! Angela Aeschbacher managed to pull in a 25 ½” keeper before the day was done. They had about 5-6 different hookups but none were successful in landing them. Rich and Jeff said it wasn’t because they didn’t give it their best try! The fish are definitely up there…they are just waiting for the girls to come and get ‘em!

Meanwhile, down at Hammer, Tony was kind of in the same situation as Rich…the fish were there but the girls were having some hard luck trying to get them in the net. They ended up landing nothing for the day, but again, they sure gave it their best try! Kim made sure they had the first round of toddies on River Adventures… we didn’t want them to go home completely empty-handed! Don’t give up girls…that’s why they call it “fishing” and not “catching”!

Now Sam on the other hand, had the Roxann Marshall crew with him and they have done themselves proud with 8 fish for the day…with 12 total hookups! Roxann herself brought in two fish: a 23 ¼” and a 26” keeper; her daughter Jenny Buckner brought home a nice 30” hatchery while Liz Rehn landed two—a 23” and a 24” hatchery. Marie Endecott also brought two keepers home with a 24” and a 31 ¼”. Lauren Bruett added another keeper at 25”. Roxann just called and said if the wind hadn’t come up, they were sure they would have been successful at landing some more! Great job ladies!

Roxanne Marshall and her Amigas!

2/3/08: Sunday brought us two boats…both of combined groups of girls. Rich again went up to Spring Bar with Jill Marolf’s group and Tamara Magnuson’s group. Susan McCoy brought in a 25” keeper with several hookups throughout the day, including a HUGE wild fish that Tamara Magnuson unfortunately lost before Mike could get it in the net! Those darn fish know how to do that special roll to get out of that hook sometimes!!

Sammy Joe has the new fish leader on his boat today! Diane Ford’s group, along with Terri Jacobsen, had some really great fishing down at Hammer! Terri took home a very nice 31 ½” keeper!! Great job Terri! Terri’s been a very loyal customer of RA and we sure are happy to see her again in the tourney! Andrea Creek also brought home a couple of keepers—24 ¾” and 31” even. But the big news is with Miss Paula Prescott, who is our new TOURNEY LEADER!! She has 5 fish ladies: 24 ¾” H, 23 ½” H, 27 ½” W, 24 ½” H, and 22” H for a total of 122 ¼”!! Congrats Paula and cross your fingers as this thing has just begun!!!!

Current tournament leader Paula Prescott with fish #5!

2/5/08: We had only one boat out today with Sam guiding and Rich taking the bait boy spot. They headed down to Hammer Creek in hopes to repeat Sunday’s great fishing. They caught 3 for the day with several hookups, including a monster that Rich said would have easily taken the lead in the big fish race. Unfortunately, Rhiannon Cooley just couldn’t keep that fish interested in that hook for long as he rolled right out of it! She did end up landing one for the day—a 23” native. Sierra Swain also took home two fish for the day and both were keepers; a 24” and a 27”. The girls had a great day with a little snow and a little breeze…they said FOR SURE, they’ll be back to try again next year! Great job ladies and thanks for giving it a shot!

2/6/08: Two boats out today, both going to Hammer. First off, we had Tony and Jeff taking some “rookies” to the land down under. It definitely paid off as Sierra Miller brought home a 24” hatchery and Alexa Vannoy topped it with a 26” Hatchery! Kim and J.J. want to send a shout out to these girls…Karla Hatfield and the crew! This was the first time for these girls and we know they’ll be back next year! They had a super time and we were able to spend some time with them after the fishing to help them “whoop it up”! What a great bunch of girls (GO VANDALS!) and we look forward to them coming back again—they are already making their plans for next year!

Also down at Hammer was Rich and birthday boy Mike! Today was his 33rd birthday; however, he was trying to be shy about it! Don’t worry…we didn’t let it go by without making a big deal about it! Their boat was our own Best Western Salmon Rapids Lodge girls!! What a fabulous day they had! Not too much action but when they did hit it, they hit it big! LeeAnn Medeiro caught a very nice 29” hatchery fish for her first time out. But the big news is with Candi Dobson!!!! She’s our new BIG FISH LEADER with a beautiful 36” hatchery whopper!!! Candi is also leading our local Chamber of Commerce steelhead derby! When you ladies get here, make sure to ask us how you can also be a part of our local derby too!! We want to again thank Cathy and the SRL crew for allowing us to have our sign ups at the lodge and also for simply taking care of all of us!!!! We appreciate the wonderful facility! We have a big weekend ahead and we look forward to seeing you all!!!!

2/7/08: We had one jet boat and one drift boat out today! First off, Mike Hicks took Shantel Archuleta and two of her friends upriver between Vinegar Creek and Spring Bar on his drift boat. They had at least 5 good hookups with Shantel landing two: a 24 ½” and a 25 ½ “ hatchery each!! Mike wants everyone to know that the drift boat fishing is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!

Sammy Joe, Jeff and Hurricane Bob (Celebrity Bait Boy of the year reigning champion) took the big boat back down to Hammer Creek! A fun time was had by all with 4 fish landed for the day and 5 other hookups! Christina Chapman brought home a 24” hatchery and Macalah Kimball was the big winner on this boat with three fish—a 26 ½” native, a 25” hatchery and a very nice 33” hatchery. The fishing was hot in the morning but slowed down in the afternoon, due to wind. Temperatures are expected to be much milder in the coming days with less wind!!

2/8/08: Three boats out with a bit slower action today. Romine and Matt Parker took Ashley Hiatt’s group down river to Hammer Creek and they are pretty sure they hooked into a sturgeon! They never saw it but knew they had something HUGE on the line and both guides knew it wasn’t a “rock cod”! It stayed on for quite some time roaming around on the bottom, finally breaking off! How would you like to fight that for a few minutes!?!?! Don’t forget, the 3rd place ‘most fish’ winner gets a trip with us in Hells Canyon, sturgeon fishing for 10 guests…it’s a BLAST! If you don’t win it…just give us a call and we’ll help you plan your next sturgeon trip on the Snake River in Hells Canyon! Anyway, no fish for them for the day with a lot of wind…but they sure had fun!! Many girls had dinner at the Rodeo Club Bar & Steakhouse and they gave us the full report with pictures to prove it!!! They are calling in on Monday to rebook for next year! Good idea ladies…it’s already starting to fill up!

Upriver above Spring Bar, we had Sammy and Jeff Wieber, and Rich and Mike Estrada. Sammy’s girls had lots of fun and hooked a few but were only able to land one for the day…a 24” hatchery for Maureen Crowell! Last night at dinner at the Wayback Steakhouse (Rodeo Club), Sam told us the story and said it was a “lucky net” so our hats are off to Jeff for the great netting job! Apparently that fish almost had other plans for the day—he barely got the fish in the net before he spit the hook!! WHEW…close one! Meanwhile, Rich and Mike had Tracey Warfield and her crew on board. Rich said a real fun group with some pretty good fisher-women! Amanda Bottom took home a 25 ½” keeper, while Tracey Warfield landed a native 27”. Lisa Gray took home the big fish on the boat for the day…a 31” keeper!

Tomorrow, we are expecting much warmer temps with light rain. That’s good news to get some of the upriver ice out of there so we can start our way up past Vinegar Creek! Until tomorrow…

2/9/08: Two boats down at Hammer today and two boats up at Spring Bar. The boys down at Hammer said it’s almost sun tanning weather so they are telling those girls who are coming up in the future; don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and bikinis!! Silly boys! Anyway, back to reality! So Tony and Jeff had a nice day, but only one fish landed in the boat…a 22” hatchery for Bobbi Storey, which puts Bobbi in the lead for the smallest fish in the tournament so far! YUP! You can even get a prize for the smallest fish too!

Romine and celebrity bait boy contender Pim Hoogland took Maleta Henry’s group down to Hammer as well and they had a terrific day, but again, only one fish landing in the boat. This one was a nice 33” keeper for Maleta herself. We have decided that these girls were too busy daydreaming in the sun and enjoying the banana-belt weather that the lower Salmon gives us. We heard that Pim was a very fine waiter and kept those girls fed and hydrated all day long! They said that bait boys really are the bomb and Pim is right up there with the best of them!!!

Meanwhile, upriver, Sammy and Mike had a load of local girls who were trying their luck at finding the big steelies. Sam said they hooked at least 5 and landed three others. Kathreen Steiner reeled in a 25” keeper, while Rexann Zimmerman (NOT her tournament day) landed a 27” native. Sandi Deveny was the big winner for the day with a 32” wild fish!! A good time was had by all and they sure enjoyed being up river this year!! On the other boat, Rich and Matt Parker also had several on with 3 landed. Nancy Roberts had a 22” hatchery (which ties her for the smallest fish with Bobbi Storey), Cheryl Paoli had a 24” hatchery fish and Becky McKenney brought home a 26” keeper as well. Good groups, nice weather! The snow is starting to melt now and the green grass is finally peeking through! Nothing like being on a fishing boat on the Salmon River!!

02/10/08: Two boats up at Spring Bar again, two boats down at Hammer Creek. Sammy and Jeff had Tracie Pottenger and gang and the “Lip Rippin’ Snaggin’ Nags” on board today down at Hammer!! They had matching pink sweatshirts with hot pink feather boas to match—what a bunch of good lookin’ lady anglers they were!!! Their youngest member of their group…one of our own local girls, Miss Rachel Jaramillo caught her very first Steelhead ever with a 25” keeper!! Way to go Rachel! Mike Wallace and Matt Parker were also down river today with Sherri Potter and crew…with lots of bites but no takers! They still had a lot of fun as they threw in some sightseeing while they were down there too!! If you ladies happen to make it down river one of these days, ask your guides to show you some of the historical Native American Petroglyphs down in that area. It’s amazing to see!

Upriver, Romine, Pim Hoogland, Rich and Mike Estrada were taking the “H.O.T.R. Hookers”! They came out in big numbers…18 ladies in all! What a fun group!! On Romine’s boat, Terri Bowling landed a 24” native fish, while Becky Brotnov took home a 29” keeper. On Rich’s boat, they landed 4 fish in all. Dee Sangrey landed a 23 1/2”, Tammy Kolsky brought in a 24”, Andrea Pennick followed that up with a 25” keeper and finally Deb Bitton was the big winner for the day with a 33 1/2 “ keeper. These ladies came from all over, but many were from our neighboring fishing communities on the Clearwater River in North Central Idaho. We want to thank them for coming to our neck of the woods and really look forward to seeing them next year too!!!!

2/11/08: One boat today with 7 ladies up at Spring Bar. Several fish on but none landed. The weather was in the 50’s!!!

What we’ve been doing lately:

Massive rock slide above French Creek

Hi ladies! Sorry we’ve been off the update blog for a few days, but as you can see from the picture above, we’ve been a little busy! Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier said than done getting a USFS road cleared that is called “seasonal” (which we all know is NOT the case!) but maintained by the county. This has been an extremely long and time consuming phone campaign to get the ball rolling, so we do apologize for no updates for a few days! UGH….sigh….I’m tired! We would like to especially thank Lonnie Simpson and the Debco crew for clearing the way for us! Please make sure you stop and tell them thanks as you make your way through the construction project at the bottom of the Salmon River Road!! Anyway, the slide is gone and we should start making our way back up there by the 17th!

We will continuously try to make the county and the USFS reclassify this road as a year-round use road so that we can see better maintenance and upkeep during the winter months. One way YOU CAN HELP is by writing to the Idaho County Commissioners office and telling them that you are one of those users in the winter months! Our #1 concern for our customers is their safety! The address to write to is:
320 West Main Street, Rm 5
Grangeville, Idaho 83530

You can also email them at the following addresses:
Skip Brandt:
Randy Doman:
and Jim Rehder:

This road is the main way we get our boats upriver to open up all the ice bridges, etc., for good fishing for this tournament. If this road isn’t maintained in the winter months, then we cannot pull our boats to the end of the road safely and therefore, when the fishing gets slow downriver, we have to stay there until the conditions are better for us to pull them up. They only maintain the road between April and November. Call us at River Adventures, Inc. if you have more questions at 1-800-524-9710.

2/12/08: Today was a very special day for River Adventures and tournament sponsor, Sportsman’s Warehouse! We had the honor and privilege of taking 18 very special ladies fishing for the day! These ladies are breast cancer survivors and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate their victory over such a horrific disease! These ladies were presented with special goody bags from Sportsman’s Warehouse and the theme was definitely PINK! In attendance were also some very special people we’d like to thank: Clayton Upshaw, Angela Mikesell and Paula Sullivant-Fry from Sportsman’s Warehouse—thanks ya’ll for the awesome stuff and sharing in our passion for helping such an important cause as fighting breast cancer! We’d also like to thank Mary Guinard, the Executive Director of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (Boise affiliate) for joining us in our special day! And finally, I personally would like to thank my partner in all this—Patty Gordon of the McCall Women’s Golf Club! Without her reaching out and us putting our heads together…this thing would have never become a reality! We know this year was a trial run as it was thrown together at the last minute, but we are excited to get the word out there and hopefully see a few more sponsors come on board who can get some more ladies out there fishing for such a great cause! Now, to the results of their great day!

First off, we had both boats of ladies up at Spring Bar with the first boat of the Mike (Wallace) and Mike (Estrada) team! They had not only a heckuva day of fishing, but Mike said they put out the most beautiful and delicious spread of food ever! Renee Bradfield landed a 23” wild fish, while Patty Gordon also brought in a 26” native! Colleen Scrogham got to take home a 24” keeper, while Joan Wall was the big fish winner of the day with a nice 33” keeper! The second boat was piloted by the Rich and Jonny “Fishonee” team and they too had one heck of a great day of fishing with 4 fish for the day also! These ladies were our local “survivor” girls and they had lots of first time anglers on board! Beate Cook and Lani Adkins said this was their first time fishing EVER and Lani was able to bring home a 24 ½” keeper! Vickie Heath has lived here all her life and she caught her very first Steelhead EVER today with a 28” keeper! I know her husband Tim will be proud!! Then, Joyce Barnard got lucky with two keepers today: a 24 ½” and a 26” keeper!!

Joan Wall and her 33” big one!
Joan Wall and her 33” big one!
  A couple of our survivor sweethearts enjoying the ride up the river in their pretty pink attire!
A couple of our survivor sweethearts enjoying the ride up the river in their pretty pink attire!
Local girls Vicki and Joyce celebrating life and their fish with Jonny!”
Local girls Vicki and Joyce celebrating life and their fish with Jonny!
  Drifting at twilight on such a special day!
Drifting at twilight on such a special day!

2/14/08: Happy Valentine’s Day! Kris Van Cleave and her group of gals were in town and in force! Two boats at Spring Bar with a nice day and 6 fish for the day. On Romine’s boat we had Kim Stoddard catching the only two of the day with a 24” keeper and a 24 ½” keeper. Over on Rich’s boat, we had Molly Van Cleave landing a 24 ½” wild fish, while mother-in-law Kris took home a 25” keeper. When it comes to your mother-in-law, it might be a good idea to always let her catch the bigger fish. You did good Molly! Then Gretchen Pelsma got two for the day: a 24” keeper and a 27” native.

2/15/08: 4 boats today…two at Hammer Creek and two at Spring Bar. Tony, Jeff and the Gina Kuehl group headed downriver for their day of fun in the sun! Thanks ladies for the awesome hats!!! The ladies had a nice day with two fish for the day. Laura Urresti brought home a 24” keeper while Heather Luchte landed the whopper for the day—a keeper at 30”!

Sam and Rusty were also downriver with Paula Brown’s girls. Jean Humphries landed a 24” hatchery, while Kathy Gaskell reeled in a 26 ½” wild fish. But Bonnie McGraw had them all beat with a 32” keeper!

Meanwhile, upriver at Spring Bar, Romine and Jonny found a few fish with 3 for the day. Holly Bell took home a 23 ½” keeper while both Terri Kuntz and Roseann Dimmick each brought home a 24 1/2” keeper…we’re pretty sure the fish might have been twins!

Rich and Mike Estrada unfortunately had no luck finding fish this day…but they said their girls sure had fun anyway!

2/16/08: Another 4 boat day today. Vinegar Creek Update: The slide is cleared and Rich has been working upriver on any remaining ice bridges that might interfere with a decent day above Vinegar Creek. He is also checking out the conditions at the end of the road to make sure you ladies can make it all the way up there. Even though the road is open, we just want to make sure everyone has a safe trip up and back!

Mike Wallace and Matt Parker teamed up again with Kathy Wilder and her crew down at Hammer Creek! First of all, Mike is one of our newest guides around here, but he’s been operating a boat for about as long as he’s been alive! He just finally decided he might want to take some folks fishing once in awhile, so he joined our crew! We’ve known Mike and his family for many years and we’re happy to have him become part of the family! You will all be seeing a lot of him as Romine seems to think he’s trying to retire. I try and tell him otherwise, but you all know how it can be arguing with Romine… Anyway, Mike said this group was a total blast and he and Matt laughed a whole lot on their fishing day! That’s a good thing because they only managed to get one fish for the day: a very nice 31” hatchery belonging to Kristin Collins! I saw them later that night and the girls confirmed that Mike and Matt were a whole lotta fun and can’t wait for next year!

Sam and Rusty on the other hand, seemed to find a few down at Hammer Creek with Kelly Acree and crew. They landed 4 steelhead for the day, while hooking 6, and then topped the day off with a 16” trout and as Sam called it, “one BIG Sucker Fish!” Noreen Percifield took home a 23” keeper and Kelli Martinez barely beat her with a 23 ½” keeper. Both Tami Irle and Sherrie Aevermann tied with one 24” fish each, one wild and one hatchery.

One note about Sam…he’s got a Rock Band called “River Rock” and they are playing TONIGHT! I’ve heard them before and I think all of you ladies coming up will really enjoy them!! They will be playing tonight at Seven Devils Saloon. Then, you’ll be able to catch them play at the Rodeo Club on both February 23rd and March 1st and then again at the FISH DANCE on March 8th at Summerville’s!!! DON’T MISS IT!!! Don’t forget ladies…in each of your “goody bags” are a “buy one, get one free” drink coupon to both the Rodeo Club and Summerville’s! Don’t forget to support our local businesses who take such good care of all of us!

Okay, back to fishing. Also today at Spring Bar, Romine and Jeff Wieber had a very nice day with 5 fish! Lots of local girls on this boat and lots of fun! A “new” local to our area, Brigitte “Gitte” (pron. GEE-TA) Dupont, a native of Denmark, caught her very first Steelhead, a 23” keeper! Then, the mother and daughter team of Tonya and Paulina Ormsby (and good friends of the River Adventures family) each caught a 23” keeper…I swear they weren’t the same fish because they took them both home! And then Tonya caught another keeper at 24” while Becky Roeder also took home a 24” hatchery.

Tony and Mike Estrada had Lydia Aguirre and her lovely ladies on board today! They got three fish for the day—all caught by Carla Armentrout! 23” hatchery, 25” hatchery, and a 29” hatchery! If only they had a little more daylight, Carla might have been in the running for most fish but so far, is the 2ND PLACE MOST FISH LEADER!! Way to go Carla! Just remember me when you invite your crew to the Lodge if you win it!!!!

2/17/08: A very slow day for 3 out of the 4 boats today. Sam was downstream at Hammer Creek with Wendy Hafer and company. Thank GOD this wasn’t Wendy’s tournament day (she loves to fish so much, she always fishes two days in the tournament and chooses which day to “count” before the tournament begins). Remember, she is last year’s returning champion and she is definitely out to keep her title! She was the only one to catch a Steelhead today with a nice 32” native. Sam said they did hook a couple more and also landed 3 Sucker Fish, which did add to the fun! Tony and Romine didn’t do much better up at Spring Bar catching no fish for the day. Their ladies still had a lot of fun and one of their boats already booked for next year! We should see another wave of fish come through in all areas below Vinegar Creek as that is the tradition of how they show up!

We’ve been holding out Rich’s boat until last to report. As we’ve said in the last couple of days, we’ve been trying desperately to get upriver and Rich even took a day to go and break ice, check the road, etc., to see if we could get you ladies upriver to open up our options in this tournament! Well, he and Jonny had to break ice for about an hour or so in the morning just to get to Vinegar Creek. Finally, after getting the boat up through Carey Falls and on to Vinegar, they loaded the ladies up and away they went. They had high hopes as no one had fished up there yet this year. First drift in Long Tom…nothing. Rich was very skeptical and thought…”holy cow, there should be fish here! Where are they?” Then he and Jonny made a led adjustment to make up for the slight breeze they had and attempted another pass through. BOOM! A double hook up! That was pretty much the story for the rest of the day! BAM! BAM! BAM! All day long, those fish kept those ladies and their guides on their toes! Ya’ll better sit down for this….they boated 22 fish for the day! We got new leaders all over the place so grab a cup of coffee…I’m probably gonna be awhile!

First up, we have Jamie Wolf with two fish…a 23 ¼” hatchery and a 25” hatchery. Then we’ve got Kalisa Karnes with another two: a 24” native and a 24 ½” hatchery. Stephanie Hammer landed three for the day with a 23 ½” hatchery, a 24” hatchery and a 25” hatchery. Not bad for a day’s work! But now we’re getting into the serious fish. Miss Denise Peterson did herself proud with 4 fish—a 22 ½” hatchery, a 24” native, a 24 ¼” hatchery and a very nice 31 ½” hatchery. Up next is Kerrigan Kalange with 5 fish! Folks, this will put Kerrigan in 2nd place so far in the tournament with a total of 133 ½”, moving Paula Prescott into 3rd with her total of 122 ¼”. Kerrigan landed a 23 ¼” hatchery, a 24 ¾” hatchery, a 25 ½” hatchery, a 26” hatchery and a 34” hatchery HAWG! Unfortunately, she didn’t keep the 34” to get measured in the Riggins Derby, but that puts her tied with Chris Coy for 2nd place for biggest fish so far in the Women With Bait tournament! Now we come to our NEW TOURNAMENT LEADER with 6 FISH!!!! Miss Judy Bauer has been fishing in the Women with Bait tournament for at least 6 years and she said this obviously was the best year yet! She was on fire with 150 ½”!! She landed the following: a 23” hatchery, a 23 ½” hatchery, a 24” hatchery, two 24 ½” keepers and a 31” wild fish! Holy Macaroni!!!

I can only imagine tomorrow’s numbers as it will be Wendy Hafer’s tournament day and they’ve got some determined fisher-gals on board! And don’t count out the other three boats we have out for tomorrow either! They’ve got some serious work to do to catch up to Judy! As the oarlock turns in Riggins…..

02/18/08: We had four jet boats and 1 drift boat out today. First off, we had Norm Klobetanz in the drift boat and for those of you who don’t know Norm…he is the “bomb” when it comes to drift boat fishing! He even has an instructional video/DVD that you can purchase by going to and we can just tell you…he really knows how to catch fish! He’s one of the most sought after drift boat guides on the Salmon River! Look for the DVD called “Drift Boat Fishing for Steelhead” under the products page! Anyway, he was nice enough to take a couple of our ladies out with him by the name of Becky Evans and Susan Burgin!! They had a nice day with both ladies catching fish!

Susan caught a 24” hatchery and Becky caught two; a 24” hatchery and a 25 ½” hatchery! We’d like to give a special “welcome back” to Becky as last year, she had to stay home because she was battling breast cancer. Again, another one of our fine ladies coming out of the woodwork that they too, were a victim to this awful disease! We are so happy to have her back as she kicked its butt and she’s back fishing!! Don’t forget…1 in 8 WILL get breast cancer so make sure you become involved in upcoming Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation events in your area!

Breast Cancer Survivor Becky Evans showing off her beauty on the Salmon River

Next up, Tony and Jeff took a boat load of ladies up to Spring Bar. Fishing was a little slow for them with only one fish caught for the day. Glenda Carter caught a 23” keeper!

Sam and Rusty were also at Spring Bar today with a different outcome! 5 fish landed with 7 other hookups!! Debbie Dines took home a 24” keeper while Val Hruza landed a 27” native. Tanya Lampman was the most fish winner for this day with three fish: a 22 ½”, another 22 ½”, and a 26”—all keepers!

Now we move upriver. Romine and Jonny had the Shelley Rambo group on day 1 of a 2 day trip for them—today being their tournament day. They ended up with 9 fish, all hatchery, for the day with all ladies catching at least one! Teresa Minor caught a 24”, Kara Draper landed a 25”, Carole Clements a 28”! Then we had three ladies with two fish each! Miss Shelley Rambo herself caught two 24” keepers (by the way, a shout goes out to her and Steve for so generously donating our third prize for the biggest fish: a beautiful strand of pearls from Steve Rambo Jewelry! Thanks so much for always supporting Riggins and River Adventures, Inc.!), while Cindy Clancy got one 24” and one 25”! To finish things off, Katrina Lynch caught a 25” and a 26”! They said they had a fabulous time and have already booked for next year!!!

The final boat for the day was with Rich and Mike Estrada and Wendy Hafer’s girls! This day was their tournament day so they were out for the big prize! Their boat also caught 9 fish for the day. Norma Bates caught a 24” keeper, while Robin Hampton took home a 25” hatchery. Kristi Cox took home her first steelhead with a 25 ½” keeper! Then our returning champion from last year caught a 25” keeper and a nice 33 ½” keeper!! She was cheering on her friend Sam Logan to try and become the winner this year as Sam landed 4 fish!! IF ONLY there was a little more light in the day! She was working hard and we are proud of her efforts! She landed three keepers: a 24”, a 25”, a 27” and one wild fish—a 24 ½” native.

02/19/08: Today we had 3 jet boats out and all above Vinegar Creek. There is still some ice coming down, but the guides are getting through it and picking up fish everywhere right now!

We had a special group with us today called “Sisters on the Fly”. You can learn more about them at and find out how to join!! To quote an article written in the Bay Area Equestrian Network, “"Sisters On the Fly" is the brainchild of two real sisters, Maurrie Sussmen and Becky Clarke. They dreamed up the idea six years ago, while fly-fishing on a river in Montana. That dream now has a membership of over 117 women with trailers and over 200 women total (not all the members own trailers).” These ladies travel all over fishing, camping, horseback riding, and just doing whatever they want and going wherever the wind takes them! We’ve been so proud to have them join us every year for Women with Bait since about 2000! When they come to Riggins, they come in force and they definitely come to fish! We always plan on fishing at least two to three boats of them for at least two days!

On boat #1, we had Romine and Jonny. They ended up with 5 fish for the day…Becky Clarke and Mary Pennell both got a 25” keeper, while Ceci Bennett landed three!! She got a 24” keeper, a nice 33” native, and a 21 ¾” keeper—which puts her in the LEAD for SMALLEST FISH of the TOURNAMENT! Way to go Ceci! Meanwhile, on Rich and Mike Estrada’s boat #2, they took 6 fish home for the day! Katie Weingartner took home a 23” keeper, Fern Krumm a 23 ½” keeper, Kealy Boggess a 26” native, and Pam Bond a monster 33” hatchery! Kristin Manas landed a 25” keeper and a 26” native! We’ll see more from all of these “sisters” in tomorrow’s report!

On our last boat, we’re back again with the Shelley Rambo girls, who which by the way, Carole Clements and Shelley Rambo are also both members of “Sisters on the Fly”! 11 fish caught, 10 others hooked for the day for these lovely ladies, with two of them flopping right out of the net! Now there should be a law against that sort of thing!!!! Anyway, here are their stats for the day: Katrina Lynch had a 22” keeper, while Kara Draper had a 23” keeper. Carole Clements took home a 27” keeper, while Cindy Clancy had two 26” fish and lost one out of the net! Shelley Rambo had 4 fish: a 24”, two 25” and one 27” and she also lost one right at the boat! What a crazy and wonderful day!

02/20/08: 3 boats out today…all fishing upriver. First off, we had the “Sisters on the Fly” returning for their 2nd day of fishing, non-tournament. Mike Wallace and Matt Parker took the ladies out but boating only 1 fish…a 26” native for Colleen Lockhart. Rich and Rusty had a little bit better luck boating 5 fish for the day. Tani Gibson took home a 26” keeper, while Kristin Manas landed two fish: a 24” keeper and a 25” keeper. Kealy Boggess also caught two fish: a 24” and a 26”—both keepers!

Sisters-Take 1
Sisters-Take 1
sisters-Take 2
Sisters-Take 2
Sisters-Take 3
Sisters-Take 3

Meanwhile, Sam had a combo boat today. We had Mrs. Donna Fox, from Mountain Home Air Force Base on board today and she caught herself a 25” keeper!! She and her husband Richard have come many times in the past and are already on the calendar for next year! Thanks for coming back! Also on this boat were some gals (and they also had a gentlemen with them today…Dewayne Burnett!) from the great state of TENNESSEE!!! They caught some bigger fish today with 5 for their group. Lisa Skelley caught three fish: a 22” hatchery, a 25” hatchery and a 27” native. Michelle Skelley caught a 29” keeper while Suzanne Palmer caught a 34 ½” WHOPPER!

Suzann Palmer with a 34 1/2" keeper!
Suzann Palmer with a 34 ½” keeper!
The Tennessee girls with friend Dewayne Burnett-Go Volunteers!
The Tennessee girls with friend Dewayne Burnett-Go Volunteers!

02/21/08: Liz Mamer and company had two boats out today—both upriver! Rich and Jeff Wieber got caught in the ice and ended up boating only 2 fish. Cat Becker brought home a 24” hatchery and Karen Frank got a 21 ½” keeper, which puts her in the LEAD FOR SMALLEST FISH!

Mike Wallace and Jonny Hinton were able to get above the ice early and boy did they turn on the heat with all their ladies and their fishing skills! 12 fish for the day… starting with Melanie Higgins with a 24” hatchery and Andrea Pierce with a 31” hatchery. Stephanie Johnson had a 28” and a 32”—both keepers. Kathy Reynolds caught a 25 ½” and a 28 ½”—both hatchery keepers. Then we had two ladies with 3 fish each! Amy Johnson had a 23 ¾”, a 24 ¼”, and a 25 ½”…again, all hatchery keepers. Finally, Karen Dillon had three fish that were all in the 30+ inch range! A 31” hatchery, a 31” native, and a 35” native!! We love to see those natives getting back up the rivers…it shows that nature is taking its course when it comes to these fish “doin’ their thang”!

Captain Mike Wallacewith a "heapa fish" that his ladies caught!

02/22/08: 1 boat today at Spring Bar, 3 boats above Vinegar Creek with one not fishing at all due to ice. Mike Wallace and Jonny Hinton were at Spring Bar with LeeAnn Jasper’s group. Glad to have these girls back as they took last year off!!! Heidi Stutzman caught a 24” hatchery while Kitty Martin caught two fish—a 24” keeper and a 27 ½” keeper!

Rich and Mike Estrada had a nice day with 5 fish for their ladies. Nicole Plesner caught a 23” hatchery while Linda Jedry got a 24” keeper. Jacque Wasia caught a 26” keeper and Mary Davis caught two fish—a 24” native and a 26” native!!

Sam and Rusty had about the same luck with their ladies also, catching 5 out of 9 hookups! Karen Graham and Tera Seabaugh were able to jump on the Brandee Robbins boat at the last minute as Romine’s boat was stuck in the ice…thanks Brandee for helping your fellow fisher-gal out! Karen and Tera felt like that was a lucky move as they both caught a fish! Karen a 23” keeper and Tera a 24” keeper! One of Brandee’s girls…Tina Butcher, caught a 26” hatchery while another one of her gals caught two fish—a 24” and a 25”!! Nothing like a little teamwork on the river!

02/23/08: 4 boats out again today with one at Spring Bar (no fish for the day) and 3 upriver. Rich and Mike Estrada had Debi Ziegler’s group and what a great day they had! They only caught two fish, but when I checked in with them the next day, they said they couldn’t wait to come back! Megan Hutton caught a 23” hatchery and Katie Gray caught a 33” wild fish!!

Meanwhile, Afton Coles and her girls were over with Romine and Pim Hoogland. Afton and company were previously scheduled to go on February 2nd, but called me on the 1st saying that all roads surrounding them were closed due to the massive blizzard that was covering the entire state. So, we were lucky enough to get them on a last minute date change on the 23rd…now there is fate at work! Anyway, they had a good day catching 4 fish! Lenore Whitney caught a 22” hatchery; Angela Ragan caught a 23” hatchery; Afton Coles caught a 23 ½” hatchery; and Pam Shearer caught a 24” hatchery. So glad you could make it ladies!!!

Sam and Jonny “Fishonee” had a decent day with 7 out of 10 for the day. Kim Lively caught a 23” keeper, Marcie Jenson caught a 23 ¼” keeper, and Kenna Belloli got a 25” keeper. Two ladies caught two fish each: Nikki Peterson caught a 22 ½” keeper and a 23 ¼” keeper while Amy Nutch caught a 23 ½” keeper and a 24 ¼” keeper.

02/24/08: We had 4 jet boats and one drift boat out today. We had Mike Hicks and his drift boat, drifting from Spring Bar down to Island Bar with Mother and Daughter-in-law team of Laurie and Jennifer Correll. They boated two fish today, both caught by Laurie—a 22” hatchery and a 27” wild fish.

At Spring Bar, Tony and Jonny Hinton were on the jet boat. We’re still waiting for that next wave of fish to hit the Spring Bar area…they’re coming ladies…keep the faith! Only one fish caught today by none other than our very own Glenna McClure—a 26” keeper!! You will see her on the 8th of March at the FISH DANCE at her place…Summerville’s Café and Bar! DON’T MISS IT!!!!

Now upriver, the boys finally broke through that last ice bridge and really got into the fish! Grab a chair and relax as it’s another one of those kinds of reports!

First up was Mike Wallace and Pim Hoogland. They only had 4 ladies on board today (they paid up front for the last two spots as they really wanted that boat all to themselves to do some serious fishing!!). These ladies did alright for one of their first times out and caught 4 fish for the day! Mike said they did a great job and the ladies said they wanted to go with him again next year! Ronda Mitchell caught a 24” wild fish and Dawn Scarrow caught a 25” keeper. Kelly Moyle caught two fish: a 22” keeper and a 21” keeper, which by the way, just put her into the LEAD WITH SMALLEST FISH!

Beautiful girls Marsha, Marcena, J.J., Taylie, Sarah, Dawn, Joyce2nd was Rich and Mike Estrada. Now they had some girls that were near and dear to my heart…it was our very own JJ HOPKINS and crew!!! Now many of you have spoken to her on the phone many times here in our office!!! Ain’t she a sweetie?!?! We are so lucky to have her and I gotta tell ya….J.J. and her husband are Black and Tan Hound Breeders and Bear and Mountain Lion Hunters by trade…but I think she’s a pretty darned good fisher-gal too! EVERY GIRL ON THIS BOAT CAUGHT A FISH! How awesome is that? First off, another local gal and friend of River Adventures, Sarah Fellom (also from a Bear/Mountain Lion hunting family) caught a nice 23 ½” hatchery and local gal Marsha Mead caught a 24”! Dawn Paynter, a dear friend of the Hopkin’s family, also caught a 25 ½” keeper! Miss Taylie Hopkins…the 16 year old daughter of J.J. caught her VERY FIRST STEELHEAD EVER at a whopping 31”!! Taylie reports that she is just going to keep it in the freezer and take it out once in awhile to hold and admire!! Somebody get that fish to Animal Kingdom Taxidermy right away! Another dear and long-time friend of J.J.’s is Marcena Bjork (—we love her too as she comes and helps us on the river in the summertime!) caught two fish, both at 24” each! J.J. also did alright for a day’s work…two fish: a 23 ½” keeper and a 26” keeper. Our big winner for the day was another dear friend of the River Adventures and “Friend” family…Mrs. Joyce Pottenger! She brought home three fish today…a 24” keeper, a 26” keeper and a whopper 34” HAWG!

Joyce finally caught the big one!
Joyce finally caught the big one!

Well, you know I had to save Sam’s boat for the finale! This next boat has been coming to Women with Bait since 2006. They are a three generation family with Grandmother Delores, Mother Terri and Daughter Megan. In 2006, Megan won Women with Bait with 5 fish! These girls know how to fish and they came with a group name called “the Steel-HEAD hunters!” 24 for 30 fish for the day folks….holy cow! Let’s start off with Sue Benkert, who caught a 23” keeper! Then Destiny Huber caught two fish…a 23” and a 24”—both keepers! Lori Sprattley caught four fish, all keepers: 24”, 25”, 29” and 30”! Next up is last minute addition to their boat, Melissa Mackey, who caught 5 fish! I bet she’s glad she came on board for this trip! She landed a 23 ½”, a 24”, a 24 ½” native, a 26” native, and a 28” native! Just so you know Melissa, we looked back and that would have beat Megan back in 2006!! Now we move on to our NEW 3RD PLACE MOST FISH LEADER with 146 ¾”!! Terri Hogmire caught 6 fish today as she chased her daughter for the prize! I’ll just list them in the order they were caught: 25” native, 27” keeper, 24 ¾” keeper, 23 ½” keeper, 24” keeper, 22 ½” keeper. Terri’s daughter, Megan, was not about to let Mom win as she got 6 fish of her own today to make her our new 2ND PLACE MOST FISH LEADER! 24 ½” keeper, 24 ½” keeper, 25” native, 24 ½” keeper, 25 ½” keeper, and a 26” keeper! SHE’S ONLY BEHIND THE 1ST PLACE LEADER BY ½” !!!! Now that’s just plum crazy! I checked with Judy today and as far as I know, she’s still holding her nerves of steel together…..God Bless You Judy!

Terri with #6
Terri with #6!
Megan with #6
Megan with #6!

02/25/08: One boat out today with coverage from Spring Bar to above Vinegar Creek, landing three fish! Tony and Jeff took a combined group today with fun had by all! Sally Kau caught a 23” native, Cammy Benedict-Tharp caught a 24” native and Sherry Jacobsen…who is recovering from “Shingles” caught a 25” native—what a trooper! Way to go ladies!

02/26/08: “Oregon” Mike Curtis took his neighbor, Jamie Draper, out today in his drift boat and she was able to catch a keeper!!! Mike said she had lots of fish on throughout the day, but only one, a nice 30” hatchery, decided to stay on the hook! It sure is a nice time to get in a drift boat!!! Give us a call and we can get you in one too!!!!

02/27/08: Today, I finally got to go out on the water!! I went with the North Central Idaho Travel Association group, in which we are a general member!! Their mission statement: The purpose of the (NCITA) is strategic tourism development and promotion efforts for the 5-county region of north central Idaho (Clearwater, Idaho, Latah, Lewis and Nez Perce Counties). Many of you who visit our area realize that Tourism is our way of life here and being part of the NCITA is an important step in getting our area recognized as a vacation destination!!! To learn more about NCITA and what our North Central Idaho area has to offer, please log on to North Central Idaho Official Visitor Information Site at www.northcentralidaho.info !! Okay, now to the “details”! On board we had: guide Mike Wallace and bait boy extraordinaire Jonny “Fishonee” Hinton, President Heather Killgore--owner of Killgore Adventures, Regional Tourism Coordinator Kelly Dahlquist, board members Jeanette Klobetanz--owner of Suncloud Productions and Salmon River Photography, Amy Sinclair--owner of Exodus Wilderness Adventures and general member Brenda Baugh--owner of Mountain River Outfitters. The neat thing about this day was that we all had the outfitting and guiding connection and even though we’re competitors, we are all on the same team—TEAM SALMON RIVER!!! We had a ton of fun and even caught some fish!!! Kelly Dahlquist caught a 22 ¼” hatchery, Heather Killgore caught a 25 ¼” hatchery, Brenda Baugh caught a 26” hatchery and Amy Sinclair caught a 27 ½” keeper!!

02/28/08: Two boats out today, but only one catching fish. Wendy Chamberlain and gang went out with Tony and Rusty, but only came home with some great memories!! Thanks Wendy for making the trip! We know we’ll see you again!!

Some more great folks who have been coming to River Adventures, Inc. for years came up to fish with us today!! Brad and Margene Ford and Bruce and Glenda Connelly brought some ladies to fish in the tournament, with Brad and Bruce acting as bait boys today! In all the years that Glenda has been in the tournament, today was a treat as she finally got to go above Vinegar Creek with Sam (ICE had interfered with all the other times)!! 7 fish caught in all today with several more take downs!!! Kristina Cenell caught two fish—a 23” and a 24” hatchery…Glenda Connelly caught two fish—a 23” and a 26” hatchery…and Brad’s daughter Leah Provencio (last year’s 2nd place big fish winner) caught 3 fish—two 25” hatchery keepers and a 29” keeper!!! We sure love to see our return customers come back every year!!! See you all next year!!

02/29/08: FIVE BOATS out today!! WOWZA! We got lucky after the ice went away and the ladies came a calling for that fifth boat!!! First boat out was with Mike Wallace and Jeff Wieber! Angel Long and company had a very nice day with two fish for the day…a 24” hatchery going to Angel herself and a 29 ½” keeper going to Eileen O’Laughlin!!

Tony and Rusty had a nice mixed group today with 4 fish caught for the day! Lois Barrett caught a 22 ½” keeper, while Jennifer Ingraham landed a 24 ½” native! Then Mary Farbo took home a 25” hatchery and Stacie Page topped it for the day with a 27” keeper!!!

Romine and Matt Parker went further upriver and got a few more fish too! Sarah Murray caught a two fish…a 24” hatchery and a 25 ½” hatchery! Heather Campbell caught two fish also, with a 24 ½” and a 27 ½”—both keepers! But Leslie Robinson got the big fish for the day with a nice 34” wild fish! Nice way to finish out the day ladies!

Rich and Mike Estrada had a nice day with a group of gals who work for the Idaho Fish and Game! It’s always good for those folks to see first hand how the fishery is doing!! Luckily, this was not a work day for them and fun was had by all!! 8 fish caught with 14 hookups for the day! Jenni Garren had a 24” keeper, Sue McDonald got a 24 ½” keeper, Cat Bell a 26 ½” keeper, Michelle Kemner a 27” hatchery, Cherie Barton a 31” hatchery keeper and Paula Eakens a 32” keeper also! Terry Mattulat got two today with 24” and 27” keepers!!

Sam and Jonny Hinton saw a big pocket of fish day today with 20 fish caught for the day, not including 2 Dolly Vardens, 1 Cutthroat Trout, and a Sucker fish! Kristine Kinsey and friends came all the way from the Seattle area to join in today!! The trip was sure worth it too!! Lots of girls with several fish each! Sasha Owen had a 29” native…not so bad for her only fish for the day! Kristine Kinsey had two fish…a 22 ¾” and a 24 ½”, both keepers. Lindsay Sturn also had two with a 24 ½” and a 27” native; Samantha Alt had two fish—a 23” keeper and a 30” keeper!! Sara Sarr caught 4 fish today!! Her numbers were: 22 ½” hatchery, 23” hatchery, 23” native, 25 ¼” keeper. Melissa Summers also turned in 4 fish—22 ¼” hatchery, 25” hatchery, 31 ½” native, 32 ¼” native. Brenda Cole caught the most fish today with 5! She just plain ran out of daylight or she might have been in the running! Her fish were: 20” keeper, TWO 23” keepers, a 23 ¼” keeper, and a 25” keeper! With that 20” keeper, she is now the LEADER FOR THE SMALLEST FISH OF THE TOURNAMENT! If anyone matches that, we’ll have a tie for the rod and reel giveaway!

03/01/08: We had 5 jet boats out today and 1 drift boat!! Lots of great gals on the water! Mike Hicks took out Mariah DeLong and Alice Taylor in his drift boat. Mariah caught a 21 ¼” keeper today!!

Tony and Casey took Kerry Schmidt and crew to Spring Bar! 3 fish for the day with a 22” keeper for Angie Dick, a 24 ½” keeper for Donna Leslie, and a 26” native for Marty Kelly!!

Mike Wallace and Jesse had a mixed group of gals today with only one fish caught…Shaun Mulberry was the only gal to catch a fish today with a 26” native! Thanks Shaun…she drove all the way from Idaho Falls for that fish!!!

Meanwhile, Romine and Rusty had Gail Byers and group above Vinegar today with only 2 fish today. Jennifer O’Laughlin caught a 25” keeper and Carol Cloud caught a 27 ½” hatchery keeper as well!

Rich and Mike Estrada took my old friend, Dawn Coolbaugh, out today with three fish caught. Dawn and I go way back…working together at Corporate Albertson’s long ago and we became friends because she found out that Romine was my “Papa”-in-law! She said it was a MUST that we go on Women with Bait together. The first thing that came to my mind was, “now why on earth would I go and spend money on fishing on a jet boat when I already have a guide for a husband and a jet boat to boot?” Well, after further consideration and a lot of encouragement from my husband (Rich), I decided I better go…with of course, Romine being the guide! That’s when I realized that Women with Bait wasn’t about anything else I’d experienced before!! That was a long time ago and I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would “grow up” to take over River Adventures and send all you gals out fishing! What an adventure it’s been! Crazy how stuff works out, ha? Anyway, they only got 3 fish for the day, but Dawn told me that they had the best time they’ve had in years!!! Tracey Huey caught a 25” keeper and Amy S. caught a 30” fish!! Tracey Huey caught a 24 ½ “ keeper and Amy Turner caught a 31” wild fish!! Nancy Durham takes over the 3rd PLACE BIGGEST FISH with a 35 ½” wild fish!!! WOW!

Sam and Jeff Wieber took Lisa Stevens and ladies out today with 4 fish caught! Sheryl Putnam caught a 23” keeper, while Lisa herself caught a 25” keeper! Theresa Garvey caught two fish with a 23” hatchery and a 21” hatchery!!

03/02/08: 4 boats out today…one at Spring Bar. Tony and Rusty had the PINK FLAMINGO’S today!! These girls ALWAYS have fun wherever they are!! We sure enjoy having them too! They caught 2 fish today with Terrie Jones catching a 24” keeper, while Flora Silvers caught a 27” native!

Mike Wallace had a local girl, Debbie Ruark, and some of the Debco girls on board with her today! They only caught three fish, but they sure had some fun! (I can attest to this as I saw them on the river myself!) Debco happens to be our contractor who is working on the road from Short’s Bar to Lake Creek Bridge. They were also responsible for clearing that slide that we reported earlier in the month! We are so happy to have these girls having some fun in this tournament and sure appreciate the great job they’ve done and for helping out their fellow river folks! Carla Proctor caught a 24” hatchery while Patti Dovel caught two for the day…a 24 ½” keeper and a 25 ½” keeper!!!

Meanwhile, Sammy and Jonny Hinton and celebrity bait boy candidate Cody Wilson had Michelle Simpson (from one of our sponsors, The Rodeo Club Bar & Steakhouse) on board! By the way ladies, don’t forget to look in that goody bag! You’ll see a free drink on Michelle in there FOR YOU! Don’t forget to take advantage of that ticket!! Anyway, they had a really great time with 5 fish for the day. Local girl Shari Heath caught a nice 29 ½” wild fish while her mom Vicki Heath (another local gal who fished on the Susan G. Komen cancer survivors boat) caught two for the day and both the exact same size—23 ¾” keepers! Casey Koeppen also caught two for the day…a 25” keeper and a 25 ½” native!

Okay, I know it’s not fair, but you all know how hard I’ve been working! So today was my day to go on the water…and not in a work related way!!! Just for the record, I am not eligible for the tournament so don’t worry girls, I won’t tell you about all the many and big fish I caught! Just kidding! I did catch a 24” keeper though…I was glad too ‘cause I was kind of having a dry spell! We went out with Rich and Mike Estrada today and had a ball catching 8 fish for the day! My dear friends Corrina Roe and Jeanette Klobetanz both caught a 24” keeper, while Ronda Spickelmire caught 2 fish of that very same length…24”!! Mrs. Teresa Mignerey caught three for the day with a 24”, a 25” and a 24 ½”—all keepers!! Honorable Mention goes to Wendy Hook for catching a Sucker fish!! And a special mention goes out to my very best friend in the whole wide world, Michelle Hollon!! She is extremely competitive and it really bothers her that I caught a fish and she didn’t…so I just wanted to say “nanny nanny boo boo”! (Hey…she’d do it to me! I love ya girl!)

03/03/08: We had three boats out but only 6 fish caught for the day from the ladies. They aren’t giving up yet though! I truly believe we’ll see a big finale before it’s all said and done! Tony and Rusty had a mixed group with only 1 fish caught today. Miss Sheena Pullen catching a 25 ½” keeper for the boat!

Sam and Matt Parker did one fish more with two caught on their boat. Returning participant Debra Yaritz caught a 26” keeper and Susan McCoy caught a 23” keeper.

Finally, Rich and Mike Estrada had a great group of returning gals on their boat with Linda Lazaris and crew!

These gals only caught 3 fish, but they sure made it count! TJ Andrews caught a 23” keeper! But the big news is not that Patti Sowell caught two fish, but it’s because one of them just put her as the NEW BIG FISH LEADER!! She caught a 24” keeper and a WHOPPER 37” native!!!

Guide Rich and teh 'Chicas'!
New Biggest Fish Leader with Patricia Sowell and a very serious bait boy, Mike Estrada!

New Biggest Fish Leader

with Patricia Sowell and a
very serious bait boy, Mike Estrada!

In the above picture, you will see that Mike Estrada is extremely serious…but ladies…that’s the only picture they have as they treat these native fish with a lot of TLC and it was only out of the water for seconds. Mike is one of the best deck hands we have and he’s very serious about caring for these fish! Thanks Mike for taking such good care of the fish and the ladies!

03/04/08: No boats out today.

03/05/08: One drift boat out today with Mike Hicks, who had the father/daughter team of Kent and Deidre Goldthorpe. Really nice people and they had a very nice day! Daddy Kent caught a 27” fish while Deidre had a fish on and fought it for awhile, but unfortunately it knew the drill and spit the hook! Better luck next time!!

03/06/08: 1 boat out today with Tony and Jonny Hinton took some ladies out but only boated one fish today. Tanna Elsberry caught a 22 ½” keeper!!


We just got a call from Jim Burnworth, producer and host of the Outdoor Channel program “Western Extreme”!! They will be in town all weekend covering the last couple of days of the tournament and also the awards ceremony at Summerville’s!! So if you ladies happen to be in town over the weekend, make sure you tell them hello and let them know how much we appreciate them traveling here and covering our very special event!!!

03/07/08: 4 boats out today, with Tony and Rusty at Spring Bar. They boated two fish for the day…Debra Henninger caught a 23” keeper while Lanett Palmer caught a 24” keeper! The guys said it was while Jim and Andy were filming on board, so hopefully we’ll see them on television soon!!!

The next boat we had out was with Romine and Matt Parker!! This was Jacqui King and her group of “OR” nurses!! The next time you are being operated on in Boise at St. Lukes Hospital…take a look around as these gals may know how to fish as well as how to save your life! They caught 7 fish for the day! Cindi Baker caught a 22” keeper while Denice Lyman caught a 25” hatchery. Jacqui King caught a 27” keeper while Kallie Forsberg caught a 27” keeper AND a 24” keeper! Denice Matthiesen also caught two fish for the day with two 23” keepers!!

Our next boat out Rich and Jonny, who took our very own sponsors from Sportsman’s Warehouse!! They caught 10 fish for the day with one girl catching 4!! Hilda Gonzales caught a 27 ¾” keeper and Andrea Johnson caught two fish today: a 27” wild fish and a 30” keeper! Debbie Betzel caught three fish: two fish were 23 ¾” keepers and one was a 26” keeper!! Cindy Pratt was the big fish catcher today with 4 fish…a 24” hatchery, a 24 ½” hatchery, a 25 ½” wild fish and a 26” keeper! We want to especially thank Angela Mikesell and Clayton Upshaw from Sportsman’s Warehouse…without them, there would be no awesome shirts, cool hats, great coupons, great gift certificates, etc., etc., etc.! I also want to personally thank them for all their hard work on the Susan G. Komen project—they helped make some pretty special ladies extremely happy!!

Last boat for the day was with Sammy Joe and Mike Estrada!! They knocked ‘em dead up above Vinegar today with a total of 14 fish caught and about 20 hookups! Let me just start by telling you that Judy Bauer is a very lucky woman…. Okay, we’ll start out with Patricia Papiez, who caught two fish: a 23” keeper and a 25” wild fish! ZoeAnn Greenfield caught 3 fish: a 24” wild fish, a 25 ½” keeper and a 27” keeper!! Then Debra Tish caught 4 fish and a couple of them were hawgs! She got a 25” keeper, a 26” keeper, a 33” wild and a 33 ½” wild fish!! Then we come down to Ms. Debbie Livesay! Holy Cow!! SHE WAS SO CLOSE! She got 5 fish and had her 6th fish on….Sam said she would have easily went over 170” with the last fish on…but was simply not to be and the fish came off! The tension and excitement was so high!! She ended up with two 24” keepers, a 25” keeper, a 32” keeper and a 32” wild. I tell ya…this stuff is just about to give me a heart attack! So far, Judy, you are safe! But great job Debbie! Way to give a great effort!

Okay ladies and gentlemen…Women with Bait in 2008 is officially winding down!! I am pretty excited about the annual “FISH” Dance and awards ceremony tomorrow night at Summerville’s!! Everything should probably start around 8 p.m. and then dancing all night long to “River Rock”…Sammy Joe’s band!!! They are pretty darn good and they always make sure we’re all having a great time with some great beats! The Outdoor Channel and the program “Western Extremes” host and producer, Jim Burnworth, will be in attendance with the very adorable cameraman Andy!! They will be getting their final shots and interviews for the show!! Also in attendance will be Shane Hinson, of Hinson Power Sports. He is our AWESOME sponsor of the 1st prize most fish—the brand new ATV!!! Don’t forget to say hello to my dear friend Glenna, who makes every event absolutely amazing—especially the venue of Summerville’s, her side-kick Beetle…she’s running the bar at Summerville’s and she’ll make sure you are never thirsty! Also, make sure to give a special thanks to Kim Zohlman of the Riggins One Stop for the 2nd place biggest fish $300.00 gift certificate, Shelley Rambo of Steve Rambo Jewelers…they donated the 3rd prize of the beautiful strand of pearls (EVERY GIRL needs a good set of pearls!). Last but not least, Mr. Tony Bradbury for the 2nd place most fish prize…a stay for 20 at the Lodge at the Riggins Hot Springs! He’s not only a guide, but he’s a business-owner here too and he understands how much every person coming to Riggins means!! I’m sure I’m forgetting someone here…but we just want to thank anyone and everyone who helps us with this tournament!!

03/08/08: WHEW!!!! It’s finally over! I can’t believe the tournament is finally over! All I can think about is “Let’s DANCE!” Let’s get right to the final day and final results!!

4 jet boats and 2 drift boats out today! Norm Klobetanz and Matt Parker fished the Spring Bar area with Norm boating three fish—all hatchery keepers, for the day! Michelle Harris landed a 24” keeper, while her friend Jennifer Kienle landed a 22” and a 29 ½”!! What a beautiful day to be on a drift boat!

Also at Spring Bar, was Tony and Jonny Hinton. They did great today with 5 fish for their boat! Anne Berry took home a 21” keeper, Selina Heck a 22 ¾” keeper, and Pam Gastelecutto a 23 ½” keeper!! Sabrina McFarland got lucky with two fish—a 24 ½” keeper and a 28 ¾” keeper! Tony said he was sorry to see it all end and looks forward to next year!

Meanwhile, Sam and Jeff Wieber took some old friends of River Adventures above Vinegar Creek! Nadine Burak and her husband Steve (not present today, but comes every year in the Fall!) have been customers of River Adventures since the beginning and we just wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for sticking with Sam and us! I personally adore Nadine and think she’s one of the coolest chicks around! Anyway, they got four fish for the day today and every single one of them measured at 25”!! We’re pretty sure they didn’t keep catching the same fish, but no one is saying! Angela Barber got a 25” wild fish, and so did Teresa Hughes!!! Sue Ryder got one 25” hatchery and one 25” wild!!

Rich and Rusty got 5 fish for the day with another great group of girls!! They all donned t-shirts saying “Broads with Bait”!! These gals have been coming for years also…Colleen Phelps, Lisa Churchman, Renae Lewis, Beth Millick, Jessie Hawkins and Patty Farley said this was BY FAR…THE BEST YEAR EVER! They had a blast and have already booked for next year! Beth caught a 26” wild fish, Lisa caught a 24” wild and a 23 ½” hatchery; Jessie caught a 27” wild and a 28” hatchery!!

Romine and Casey had some lovely ladies on board today as well with a total of 5 fish!! Cheryl Gray and Shannon Shade BOTH caught a 24” each…and both wild! Connie DeMond caught a whopper at 32” native!! And Elaine Banberry caught two fish…one at 25” (native) and one at 26” (hatchery).




Judy Bauer, 6 fish, 150 ½”

Megan Jones, 6 fish, 150”

Terri Hogmire, 6 fish, 146 ¾”


Patricia Sowell—37” native

Candi Dobson—36” hatchery

Nancy Durham—35 ½” native

Brenda Cole—20” hatchery

We had some awesome prizes to give away from Sportsman’s Warehouse, Canyon Lites Candle Company, Mountain Reflections, and much, much more! We raised $1,579.00 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and congratulations to Melissa Blimka on her winning bid for a boat for next year!!!!

Thanks to the River Rock Band for providing SUPREME entertainment at the FISH DANCE!!!!!!

12th Annual Women’s Steelhead Tournament

Riggins Idaho Women With Bait Steelhead TournamentFeb. 1st thru March 3rd, 2007
Cost is $175.00 per lady
All you’ll need is your fishing license, steelhead permit, and lunch!
Soft drinks and water will be provided by Pepsi of Boise—thanks to Vance Miller @ Pepsi!!
River Adventures will furnish all the gear and a bait boy!!
At sign up, we’ll have “goody bags” full of really cool stuff!!

Don’t miss the FISH DANCE which will be held on Saturday night,
March 3rd, at Seven Devils Steakhouse & Saloon
-- where all the prizes for the tournament will be awarded!

Women's Steelhead Tournament at Riggins, Idaho Women With Bait Steelhead Tournament Women's Steelhead Tournament 2-1-07 thru 3-3-07 Riggins, Idaho Women With Bait Tournament

2007 Women with bait prizes

Grand Prize (most fish/inches):
New Honda Rancher ES 4-wheeler ATV,
Sponsored by:


Largest Fish:
Fish Mount sponsored by:
Animal Kingdom Taxidermy

2nd place (most fish/inches):
1-night stay for up to 20 at the Lodge at
Riggins Hot Springs, sponsored by:

2nd Largest Fish:
$200 Gift Certificate sponsored by:
Riggins One Stop

3rd place (most fish/inches):
Beautiful women's watch, sponsored by:

3rd Largest Fish:
Polarized Sunglasses sponsored by:
Vision Quest Medical Center

We would like to thank ALL of our sponsors who we absolutely could not do any of this without:

Angela & the CREW: for the annual Women with Bait T-shirts, hats, gift certificates and tons of really great prizes in every bag!

Vance & Co: for Shirts, hats, and TONS of yummy drinks and way cool Pepsi-stuff!

Jeff: for Rods, reels and lots of other cool fishin’ stuff!

Kristen, Cathy & crew: for letting us invade your beautiful facility for a month and make this a wonderful success!

There will also be a random drawing for an exquisite string of pearls from Rambo Jewelers for filling out our survey that you will receive in your goody bag!
And a drawing for a fuel voucher from Crump’s Chevron!!

Also, much thanks to: Cathy at Canyon Lites Candle Company; Jan at Canyon Jan’s; Glenna at Seven Devils Steakhouse & Saloon; Michelle at the Rodeo Club; Casey at the Pautzke Bait Company; Richelle at the Current Newspaper; Tonya at Mountain Reflections; our dear friend Jeanette at Salmon River Photography/Suncloud Productions/Idaho Arts & Gifts for all of her patience, amazing photographs and ideas; finally, Shelley Rambo and Carol Clements for all of their knowledge, support, and advice…and of course, for all the laughs! And our hats are always off to the entire community of Riggins, for showing these ladies what hospitality is all about!

This year, we would really like to see at least 7 ladies per boat!!
Once you officially reserve your spot, we will ask for a 50% deposit with the remainder of the balance needing to be paid on the morning of your check-in date.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Tournament fees are non-refundable unless River Adventures or you can find another lady to take your place. River Adventures will refund your fees in full after your replacement has paid in full.

Women With Bait 2007 DVD Slide Show
(2004 - 2006 also available)

UPBEAT MUSIC brought this steelhead tournament to life!

New! Your photos can be added!
Simply your JPEG images within a few days of your trip!
The final version will be available the first of March.

This exciting show reveals the tournament winners along with fun filled days on the Salmon and Snake Rivers fishing with RIVER ADVENTURES Inc. The action packed slide show reveals over 230 photos of ladies, their friends, and the elusive steelhead! This high quality DVD plays on most set top DVD players and DVD *computer drives.

Cost is $25 and includes tax & shipping (within the U.S.A.)

To place an order:
Email –
Include your mailing address & phone #

Mail a check or money order to:
SunCloud Productions
P.O. Box 211
Riggins, ID 83549

Orders will be filled upon receipt of payment.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
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No fishers

We're off and running up here in Riggins with 20 ladies fishing today! Due to the heavy ice upriver, we fished 2 boats over on the Snake in Hell's Canyon and 1 down at Hammer Creek on the lower Salmon. Gina Kuehl caught a 23 1/2" hatchery fish. Nancy Petross--24" hatchery, and Carrie Nelson--a 25" keeper over on the Snake. Meanwhile, the girls were on fire on the lower Salmon! All hatchery fish were caught by 4 ladies--with a total of 10 fish for the boat. Victoria Brooks--1 fish @ 21 1/2"; Sam Logan--2 fish @ 24" and 33"; Anne Slayton--2 fish at 25" and 32 1/2"; and finally, OUR TOURNAMENT LEADER Wendy Hafer--5 fish at 23", 26 1/2", 27 1/2", 31 1/2", and 33". What an awesome start to our busy month! We're looking forward to more ladies and a warmer weather forecast which should send us back upriver soon! We'll update more in the next few days!

30 ladies traveled to Riggins to take part in the tournament today! Jenny Buckner caught a 22 1/2" hatchery while her mom, Roxanne Marshall, caught a 26" wild fish; Marie Endecott--a 23" and a 33" hatchery; Kimberly Fournier--a 24" hatchery; Becky DeMark--a 27 1/2" hatchery. Karen Daniels caught a 27 native. Carol Andrews caught a 33 1/2" hatchery, a 22" native & 24" hatchery--this is a gal who is in her 50's and never remembers fishing!!! We all question that now! Almost all the guides and bait boys are down with "the crud"--but they are struggling through it! Don't forget ladies--TIP YOUR GUIDES!!!! They really deserve it, especially when they are dealing with the flu bug!!! And we all know how boys are when they are sick!!!

16 ladies fished today! On Romine's boat, Joyce Pottenger, a friend of ours who has fished in this tournament every year since 2000, finally caught herself a nice big keeper--31"!! Congrats Joyce! J.J. Hopkins (River Adventures employee of the month!) caught herself a 22" and a 22 1/2" keeper as well. Meanwhile, her mom-in-law Robbin Hopkins caught a very nice 33 1/2" keeper also! Way to go ladies!

Over on Tony's boat, he and Jonny had their hands full with a few competitive anglers of their own in Chris Coy's group! Denise Martin caught a 23" hatchery; while Chris Coy, Wendy Shell, and Rebecca Winter duked it out with 2 fish a piece! Chris caught 2 hatchery fish at 24 1/4" and 25"; Wendy caught 2 wilds--27" and 27 1/2"; and Rebecca had a 25" hatchery and a 33" hatchery. A fun time was had by all!!

On Sam's boat, he only had 4 ladies and NO BAIT BOY--but he still managed to land Yvette Monroe a 23" keeper and Mia Ridley a 31" hatchery fish. To top it off, Mia is leading the tournament with the biggest fish at 36"!! Way to go Mia! Sam did all of this while battling that nasty flu bug! What a guide! We are so glad to report he is feeling much better after a few days of rest and thera-flu!

What a gorgeous day in Riggins today! It reached almost 60 degrees in Riggins itself and on the river, the fishing was hot with 14 ladies fishing out of Hammer Creek! Angie Dick caught a 23" wild fish, while Kayla Adams landed a nice 33" keeper! Another great day on the river!

No fishers.

Today we wanted to take some time to appreciate the ladies of the Best Western, Salmon Rapids Lodge! We fished 7 of their employees and what a blast they had! They have helped us make the sign-ups go so smoothly and really show off our event the way it should be done!! Thanks everyone at the lodge! We are so glad you had a great time! And our hats are off to Barb Galli, who caught a 27" wild fish and to Lorraine Campbell who took home a 25 1/2" and a 26" fish! Way to go ladies!

17 ladies came from far and wide to fish on this beautiful February day! Big numbers were brought in and a new leader too!

First of all, let's start with a few girls on Liz Mamer's downriver group with Rich. Cat Becker got herself a 27 1/2" keeper, while Karen Frank got a 24 1/2" as well. But today's big winner was Liz herself! She pulled in a 21" hatchery fish--which puts her in the lead for the smallest fish! Way to go Liz! She is now in the running for that rod and reel combo, sponsored by Okuma!

As we move upriver, Sammy Joe's boat had 5 ladies and a little ice to deal with. So, they were thankful that Vicki Hatfield landed a 27" keeper! The ladies still had lots of fun and Sammy said they were super fisher-women!

But the big numbers came from Romine's boat! He only had 3 fishing holes to fish in due to the ice build-up, but his girls found a pocket and landed 17 hatchery fish! We had 3 ladies that were really trying to take the lead away from Wendy Hafer's 141.5 inches, however, they didn't quite make it. Cherie Barton caught 4 fish--22 1/2", 23", 23 1/2", and 28 1/2"; then we have Michele Andrew, also with 4 fish--33 1/2", 34 1/2", 32 1/2", and 33", but Keely Duke is now in 2nd place for most fish with 5 fish--23", 23 1/2", 24", 25", and 26" for a total of 121.5 inches! She's already making plans for that Riggins Hot Springs Lodge prize! We don't want to forget to mention a few other ladies who landed some nice fish that day as well--Kathy Reynolds landed a 22 1/2"; Mary Faurot got a 24"; and Michelle Kemner caught 2--a 22 1/2" and a 27 1/2". What an awesome day of fishing!!! Way to catch 'em girls!!!

15 ladies came today to fish all together, but split up between Romine and Sam. The word got out about yesterday's big catch up river, so the battle was on! Both boats did pretty well and we're announcing a new leader as well. On Romine's boat, Erin Ingersoll had a 24" hatchery, Shelly Williams a 25", and Jentry Fife a 29" keeper. Christy Snider got 2 with a 23" and a 27 1/2" keeper. Meanwhile, on Sammy's boat, we had several ladies who caught fish. Vicki Jarvis landed a 24" keeper, Pearl Bengochea got a 26", Cammie Garner a 31". Congratulations to Maureen Crowell who got 2--a 20 1/2 native and a 26" hatchery. That puts Maureen as our new leader for the smallest fish! Corinne Faught got 3 fish--a 21 1/2", a 23" and a 24" keeper. Well done ladies!

Our hearts and prayers are still with Rich, Tony and Scott Warden--they all are the newest victims of this deadly crud that is going around! Get better soon guys! This stuff is nasty, so everyone needs to double up on the Vitamin C and Echinacea!!! Thank you to Amy and Exodus for providing us some back up with guides and boats! Jeff Wieber is joining us for a couple of days until we get through this flu business! Good luck to everyone and we'll check in tomorrow!!!

Holy Cow Everyone! I think we have a new record at WWB!! On this day, we fished a whopping 37 ladies and landed 30 fish for the day! Sammy J. thinks that is definitely the most ever ladies fished in one day! How awesome! We loved having all of you up this weekend and hoped you had fun as well!

We are still dealing with ice, but are slowly making our way upriver into some new hot spots. Aleta Gilbert was able to land a 25 1/2" wild one on Romine's boat. We had alot of new ladies on his boat and Romine was pretty bummed out that they didn't catch more....but I think they understand that is why they call it "fishing" and not "catching"!! We know a few of the gals that were on his boat and they are local girls--they know how it goes on the Salmon! They said they'll be back for revenge on the fish next year! Thanks ladies! Romine still had a great time fishing with you girls!

Rich was still at Hammer Creek as there just wasn't enough room upriver with all that darn ice. So, he took some more local girls and their friends to stalk the big ones down there! Linda Schweich (who, by the way, flew all the way from Las Vegas, NV, to join us this weekend) and Sandy DeVinney both caught 23" keepers. Rexann Zimmerman--owner of the Riggins Tackle Shop and Liquor Store, was the proud owner of a 31" hatchery fish!! Way to go ladies! Rich also extended a little incentive to his ladies this day...."the next lady to catch a fish wins a new Okuma rod and reel combo!" Congratulations to Linda Schweich! She hooked one in less than 2 minutes after he said that! You never know what kind of great stuff you can win at Women with Bait!!!!

Moving back upriver to Spring Bar, Jeff Wieber (our fill-in for Tony who was still out sick) had a great day with 6 ladies on his boat. He reported that Eileen Wheeler took home both a 23" and a 28" keeper while Teri Skerjanec took home a 26 1/2" keeper. Angel Long caught a whopper wild one at 34". Thanks Jeff for a wonderful job! I know he had a good time with his group and we look forward to seeing alot more of him!!!

Also at Spring Bar, was our very own "Jonny Fishonee"--Jonny Hinton! Most of you know him as one of our resident bait boys. But Jonny is seriously working on taking over guiding these boats and he's doing an amazing job with our 22' inboard open sled. Karla Brown's group (from McCall) decided they wanted to try the sled out and I think they were glad they did! Mary McAlonie landed a 22" keeper, while Shawn Briley got a 29 1/4" native and a 31 1/2" keeper. Karla Brown didn't do too bad herself with a 23" native and a 24 1/4" native. But the big winner today was Michelle Applebee! Wow, she really slayed them by catching 4 keepers--22", 22 1/4", 26" and 27 1/2". If there was only more light in the day, she would have been in the running for the most fish! A great effort by all ladies!

Finally, upriver on Sam's boat, his ladies ended up with 14 fish for the day. He got into a little ice while trying to break it out so they could get a little higher upriver, and then got lucky by finding a pocket of steelhead! Sarah Murray landed a 21" hatchery, while Danell Dew went home with a 28" keeper; Heather Campbell got a 26 1/2" and Shelly Nolen a 28 1/2" keeper. Brandee Robbins got 3 fish--two 23" hatchery and a 29" keeper. Sherri Potter also got 3 fish--a 24", a 27" and a 31 1/4"--all keepers. Brittney Allison got 4 fish for the day--all hatchery--two 23", a 24" and a 25". What an effort gals!

We'll check in soon! Thanks for the great day ladies!

We fished 30 ladies today! Rich had a boat at Spring Bar and what a great day they had. Not necessarily big numbers but still 10 for the day. I was lucky enough to go along on this trip and I have to say, I was so glad as there were some very special moments with a very special lady. Her name is Kiera Yaritz and she is our youngest competitor ever at a mere 8 years old! She showed up in this little pink snow suit from head to toe, and I thought to myself, "this could be a long day." I have a 4 year old and I know how short their attention span is, so I was sure that she wasn't going to make it past noon on such a chilly and drizzly day. But folks, I am here to tell you, she was such a delight and totally caught all of our hearts! Not only did she NOT give up, but she pretty much outfished us all! She kept her pole in the water ALL DAY LONG! She was very intent on catching not just one fish, but as many as she could. She was the first to catch anything with a nice bull trout early in the trip. But she wasn't about to stop there. She ended up reeling in (all by herself) and nice 23 1/2" keeper that she was able to take home and show her little brother and her Dad! Her Mom was on the trip with us and I don't know if I've ever seen anyone prouder! But the topper of the day was late in the afternoon when she hooked a monster steelhead! Jonny Hinton, who by the way, was so very patient and such a special teacher throughout the day, helped her every second during her fishing experience. And Kiera was a good listener and student. She hooked this monster and finally Mom had to step in and help her keep the rod up so she could reel. We all got a really good look at this fish and Jonny and Rich figured it was at least 34"! Now for us adults, that's a great fish, but we could probably handle it. For an 8 year old, that's a small shark! We estimated she fought this native lunker for about 10 minutes before he finally decided that the show was over, took a roll and spit the hook for good. But you know, she never stopped smiling. Jonny told her that was what fishing was about....losing those big ones was what would make her come back. She had such a great attitude and was just happy to do as well as she did...which was way better than I did!! It was such a special day. I'll never forget that little girl and I hope she comes back year after year!

I don't want to have any of our other ladies on Rich's trip to feel any less special! We also had some super gals on there and we all became fast friends! Carmen Hartley, who had never really fished before, caught 3 keepers--a 21 1/4", a 22" and a 24". Kiera's Mom even managed a couple of fish with a 24" keeper and a 25" native. Tracy Custer also caught a nice native at 23 1/2" and her friend Annette Alonso caught the largest of the trip at 30"! The eldest of our ladies at 67 (sorry Gail)--and my great and personal friend, Gail Garwick, was happy to take home a 21" keeper--which puts her in a tie for second smallest fish with Liz Mamer! Way to go Gail!

Upriver, Romine's ladies caught 5 fish. Donna Flood caught a 21 1/2", and Cathy Jerrems caught a 24". Pam Bradetich caught a 27" while Anne McCoy also caught a 23" and a 27". Romine said even though the fishing was a little slow, a good time was had by all!

Meanwhile, over on Sammy's boat, Tracie Pottenger's girls (several came all the way from sunny California) were having a great time! Tracie's Mom Nancy caught her first steelhead with a 24 1/2" keeper, while her sister Tina Beatty caught a 23" keeper. Her other sister Tricia Shindle, who is due to have her first baby in May, caught a 24" keeper. We saw her husband upriver and I think she outfished him--way to go girl! And Tracie's best friend from California, Jamie Knibbe, caught 2 fish--a 23" Hatchery and a 25" keeper as well. I personally know these girls and they all know how to have a great time! See you gals this summer!

Sam and Romine fished the Dick and Patty Waltz group today. They decided to have the husbands against the wives today but split them between both boats. On Sam's boat, one of his only gals--Rachel Fenton, caught a 23" keeper. I'd like to believe she outfished all the boys on that boat! Meanwhile, on Romine's boat, a lady named Jan caught a 23 1/2" fish. Keep up the good work girls--we gotta stick together and show those boys how it's done!

Tony is finally back and off of his death bed. We were worried about him as the nasty "west nile bird flu" took hold of him about a week and a half ago. Thanks again to Jeff Wieber for filling in. He took Judy Bauer's group up to Spring Bar today. Kerrigan Kalange caught a 24" keeper while Jennie Marson caught two 25 1/2" keepers. Glad to have you back Tony!!!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! We hope you all got something from your sweeties! If not, buy yourself something nice! You deserve it!

Romine and Johnny P. were the only team out on the river today with a mixed group of 6 ladies. Terri Jacobsen caught a 23" fish, Shawna Vollmer caught a 23 1/2" fish and Sherry Jacobsen caught a 27" fish. Hope you girls had fun and ate lots of chocolate!!!!!

Romine had 1 boat of the Kris VanCleave girls upriver with him today. Unfortunately, they were still stuck behind the ice and only caught one and it was Kris herself (who happens to now be a "local" girl as she is finally moving here on the river! See what the Salmon River does to people?) who landed a 24"!

Meanwhile, Rich was fishing out of Spring Bar and his boat of the Kris VanCleave girls caught 8 for the day. Jamie Naegele and Jessica Nelson both caught 26" keepers, while Jean Gillespie caught a 26 1/2" keeper as well. Karen Dillon caught a 22 1/2" wild one, while Briedi Gillespie caught 2--a 23" keeper and a 24" native. Kim Stoddard also caught a 21 1/4" keeper and a 24" keeper. Rich had told me that his boat had a lot of first time WWB'ers...I hope we'll see them back next year!

Romine had 8 ladies today. Tara Seabaugh caught a 25 1/2" keeper while Karen Graham landed a 32" native and a 32" keeper.

UPDATED LEADER CHANGE! My apologies to Liz Mamer and Maureen Crowell! I accidentally did not announce that her fish on 2/9/07 was actually leading for the smallest fish so far at 20 1/2"! That would put Liz Mamer and Gail Garwick tied for 2nd smallest fish at 21"!

Sam had 7 ladies fishing with 5 fish caught: Kresta Davis-Butts caught a 27 1/2" keeper; Melissa Blimka caught a 21 1/2" native, Lissa Colyar landed a 22 1/2" hatchery, while Susan Pfeifer caught 2 fish--a 22 1/2" hatchery and a 27" wild one.

We've had alot of ladies upset that we haven't been updating this site often enough. We apologize for this and have just been waiting for all the guides to give us their reports. At the end of the day, they are pretty pooped and often forget until they are almost to town. Most of you realize how rough that Salmon River Road is right now, so they think "I'll get it tomorrow". And then here we are. So, all I can say is please bear with us and we'll do the best we can. I'm just going to go ahead and report what I have and fill in the rest as it comes. We will show a spreadsheet at the end and post that as well. If anyone has any information we're missing or mis-reporting (one of our guides put the wrong fish next to the wrong names--sorry about that--see 2/11--Donna Flood and Cathy Jerrums!). WE LOVE ALL YOU LADIES AND PLEASE KNOW WE'RE DOING OUR BEST!

Okay, back to the tournament! On the 17th, we had a big day with alot of ladies. 32 ladies in all came up to start off our President's Day weekend! Although the fish seemed to be sleeping today, everyone seemed to have a great time. Shari Aeverman caught a 23" hatchery steelhead over on Sam's boat. Romine had a fun bunch from the Lakeview Golf Club in Meridian and they did their best to show their bait boys (two of their husbands) how it was done! Mimi Beutter and Marla Marchant both took home 23" keepers, while Darlene Davis herself caught a 24" keeper. Tony's girls also caught a few with Laurie catching two fish--a 27" native and a 31" hatchery. Robin caught a 28" keeper.

This was another great day for fishing on the water, but the weather left much to be desired--lots of rain and sogginess! Still, Romine's ladies had a great day with a total of 10 fish caught between 6 ladies. Sonia Caldwell--22" hatchery; Ida Sweet--23" keeper; Marcia Bain--25" keeper; Karen Stark--27 1/2" keeper. Deanna Lee caught 2 fish--a 27 1/2" and a 28" fish, while Deborah Fisher was trying to live up to her last name by catching 4 fish--21", 27 1/2", 22 1/2" and 30 1/2". Way to go ladies!

Sam's boat, unfortunately, had a slow pocket of fishing but still produced one fish for Patti Schneider with a 23" keeper. She drove a long way and her group really had a great time as well--even in the rain!

Rich's boat had Pam Hoogland's group aboard today. We always love to take Pam as she's part of the family up here in Riggins! Pam's daughter, Erica Raichart is now in the running for the smallest fish at 20 1/2"; Riggins' own Tanya Ormsby caught a 22" fish; Anna caught a 23 1/2" fish while Pam herself caught 2 fish--a 23 1/2" fish and a 27 1/2" keeper. Rich said they had tons of fun and they've already booked for next year!

The award of the day had to go to the ladies who went with Jonny "Fishonee" Hinton on the open sled. That's right folks--no top to get in out of the weather! But that wasn't about to stop these ladies. After driving upriver to deliver them some extra rain ponchos, I wasn't worried as Jonny said they'd only been fishing for a little over an hour and had already landed a few fish. Rachelle caught a 24" keeper; Caprice Watson caught a 22" native. But Kathy Allison and Della Paine were duking it out for the most fish in the tournament. Kathy got 4 fish--24", 24 1/4", 26" and 27 1/2"--all keepers! However, Della--who was sort of worried about coming to the tourney all by herself, is now our lady in the 3rd place position with a total of 114 inches! Her fish measured in at: 20 1/2" (which at the time was actually the smallest fish in the tourney so far), 22 1/2", 23", 23 1/2" and 24 1/2"--again, all keepers! Congrats Della! That beautiful women's watch from Steve Rambo jewelers is calling your name!

Only one report was turned in so far for this day. (Don't worry ladies, I'm all over 'em like a woman on chocolate!) Romine is our "guide of the month" since he's always turned in his reports religiously! Thanks Papa! (He happens to by my son's grandpa!). Anyway, he reports that Mary Pennell caught a 24 1/2" keeper. These ladies were from the group "Sisters on the Fly"! Check them out on the internet at . They are such an awesome group of girls! I know I've talked alot about our youngest competitor at 8 years old, Kiera Yaritz. Well, now we have our oldest. Ms. Mazie Morrison, who is 87 going on 29! She never sat down all day and can still show these younger gals a thing or two about fishing! I have to say, I dined with her later on that evening and was lucky enough to cast out a few lines with her the next day. I have totally fallen completely in love with her! She's a character and a doll! We love ya Mazie! Thanks for showing us how to never grow old! Keep it up and can't wait to see you next year!

This morning, Rich drove to Spring Bar to take his group of "Sisters on the Fly" for their regular fishing day and discovered that all the gear, tackle, lures, etc., had been stolen out of his boat. To whomever decided they needed that stuff more than we did and didn't bother to ask--remember, karma has a strange way of biting you right in the @$$. Hope you enjoyed yourself because you can't stop us from showing all of these ladies a great time! He got me on the radio, I did a mad-roundup of rods and gear--(thanks so much to Rusty, Jonny and Tony for lending us their gear to get us through!) and we were back in business! Even though his ladies had a slow day of fishing, they still had a lot of fun trying! In situations like these, there is always a bright side to everything and Rich is the one to find it! I guess you can't keep a good man down! Way to go honey!

Sam's girls were able to get themselves 10 fish in spite of our rough start. Shannel Sorahkoff, one of our own raft guides and brand new mommy, caught a 22" keeper, while another of our family--Carole Clements caught herself a 22 1/2" keeper. Teresa Miner landed a 23" wild fish and a 23" keeper. Cindy Clancy--who by the way, works for Vision Quest Medical Center (sponsor of the polarized sunglasses), also caught 2 fish--22" and 22 1/4" keepers. Finally, my sweet friend, Shelley Rambo, who I just can't thank enough for all of her generosity in donating our 3rd place prize for most fish and our random prize drawing--the exquisite string of pearls--caught 4 fish! They measured in at 21 1/4", 22", 23" and 24"!

Romine's set of "Sisters" had a great day as well. Arlene Tribble caught a 24"; Jessica Records got two--a 22 1/2" and a 24"; Tammy Fuller also caught two--22 1/2" and 25"; Colleen Lockhart got two--23 1/2" and 28 1/2"; but Ferne Krumm really got into them with 4 fish--20 1/2", 22", 23" and 26"!

Tony's girls were busy today, catching 10. Wendy Chamberlain got a 20" even keeper! That's the smallest you can go, so now the battle is really on! Other girls that caught fish today on Tony's boat were: Dana Stewart with a 30" native; Stacy Page with a 22" and a 22 1/2" keeper; Mary Farvo with a 22" and a 26 3/4" keeper and Jen Ingraham, who really wanted to win the most fish award and gave it her best, caught 4 fish--23 1/2", 25 1/2", 26" native; 26 1/4" native.

Romine's group today had a bit of a slower day, but still lots of fun! Patti Dovel caught a 23" keeper, as did Joni Barnett Stewart. Mary Hansen and Audrey Karpe both caught 28" keepers!

On Sam's boat, we had Katrina Lynch with 2 fish--21 1/2" and 23". Liz Mohar also caught 2--23" and 27". Chris Langhorst caught a 27" native, while Deanna Salazar caught a 26" hatchery. Amanda Patterson had the biggest fish of the day at 31".

The fish slowed down with the change in the weather. Deb Jenkins caught a 21 1/2" fish. Lori Hale caught a 25" keeper; Kathy Wilder caught a 28" keeper and Ronda Tuttle caught 2 fish--a 26" and a 28". Vanessa Prairie caught a 23 1/2" keeper, Beth caught a 24" keeper. Colleen Phelps brought a hog home with a 34" keeper! She is still grinning from ear to ear!

Julie Uranga caught a 25" keeper and a 33" native. Diana Maxwell took home a 23" keeper. Audra Connolly caught a 21 1/2" keeper, while Glenda Connolly caught two fish--a 22" keeper and a 27" keeper. Our very own Carolyn Friend caught a 25 1/2" fish while her friend Vicky Stempson caught a 28" fish.

Tony took a group of 4 ladies out today and Brandy Egnatz was able to take home a 22" keeper.

Meanwhile, Sam was having a little better luck upriver with the Delores Spaulding group and a few girls from Sammy's family. Megan Jones, last year's big winner of the most fish, came home with a 28" keeper. Delores Spaulding also took home a couple of fish...a 22" and a 26 1/2" hatchery. Josie Lear caught two 23" wild ones. We're not sure if it was the same fish just really, really wanting to go home with the girls or not! Samantha Ault caught a whopper 31" wild fish and took home two keepers--a 22" and a 26". But Sam's son's (Ryan) girlfriend Sheena Pullen decided to bring out the big guns when she landed two big toads--a 30" and a 34" wild one! Way to go Sheena! Okay Ryan...see if you can top that!

Our own Glenna McClure (of Seven Devils Steakhouse & Saloon and also of her own catering fame) decided to take a bunch of us local girls today down to Hammer Creek. Yup, I was lucky enough to go again! Of course, my catch never counts, but the trips always give me good fodder for writing in this blog! Anyway, we left the snowy banks of the main Salmon in Riggins, for the more balmy beaches of the lower Salmon by Whitebird. Boy, we sure gave those fish a run! Wendy Sallis--who had never caught a Steelhead in her life, caught 2 fish--a 21 3/4" and a 23 1/4". My best friend in the world, Michelle Hollon, caught a 21 1/2" keeper and a 22 1/2" native. I also caught two around the same size, but only to keep Michelle on the ball! She's really competetive!!! But Moe Een was the big slayer of the day with a 25 1/4" keeper. Way to go Moe! We had a great time with everyone on board, especially as the weather continued to cooperate for us all day! We were lucky enough to also have our very own Jeanette Klobetanz--the maker of our Women With Bait DVD! She got some really great footage, so get your DVD now so you can see all the great stuff from ALL the ladies this season!

Mike Hicks took a few ladies out today as well, but they had to battle the snowy weather upriver. Cathy Fata was the only one to land a fish this day...a 26 1/4" native. Good job Cathy! Way to stick it out in the bad weather!

Only one boat out today, but 5 ladies who were determined to make a dent in the leaders counts! Chris Uriarte caught a 22 1/2" hatchery fish, but it was Linnea Keebler who pretty much dominated on this boat. She caught 4 fish--a 23 1/2" native, a 22 1/2" hatchery, a 25 1/2" hatchery and a whopper 33". If only there was more time in the day! She just happens to be our own Jonny "Fishonee"'s lady! Don't worry girls...Jonny was no where to be found this day, just so she could concentrate and fish! Way to go Linnea!!!

Rich had Cindy Lou Baker's group above Vinegar today with 3 fish being caught. Jacqui King caught a 23" hatchery, Karen "Smitty" Smith caught a 25" hatchery, and Cindy Baker herself took home a 26" keeper.

Tony took Linda Lazaris's group out today to Spring Bar. Still looking for last names on most of these ladies, so we're on a first name basis with this one! Jennifer caught a 23" and a 25" hatchery. Jane caught a 29 1/2" keeper. Patty caught 2 fish--a 23 1/2" keeper and a 27" wild fish. But it was Angie Riff who decided to take home the prize with again, one of the smallest fish in the tournament--a 20" keeper and also a 27" keeper.

Romine had the Gail Byers group today and they ended up with 6 fish. Janice Brandal caught a 23" hatchery; Toni Smith caught a 23 1/2" hatchery; Linda Newberry caught a nice 32" fish and Beverly Rhoades caught 3--a 21", a 23" and a 25".

But folks, the big action came from our very own Sportsman's Warehouse girls! This was a nice change for them as last year, they had a pretty slow day. This year, they changed all that with 13 fish caught!! I'm just going to go right down the list so we can get to the big news--A LEADER CHANGE! Debbie Mickeken caught a 23" keeper; Paula Fry caught 2--a 23 1/4" and a 33 1/2" keeper; our own Michelle Simpson of the Rodeo Club caught a 28 1/4" native; while another local girl--Angela Wilson-Mikesell caught herself a 28 1/4" keeper. Cynthia Pratt caught 3 fish--all keepers at 22", 24" and 29 1/4"! But it was Shannon Currier who really was nipping at Wendy Hafer's heels today with 5 fish! 2 wilds and 3 keepers--22"w, 28"w, 28"h, 24 3/4"h, and 33 1/4"h!! At 3:45 in the afternoon, she had her fifth fish and was only 5 inches from overtaking the lead from Wendy Hafer! Unfortunately for her, the lights went out and the fish went home! But she's now the new 2nd place leader for the Lodge at the Riggins Hot Springs Prize with a total of 136"! Congrats Shannon and thanks again to Sportsman's Warehouse for all the awesome loot for this tournament!

Whew! The last day of the tournament! I can't believe it! I'm already getting lots of bookings for next year and this year's tourney isn't even over yet!

Sam had Sue Ryder's group today and they didn't do too bad with 7 fish. Theresa Hughes took home a 29 1/2" keeper, while Nadine Burak landed a 27" native. Sue Ryder caught 2 fish--both keepers at 21" and 23". Lisa Greer caught 3--a 22", a 23", both hatchery, and a 32" native. Nice to see that big fish, Lisa!

Rich had some of my old Albertson's chums on board today and one of them took home a prize! Michelle Jarrard took home a 25" keeper, while Phyllis Foster also came away with a 26" hatchery. Our sweet little Dawn Coolbaugh got herself a 23" hatchery, while Michelle Guth matched her with another 23" fish. Amy Turner took a 24" hatchery home, but Tracie Huey was the big fish winner today with a 34 1/2" native! That puts her in a tie for 3rd biggest fish of the tournament so far!

Romine got into them today with Lucy Richardson and her group! 10 fish for the day! Becky Salone caught a 26", Debi Ziegler caught a 23" fish. Cheryl Gray caught 2 fish--25" and 33"! Bobbie Hermann caught 3 fish today--23", and two 24" fish. Finally, it was Lucy Richardson herself that took home 3 fish and also the biggest for the day--a 22", a 23" and a big 34"! Way to go ladies!

Mike Hicks took 2 ladies out in a drift boat today and they took home 4 fish! Mariah DeLong (who had a baby 7 weeks ago!) got a 23" keeper. Her friend, Tammy Cardia landed 3--a 21", a 23 1/2" and a 31" keeper!


ONE MORE THING! Ladies---don't forget, we're constantly trying to put together our DVD for this season so don't hesitate to send your photos to us! We'll get them to Jeanette with Salmon River Photos so she can add them to the video!

DON'T FORGET! The Fish Dance and Awards ceremony will be held this Saturday, at Seven Devils Steakhouse & Saloon! All are invited to come! We're gonna rock on and celebrate this season!


Most fish--winner of the Brand New Honda Rancher ES 4 wheeler - Wendy Hafer - 141.5" (five fish)

2nd Most Fish--winner of the night stay for 20 at the Lodge at the Riggins Hot Springs - Shannon Currier - 136" (five fish)

3rd Most Fish--winner of the beautiful ladies watch by Rambo Jewelers - Keely Duke - 121.5" (five fish)

Biggest Fish--Winner of a fish mounted by Animal Kingdom Taxidermy in Cascade - Mia Ridley - 36"

2nd Biggest Fish--Winner of the Polarized Sunglasses by Vision Qwest Medical Center & a $100.00 gift certificate from Sportsman's Warehouse - Leah Provencio - 35.25"

3rd Biggest Fish--Winners of $100 gift certificates to the Riggins One Stop & a Gortex Sport Jacket to each donated by Sportsman's Warehouse - TIE - Michelle Andrew & Tracey Huey- 34.5" (we had to change this award around a bit versus the 2nd place award due to the tie!)


We've decided that instead of awarding just 1 award overall for smallest fish of the tournament, we are going to award the smallest fish for each week of the tournament this year! Thanks Rich! You just never know what surprises are in store for you here at Women With Bait!

Smallest Fish by Week!
Week 1 - Victoria Brooks - 21 1/2"
Week 2 - Maureen Crowell - 20 1/2"
Week 3 - Gail Garwick - 21"
Week 4 - Wendy Chamberlain - 20"
Week 5 - Angie Riff - 20"

All winners will receive a rod and reel sponsored by OKUMA!


Pearls donated by Steve Rambo Jewelers - Jenny Marson
Candle gift basket by Canyon Lites Candle Co. - Jean Gillespie
"Hurley" brand sweatshirt by Pioneer Enterprises - Koko Neher
Etched Wine Glasses by Mountain Reflections - Sandi Floyd
Etched Whiskey Glasses by Mountain Reflections - Laureen Metzler
Hodgman Waders by Sportsman's Warehouse - Becky Clarke
Hand-carved picture frame by Vern's Specialty Woodwork - Mariah DeLong
$50 Fuel Voucher by Crump's Chevron - Sue Ryder


Youngest fisherwoman in tournament (yes, she landed 2 steelhead) - Kiera Yaritz 8 years old--ROD AND REEL from OKUMA

Oldest fisherwoman in tournament (she founded the "Sisters on the Fly") - Mazie Morrison--87 years old--ROD AND REEL from OKUMA

CELEBRITY BAIT BOY OF THE YEAR - "HURRICANE" BOB RATLIFFE He receives his "very own goody bag"!!! Way to go Bob!

Who came the farthest? - Lisa Skelley group came all the way from Tennessee!

They receive 6 assorted t-shirts from Pepsi and Okuma!

For past year's winners and information click here


Feb. 1st thru Feb. 28th 2006

Prizes will be awarded during the Fish Dance on February 28th

Women with Bait Prizes 2006

Grand Prize
Most Fish, with most inches
Oasis Auto -Car

2nd Most Fish with most inches
Steve Rambo Jewelers -Watch

3rd Most Fish with most inches
Sportsman warehouse - $50.00 Gift certificate

Largest Fish
Animal Kingdom Taxidermy -Fish mount

2nd Largest Fish
Sportman's Warehouse -$100.00 Gift card

3rd Largest Fish
River Adventures - $50.00 Cash


All participants receive:
Pepsi Giveaways
T-shirt provided by Sportsmans Warehouse

Bait and hats
provided by
Pautzke's Balls o' Fire

Thanks to our sponsors:

Oasis Auto
Sportsman's Warehouse
Animal Kingdom Taxidermy
Steve Rambo Jewelers
River Adventures, Inc

COST:  $175.00 per person

All you need is your fishing license/steelhead permit and your lunch. RiverAdventuresLtd.com will furnish all fishing gear.

Spots are filling up fast so book now!!!

Cancellation policy: tournament fees are non-refundable unless River Adventures or you can find another lady to take your place. River Adventures will refund your fees in full after your replacement has paid in full.


Women with Bait 2006

No Fishers

No Fishers

Women with bait is off to a wonderful start this year! It was a sunny day with lots of fish. There were three power boats today, with a total of 21 ladies. They hooked 28 steelhead and landed 25. It was a pretty good day of fishing for a bunch of ladies. A gal by the name of Dana is in the lead for the most fish. She caught three fish with a total of 84 inches. She also caught the biggest fish, a total of 33 ½ inches. Kathy Alkire is in the second for the biggest fish. It was 33 inches. Heidi caught a fish that was 32 inches. It was the third biggest fish.

Bobber Down!!! A total of 44 fish landed so far, as we reach the 5th day of the Women with bait tournament. 48 Ladies have jet boated up river. With the sun shining brightly, our lead changes to Stacey with 4 steelhead totaling 113”. Way to go Stacey! The longest fish 34” caught by Bonnie Boyd, moves Dana to second with her 33 ½” keeper. Kathy Alkire has taken third place with her 33” fish. And small fry or smallest fish was caught by Prudance Young coming in at 22”.

Great job ladies, fish on!!!

Another beautiful day for fishing, 8 ladies hit the river today, and landed 9 steelhead. Two fish landed were 30”. Three ladies caught two each, which makes another GREAT day of fishing, but doesn’t break any of the previous records.

Our first drift boat lady, Barb Bode, fished the river today. She caught two, one nice 31” and a 23”. Way to drift-fish Barb! Giving us a total of 55 fish, landed so far.

NICE DAY!!! Two jet boats, jetting up the river. One drift boat floating down the river. All boats caught fish. But Shantel Archuleta on the drift boat set a new record for 2nd place. Catching 4 fish totaling 108”. Drift ladies caught 6 of the 8 fish, landed today. Good job ladies!

Sunny today, with no wind. Three jet boats out, with 17 ladies, fishing. The fish are biting. A total of 19 fish were caught today Three of the ladies landed 3 fish, total inches 81”, 74”, 72 ½”. Great job of setting those hooks!

It’s getting cold out there, so remember to dress warm. There were 23 ladies out on the river today. We now have a tie for the biggest fish at 34 ¾ inches. Heather Patterson and Erin Ingersoll both caught those big guys. Heather is also now in the lead for the smallest fish at 21 ½ inches.

Way to go!

Sun out, but cold today, as 22 ladies and 5 boats hit the river. The fishing slowed downed a bit, as only 8 fish were caught. Bringing our fish count to 108, not bad for eleven days of fishing. Way to reel them in ladies!!!

New records set today. A whopping 20 ¼” fish caught, for smallest fish. Thumbs Up, Robin! And Karen Stark reels in a 34” fish to tie for 2nd Largest.

Fourteen ladies fishing on this chilly Monday, with a total of 13 fish caught. One of which set the new record for largest fish, measuring in at 35 ½”. Ruth Gibson was the lady, who reeled that big one in.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Roses everywhere, but no fish landed today. Two boats went out with 13 ladies.

ICE on the river as 18 ladies fished. Two ladies each landed one fish, today. Cold out there, so dress extra warm.

Two jet boats, twelve ladies, four fish caught. As the river flows on.

Freezing!!! The main Salmon River is floating ICE burgs. Took the day, to move boats the to Pittsburg Landing. Will be fishing in the Snake River, until it warms back up.

Bobber Down!!! Fifteen women fished today, to make the total 200 ladies on the river so far. Five fish caught, making total fish caught 138. Don’t forget the fish dance Feb 25th at Seven Devils.

Twenty more ladies brave the cold to spend a wonderful day on the river. Three fish caught, but no records broken.

Nine ladies jet the river today with a total of 6 fish caught. Weather is warmer, but still chilly.

Twelve women with bait, but no fish landed. It was just a drag-snag day. Lost lots of hooks, but never lost a smile. Ladies still had a fabulous day.

Another dozen beautiful ladies, on the river, today. With fishing poles in hand, they land three more to make our total fish caught 150. Keepers-(hatchery) fish 115 Wild-(native) fish 35. Now that’s some good fishing women. Bait on. BOBBER DOWN!!!

Three jet boats on the Main Salmon River, today. 7 fish landed. Trying hard to break records, one 33” just misses 3rd largest by an inch. And one 20 ½”missing smallest fish by ¼”. FISH ON!!! They are out there.

Two jet boats were on the Salmon River at today. It has been just gorgeous on the river. There was plenty of sun and fish for all. There were 13 ladies fishing, and catching of course. They landed 6 fish. The records still stay the same.

Great day! Fishing is picking up as 22 ladies fish today. Landing 21 fish, 16 -hatchery, 5 - wild.

Cold today! 17 ladies fishing, landed two fish. One hatchery - One wild. Burr!!!

Bobber Down!!! Bobber Down!!! Bobber Down!!! Was the saying for today. On Sam's boat, 7 ladies, reeled in a whopping 16 fish. Megan Jones caught 5 fish totaling 123 3/4 in. Breaking the record, for Most Fish caught. Also today Delores Spaulding caught a 35in. fish, which puts her in second for the Longest Fish. Now that's a boat load of fish. Way to go ladies!!!! 20 fish caught today.

Last day!!! 6 women on the river today, raining off and on. Five fish caught today. Making the total of number of fish caught, during this tournament, 211. A Great Big "THANKS" to all the wonderful fishing ladies!!! You make this tournament great by catching lots of fish. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Winners of Women With Bait 2006

Most Fish-with most inches

1st Megan Jones 5 Fish 123 3/4 “
2nd Stacey Irish 4 Fish 113”
3rd Shantel Archuleta 4 Fish 108"

Largest Fish

1st Ruth Gibson 35 1/2”  
2nd Delores Spauldomg 35"  
3rd Erin Ingersoll 34 3/4"  
3rd Heather Patterson 34 3/4"  

Smallest Fish

Robin Hoppkins 20 1/4”    

Women with Bait Catch Record 2006

Date Ladies Total Fish Hatchery Fish Wild Fish
02/03/06 21 25 24 1
02/04/06 19 11 10 1
02/05/06 8 8 7 1
02/06/06 8 9 6 3
02/07/06 1 2 1 1
02/08/06 7 8 7 1
02/09/06 17 19 13 6
02/10/06 23 18 15 3
02/11/06 22 8 3 5
02/12/06 12 6 6 0
02/13/06 14 13 12 1
02/14/06 13 0 0 0
02/15/06 18 2 0 2
02/16/06 12 4 3 1
02/17/06 0 0 0 0
Ice on River
02/18/06 15 5 3 2
02/19/06 20 3 0 3
02/20/06 9 6 3 3
02/21/06 12 0 0 0
02/22/06 12 3 2 1
02/23/06 12 7 7 0
02/24/06 13 6 5 1
02/25/06 22 21 16 5
02/26/06 17 2 1 1
02/27/06 12 20 17 3
02/28/06 6 5 2 3
Totals 345 211 163 48


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Women With Bait 10
2005 Final Results

*Winners for WWB 2005*

Most fish caught

1st: Becky Adamson with 5 steelhead
(Wins a Car sponsored by Oasis Auto)
2nd: Kristine Pamperin with 4 steelhead that total 125 1/2"
(Gets a $200 certificate provided by Riggins One Stop)
3rd: Karla Brown with 4 steelhead that total 107 5/8"
(Gets a $100 certificate provided by Riggins One Stop)

Biggest fish caught

1st: Margene Ford with a 38 incher
(Gets her fish mounted by Animal Kingdom Taxidermy Studios)
2nd: Joyce Niederklein with a 37 ¼ incher
(Gets a watch donated by Steve Rambo Jewelry)
3rd: Debbie Shek with a 37 incher
(Gets a $100 gift certificate from Riggins One Stop)

Smallest fish caught

20" steelhead
Patricia Bradley
Linda Holyoak
Kim Mcfadden
Phyllis Sanderson
Dawn Coolbaugh
Donna Harriman
(All these ladies receive a Rod and Reel Provided by Okuma)

Women with bait is off to a great start this year. For the first day of fishing River Adventures had 15 percipients. All together we hooked 26 fish and landed 18. Kathy Elliot landed 3 fish with a total of 81.25 total inches and is in the lead for car. She also took the lead for biggest fish with a total of 31 ½ inches. Tayna Robbins has the lead for the smallest fish. She leads that with a 22 incher.

We had another good day on the beautiful Salmon River. Twenty ladies hooked 46 fish altogether. They landed 30 fish. Debra Hess took over the lead for the largest fish with a 32 inch fish. Sharie Kinney caught 21.75 little guy which beat the 22 inch lead from the day before. A lady by the name of Lois Murray racked in four fish with a whopping 100.5 total inches. How's that for one day fishing!!!!

The fishing ladies are doing well. We had 15 gals’ fish today. They hooked 23 fish and landed 17. After three days of fishing 50 ladies have fished women with bait, 95 fish have been hooked, and a grand total of 65 fish have been landed.

Today was a great day. There was lots of sun for all seven of the women. They pulled off the river at 5:00pm with a total of 15 fish. They hooked 17. Patricia Bradley is now leading for the smallest fish with a 20 inch steelhead. That’s as small as you can go. We now have a two way tie for the largest at 34 inches between Angie Thien and Sharin Bergmann.

Today there were 14 girls fishing. They hooked a total of 20 fish, and landed 13. We have a new leader for the biggest and the most. Debbie Salek has the largest fish at 37 inches, and Kristine Pamperin has the most, four fish totaling 125.5 inches. After five days of fishing 71 ladies have hooked 132 fish and landed 93 steelhead.

Day of rest!!!! No ladies fished today.

Thirteen ladies competed today in the tournament. Today was cold. It was so cold there was ice freezing on the tips of fishing poles. The girls toughed it out anyway. They hooked 20 steelhead, and landed 15.

Today there were 22 girls. They hooked 20 fish, and landed 13. We now have a tie for the smallest. Linda Holyoak caught a 20 incher for the tie. We have now fished 106 girls. They hooked a total 172 steelhead, and have pulled in 121 fish altogether.

At the present time it is sunny on the river. It is a bit breezy but the ladies are still catching fish. Out of the 28 girls there were 17 fish caught today. They hooked 24 fish. Not bad for a day on the river.

Sixteen ladies fished on this day of the Tournament. They hooked 23, and landed 16.

We had 12 ladies fish today. They caught 11 steelhead. They hooked 15 fish altogether. We have another 20 inch small guy caught by Donna Fox. She also was the tournament winner in 1998 for the most fish. She landed 3 fish that year.

Right now we are in the middle of the tournament. The ladies have been doing great! We have had 162 ladies that have fished. There has been a total of 234 steelhead hooked, and 165 fish landed. We just wanted to let you know who is winning.

As of today Kristine Pamperin is in the lead for the car with the most fish. Her 4 fish total 125 1/2 inches. Karla Brown follows her lead with 4 fish that total 107 5/8. In third place for the most steelhead is Lois Murray at a total of 100 1/2 inches. Debbie Shek leads for the biggest with a 37 incher. Kristine Pamperin with a 35 incher is in second place for the biggest. The third place winner is Karen Roedel with a 34 1/2 incher.

Today was alright. We did have a lady by the name of Karen Mechling catch a fish that ties for 3rd largest at 34 ½ inches. There was 13 gals on the river. They hooked 6 and landed 3

Today the ladies hooked eight fish and landed a whopping total of six. There were 12 girls fishing today. Stop fishing and start catching ladies!!!!

No changes were made today. Two jet boats and one drift boat went out. There were a total of 20 ladies. Six fish were caught and they hooked 9.

Today was slow. A lot of fish biting, but they just wont stay on the hook. We hooked ten and landed three. There were 13 ladies fishing today.

Today it started to pick back up. The ladies hooked thirteen fish and landed eight. It is starting to warm up on the river. It is still a little breezy though. Twenty ladies were on the river today.

To end our slow spell we came across a few changes today. A lady by the name of Margene Ford took over the 3rd place lead for the most fish. She also caught a fish that was 38 inches. That beats the first place 37 incher which means she is now in the first place for the largest fish. She caught 4 fish that totaled 107 inches. There were 20 ladies fishing today. They caught a total of 17 fish and hooked 27. The fishing is starting to pick back up. Hooray!!!!!

Today we had 12 ladies fish; it was a good day for the girls. They caught ten fish and they hooked eighteen. There have been a lot of ladies fishing in the tournament. There has been 272 ladies on the river fishing. They have hooked a total of 325 fish and landed a 218 steelhead.

Day of rest!!! No ladies fished today.

The ladies had a great day on the river today. There were 22 ladies on the river fishing. They hooked 36 and pulled in 17 steelhead. To top that off, a lady named Joyce Niederklein caught a 37 ¼ incher. That put her in 2nd place for the biggest fish. Kim Mcfadden caught a 20 incher. Now a 3way tie for the smallest one.

Twenty one gals fished the river this fine day. We came across one more winner for the smallest fish. Her name is Phyllis Sanderson. She landed a 20 incher today. That now makes it a 4 way tie for the smallest steelhead. The ladies landed 13 fish today and they hooked 21.

The girls had another wonderful day on the river. Out of the 18 ladies that fished nine of them caught fish. The gals hooked 21 fish and landed 18. Becky Adamson caught five fish today. She has now caught the most fish out of all the girls in the tournament. That puts her in first place for the car!!

Today we had 22 ladies fishing. They hooked 15 and landed 9 steelhead today. Altogether there were 365 ladies that fished in the tournament. They hooked 403 and landed 274.


Date Most Biggest Smallest
*Kathleen Anderson
2 fish at 56 1/2"
Kathleen Anderson - 33" Vickie Perez - 23"
2nd Vickie Perez
2 fish at 50"
Heather McAlpine 28 1/2"  
3rd Kim Drussel
2 fish at 49 1/2"
Vickie Perez 27  
No Changes No Changes Tie:
Vicki Perez - 23"
Kristyne Strike - 23"
Diana King
25", 30", 30"
 Total of 85"
Deana Lee - 33 1/2" Vicki Stastivey - 20 1/2"
2nd Kathleen Anderson
2 fish at 56 1/2"
Kathleen Anderson - 33"  
3rd Deana Lee
21 1/2" 33 1/2"
Total of 55"
30" tied
Diana King and Lori Wold
No Changes Pam Bradetich - 36 1/2" No Changes
2nd   Deana Lee - 33 1/2"  
3rd   Kathleen Anderson - 33"  
Peggy Beach
31", 22 1/2", 23", 23"
Total of 99 1/2"
No Changes No Changes
2nd Diana King
25", 30", 30"
Total of 85"
3rd Cynthia Pratt
21 3/4", 24 1/2", 23"
Total of 69 1/4"
No Changes Pat Bradetich - 36 1/2" Tie: 20 1/2"
Vicki Stastivey
Doris Allison
2nd   Deana Lee - 33 1/2"  
3rd   Shannel Sohrakoff - 33 1/4"  
No Changes No Changes No Changes
No Changes No Changes No Changes
Peggy Beach
31", 22 1/2", 23", 23"
Total of 99 1/2"
Terri Jones - 39 1/2" Temperance Harris 20"
2nd Christine Hansen
22", 26", 23 1/2", 21 1/2"
Total of 93"
Joy Roberts - 37"  
3rd Diana King
25", 30", 30"
Total of 85"
Pat Bradetich - 36 1/2"  
2/16/04 No Changes No Changes No Changes
2/17/04 No Changes No Changes No Changes
2/18/04 No Changes No Changes No Changes
Kresta Butts
24", 28", 23", 34 1/2"
Total of 109"
No Changes No Changes
2nd Peggy Beach
31", 22 1/2", 23", 23"
Total of 99 1/2"
3rd Christine Hansen
22", 26", 23 1/2", 21 1/2"
Total of 93"
2/20/04 No Changes No Changes No Changes
2/21/04 No Changes No Changes No Changes
2/22/04 No Changes No Changes No Changes
Sandy Humiston
23", 21", 23", 34", 23 1/2"
Total of 124 1/2"
Terri Jones 39 1/2" Temperance Harris 20"
2nd Kresta Butts
24", 28", 23", 34 1/2"
Total of 109"
Joy Roberts 37"  
3rd Peggy Beach
31", 22 1/2", 23", 23"
Total of 99 1/2"
Pat Bradetich 36 1/2"
Carroll Clements 36 1/2"
2/24/04 No Changes No Changes No Changes
2/25/04 No Changes No Changes No Changes
2/26/04 No Changes No Changes No Changes
2/27/04 No Changes No Changes Tie 20":
Temperance Harris 20"
Mary Quinlin
Sandy Humiston
23", 21", 23", 34", 23 1/2"
Total of 124 1/2"
Terri Jones 39 1/2" Tie 20":
Temperance Harris
Mary Quinlin
2nd Kresta Butts
24", 28", 23", 34 1/2"
Total of 109"
Joy Roberts 37"  
3rd Peggy Beach
31", 22 1/2", 23", 23"
Total of 99 1/2"
Tie 36 1/2":
Pat Bradetich and Carole Clements

2003 Final Results

This annual Woman With Bait fishing derby give us ladies a chance to go fishing and catch some fish, and boy the fish were biting.

On February 7, 2003, the first day of the twenty-three day long tournament, eleven women fished and landed twelve Steelhead, how’s that for an average, Glenna McClure, the owner of Seven Devil’s Bar and Grill, led the tournament the for the most and the largest fish. Glenna caught four fish one measuring 34” which was the largest for that day. She was also tied with Marilyn Johnson from Eagle Idaho for the smallest fish, which was 23.5” long.

Glenna’s reign as fish queen would soon come to an end when Tina Murrel decides to give her a run for her money. With Craig Morrison as her guide Tina landed six fish, taking the lead for the Subaru Legacy. Sam Whitten helped Susan Ryder from Boise get on the boards by catching a 38” fish. Nancy Roberts from Boise and Shelly Wallace from Nampa tied for the free Steelhead rod and reel when they caught a 22.5” Steelie. Hey Sam it looks like we are going to have to buy a couple fishing poles this year!

Craig Morrison on the third day of the tournament thought Tina would get that Subaru legacy with those six fish measuring at 181.5”. We’ll see about that Romine thought. Becky MacVittie landed six fish with a total measure of 185.5”. That makes her the leader for the most as of 2-10-2003. Ed Carlin showed Wendy Shell of Boise where the big fish was and she landed a 39.5” Steelhead. Way to show them how it’s done girl.

Elinore Anderson from Boise added another 22.5” to the tie on February 10th with Sam.
As day five rolled around Vicky Lowe from Riggins could tell Sam was getting a little nervous about the three way tie, so to ease the tension of her guide she reeled up a 22” the smallest as of 2-11-2003.

Day Six was really fun I got to go on Sam’s boat along with Sam’s sister Becky and the Bait Boy of the Year, well that’s what we told Waylon Herzig so he wouldn’t throw in the white towel on us. I tried to get that car from Becky but Angie Hall from Riggins kept catching my fish.

Well, we’ve made it to the halfway mark of the tournament. Only 13 days left to go. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed here that the guides are going to make it to the end. Way to make them work for their money girls! You’re wearing ‘em out. The competition has been fierce on the river. As of 2/15/2003 we have had 121 fisherwomen, 194 fish hooked, and 147 of those fish have been landed. Wendy is still the current biggest fish titleholder with her whopping 39-½ incher. Becky is also still holding on to the title for most fish caught at 6 totaling 185 ½ inches. However, Kay Bengochea of Eden, Idaho is now in 1st place for the smallest fish at 21 ½ inches. 

The days continue to fly by and the women continue to get more and more competitive.

On 2-16-03 Jacky Hall managed to land another 21-½ incher which tied with Kay’s for the smallest. As of 2-17-03 180 fish have been landed and 143 ladies have fished. No other records have been broken but on 2-18-03 Nicola Johnson from Riggins added yet another 21-½ inch Steelhead, making it a three way tie for rod and reel, again. Good job ladies. 

On 2-19-2003, fourteen women fished and landed sixteen.

On 2-20-2003, nine women fished and landed nine Steelhead. Marsha Judry was on her way to winning the car but fell short. She landed a two 38”, one 30”, and a one 23”. Nice try Marsha! 

On 2-21-03, twelve ladies fished and landed four fish. 

On 2-22-03, Ed Carlin helped Janet Black catch a whopping 20¾ “ taking the lead for the rod and real. Way to show the how it’s done Janet. 

On 2-23-03, eleven women fished and caught six Steelhead. 

On 2-24-03, fourteen ladies fished and landed eleven. As of 2-25-03, 236 fisherwomen have fished and landed 231 Steelhead. Not bad ladies, not bad at all. 

On 2-26-03, seventeen ladies fished and landed twelve fish. 

On 2-27-03, four of the local ladies got together and thought they better give it a whack. However Cindy Carlson was the only one the reeled up a big one. 35” is pretty big but not big enough to take Wendy Shell place. Sorry Cindy, maybe next year.

The second to last day has come and the titleholders are getting nervous. We signed up fifteen women this morning and only time will tell is Becky, Janet and Wendy can keep their spots. Becky’s spot was almost taken by Kathleen Anderson. She was well on her way to the car with four Steelhead landed, but the almighty Fish God wasn’t on her side.

On 3-1-03, the last day of the tournament I might add, eighteen women fished and landed eleven fish. No records were broken and the winners are ecstatic.

River Adventures Inc would just like to say that all the women that competed in this were a blast and we can’t wait to see you next year.

The River Adventures Crew 

Written by 

Shannel Sohrakoff
Sam Whitten Owner

Date Fishers Hooked Wild Hatch Total Landed
2-7-03 11 16 4 8 12
2-8-03 21 45 12 27 39
2-9-03 20 27 15 7 22
2-10-03 12 20 15 4 15
2-11-03 7 15 4 4 8
2-12-03 10 20 5 8 13
2-13-03 5 2 2 0 2
2-14-03 13 23 7 11 18
2-15-03 22 26 9 9 18
2-16-03 8 10 3 3 6
2-17-03 14 23 3 12 15
2-19-03 14 20 4 12 16
2-20-03 9 12 8 1 9
2-21-03 12 9 2 2 4
2-22-03 17 20 2 9 11
2-23-03 11 9 3 3 6
2-24-03 14 20 1 10 11
2-25-03 14 6 2 1 3
2-26-03 17 12 8 4 12
2-27-03 4 4 2 2 4
2-28-03 16 16 4 6 10
3-1-03 16 5 6 11 11
2003 Fishers Hooked Wild Hatch Total Landed
Totals 291 374 123 149 272


  • 117 Men fished 

  • 125 steelhead were landed-18 fish were wild and 99 were hatchery fish

  • The smallest steelhead was 21 inches caught by Ron Dines

  • The biggest steelhead was 35 inches caught by Dave Wroblewski 

  • The most steelhead was 5 landed by Harvey Whitten totaling 132 1/2 inches. 

Prizes : 

Smallest rod and reel
The biggest $250.00 
The most fish $250.00



Women with Bait was started in February of 1996 with an idea that ladies would love to get away from it all (husbands, kids, house-cleaning, jobs, etc..), enjoy the outdoors, and FISH! Well, as it turns out, six years later we know that the idea worked. 1996 will always be memorable since it was the first of many great years to come. Six women fished that year.

By 1997 the tournament had grown to 13 fisherwomen and by then there was no stopping the stories about the fun that these gals were having on our boats. Each boat is equipped with all the gear, bait, and a baitboy/deckhand to get knots untangled, bait hooks, and of course, net those BIG fish. The captain/guide that operates our Coast Guard approved jet boats knows where these ocean run trout are hanging out.

The tournament was starting to get attention from sponsors by the third year, and Pepsi joined in the fun bringing great giveaways, prizes, and beverages for the ladies. Forty-seven women fished the tournament in 1998!

Each year brings more ladies and new memories, and our tournament is now the largest of it's kind in the United States.

Women With Bait

February 25, 2002
Final Results

A total of 342 women fished and 261 fish were caught in the tournament.

The Largest Fish was caught by Tina Murrell from Boise. Her fish was a 37" hatchery (keeper). She will have her fish mounted by Animal Kingdom in Donnelly. 

The Most Fish caught was by Donna Gill from Riggins with 5 fish totaling 
137 1/2". She is the lucky recipient of the 1988 Subaru from Oasis Auto in Boise. 

The Smallest Fish was tied by Kary Burin from Boise and Shirley Eastlick of Council. Both fish were 21 1/4". They will receive a fishing pole and reel from River Adventures

We would like to thank all of our sponsors listed above and Sunset Sports for the great shirts and Nagel Beverage/Pepsi out of Boise for all of the great give-aways and beverages. Also, a BIG thank you to our guides and bait boys for all of their dedication. You, and all these ladies who love to fish, made the tournament a success! Remember to get your reservations for next year ASAP! The men's tournament is March 1st through the 10th.

Tina Murrell has the biggest steelhead at 37 inches.

February 20, 2002

As of Feb. 20, 254 women have fished in the 2002 women's steelhead tournament. 191 fish have been landed. The smallest is still held by Kerry Burin at 21 1/4 inches. The biggest is still held by Tina Murrell with a 37- inch steelhead. On Feb. 20, there was a steelhead landed that was 39 inches long but the lady that caught it was not in the tournament that day. The most fish was held by Carrie Cereghion 4 fish totaling 111 inches, but Donna Gill landed 5 fish totaling 137 1/2 inches on Feb. 19. Donna is now the leader for the most. The tournament will end Sunday, Feb. 24.

February 14-18, 2002

As of Feb. 18, 233 women have fished. 158 fish have been landed. The biggest steelhead is 37 inches landed by Tina Murrell. The smallest fish is 21 1/4 inches landed by Kerry Burin. The most fish landed were four by Carrie Cereghino adding up to 110 inches.

February 8-13, 2002

128 women fished in the tournament in the first 6 days. A total of 76 fish have been landed. Carol Carlson has caught the biggest fish so far, 35 inches long. On February 9th Carrie Cereghino landed four steelhead, leading the tournament for the most. Carrie also landed the smallest fish, twenty one and a half inches long. There is still more space available in the tournament. It's not too late to sign up. 1-800-524-9710

Women With Bait 6
February 2001

Women With Bait 6 has come to an end with 151 ladies fishing in the tournament! These ladies topped last years numbers by hooking 111 steelhead and landing 69. These girls each have a story to tell and we usually have a fun one to share about them as well. (Winnemucca, NV girls are REALLY crazy!)

The Lodge at Riggins Hot Springs was a sponsor again this year by giving our Grand Prize winner two nights for two at their private getaway. Dawndra Rayback, of New Meadows, Idaho, is the awesome angler that caught a total of 87 1/2 inches of steelhead by catching three fish just big enough to make her our Grand Prize winner! We total the inches even though all but one keeper must be thrown back. The largest fish was caught by Pam Carter, of Boise, Idaho. At 33 1/2" this keeper put up quite a fight before being landed by Pam. Animal Kingdom Taxidermy will mount this great fish for her! Donna Morell, of Ontario, Oregon, caught the smallest fish in the derby at 21 3/4". She won a steelhead pole and reel, so that she can come back and catch the 40" steelhead that got off this year!

Thanks to Pepsi for all of their support by sponsoring us with prizes, giveaways, and beverages. They are always there to add to the fun for our tournaments.  The ladies all received a WWB sweatshirt, sponsored by Sunset Sports of Boise, Idaho, and Lottery tickets from the Idaho State Lottery. Fish certificates from Pauls Market in McCall, Idaho and a shopping spree at Riggins' own Riversong Antique and Gift Shop are among our giveaways! In addition, River Adventures gave each participant a free one-day float trip on the Salmon River at Riggins.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to our sponsors, guides, baitboys, and all of you great ladies that love to fish with River Adventures! To all of our ladies that have fished the past Women With Bait derbies, thank you for giving it a try, and loving it enough to want to return every year! 

We are now taking reservations for the Women With Bait 7! The dates for February 2002 are the 8th - 24th. In order to reserve/charter a boat for your group next year we will need a 50% deposit. Call now for reservations so you will get the date that works best for your group.

"Something new for 2002": Mother/Daughter day (no age limit) on February 21st.

Women With Bait 5
February 2000

Women With Bait 2000 was again a success!  One hundred thirty six women participated, sixty seven fish were hooked and forty one were landed.  Everyone was a winner just by taking part in this great tournament.  You girls come out here and have a great time whether you catch fish or not.  The Breathtaking beauty and wildlife on the Salmon River is an adventure of its own!

The largest fish was caught by Lisa Dodds of McCall with a whopping 36 1/2 inch native.  This big fish won Lisa a free steelhead mounting by Animal Kingdom Taxidermy located in Donnelly, Idaho.  Rebecca Clarke is our winner for catching the most fish.  Our derby rules allow the girls to keep one fish each but they can continue to catch and release, adding to the inches of the fish as they go.  Rebecca ended up with a total of 58 inches, winning a two day float trip for four with River Adventures in Riggins with an overnight at The Lodge at Riggins Hot Springs!  The smallest fish was caught by Susan Riley of Boise with a 22 incher.  She won a fishing pole and reel from River Adventures!  Seven women land two fish each.

All of the women were given Women With Bait sweatshirts sponsored by Sunset Sports in Boise along with a coupon from Mepps for a steelhead lure and various items from Pepsi including drinks, tee-shirts, key chains and coolers.  Lottery tickets from the Idaho State Lottery were given out during the day to everyone, so as they fished the also had a chance to win big $ too!  Paul's Market gave NO FISH certificates, the ten recipients of these were picked from our drawing box and given only to those that did not catch a fish.  Bruneel Tire and Auto gave three gift certificates for lube, oil & filter change, these were also part of our drawing.  The person catching the biggest fish on each boat each day was given a one day float trip with River Adventures, so they can check out Riggins in the summer months!  Rumors Hair Salon in McCall gave nail files and sample hair & skin products!  We also had great deckhands (bait boys) this year.  Thanks for untangling line, tying gear, baiting hooks, netting fish and being so much fun!

We would like to thank all our sponsors for the fun gifts that were given out as the women fished, they are a big part of making this derby a success!

See you on the river, 
Sam, Ryan & Romine
River Adventures

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